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Memories of Athena Schu
We decided to adopt another kitty a few months after we lost our rescue kitty to cancer. We went to the Siamese and Persian Rescue at a Pet Smart in Acworth, Georgia. We visited with several cats and either one kitty liked David or one kitty liked me. Athena, a pretty long haired domestic, kept putting her paw out of her cage and was tapping at us. We decided to visit with Athena, initially I wanted another Siamese cat, but Athena won our hearts. We quickly learned on the way home that she hated car drives and that would be the same case until the day we took her to be euthanized. Athena continually brought us joy through our lives. She was funny, we remembered her climbing the poles in the basement and getting into the ceiling or getting into the attic. She also loved to make a mess from her occasional dingleberries to destroying toilet paper rolls. She got into occasional trouble, when she scratched the sofa or the carpet in the apartment in Westchase. But, mostly, we have good memories. She stayed by my side when I was sad or sick. She followed me around the house to play or get a treat. She loved to sit in the window and watch birds and other animals but she especially did not like other cats being on our property. One time there was a Maine Coon that sat on our doorstep to sun and Athena went crazy! I cracked the door to try and scare the cat off and Athena charged through the door and chased the cat which scared me to death! I thought she would get herself or the other cat hit by a car (fortunately not the case). She had a very pleased and proud cadence when she came back to the house after scaring away the cat. She also let our horrible growls when a neighbor cat or dog came near the house when she was sunning in the screened patio. She scared me a few times when she got out of the house leading to us searching for her or David chasing her around the block to get her back into the house. A couple of other memories: Athena did not like snow. She loved having her face scratched. She loved playing with the stick end of her feather stick. She did not like toys that made noise. She loved whipped topping and would come running when she heard the can. She loved her brush and her fuzzy bird toy. She slept on my side or chest at night or at the top of my pillow. She did not like David's helicopter toy. She did the Scooby Doo when we had hardwood floors especially in the Georgia house. She did not like loud people or children. She loved to sun in the afternoons. She loved David's fuzzy multicolored blanket. She was a lizard warrior, nabbing any lizards on our lanai in Florida. She was light grey as a kitten and got darker as an adult. She snored. She had to have a couple of dental surgeries as she had bad gums. She hated taking any medicine. She did not like our moves at all since we had to drive so far. She was a lap kitty.
I miss her terribly and will always love her.

It's been 2 weeks since you've been gone sweet girl. I miss you so much... I miss your purr... I miss you resting in my lap... I miss you running when you hear the Reddiwhip can... I miss playing with you... I miss you sleeping on my lap... My heart is so broken without you in my life...

You have been gone a month and I still am sad without you. So many things remind me of you and I'm afraid of forgetting how much you meant and mean to me. Miss you little peanut.

It's been only 2 months but it feels on somedays like an eternity. I have been crying over you a lot lately, missing you snuggling up with me on a cold winters night. I miss your loud grooming, cleaning up after you, waking up with you on my chest, greeting you after we've been away for a few hours. I just miss you and nobody can replace you. Love you little Athena.

Sweet Athena, I still think of you a lot which leads me to tears. I miss you and cling to your memories. I wish you would have lived longer, I wish you were not in pain. I miss you and love you.

Teenie, you have been gone for 6 months and I still cry. But, I can talk about you and my memories of our family and remember you with joy and fondness, but sometimes I still cry. I miss you and think of you often sweet kitty.

My sweet girl, you've been gone for over a year. I attended my first memorial for you a year ago, today. I still miss you and the pain is still quite hurtful. I'm grateful for the time we had together and miss our chases through the house, watching you sunbathe on the patio, and petting you at night before bed. I wish you were still here...

Athena... You've been gone from our lives for the past 2 years and I still get misty eyed thinking of you. You were such a wonderful companion and I wish you had been here while I was sick. You always stayed by my side and were a constant friend. I miss you and will always love you, sweet pea.

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