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Memories of Ashley
We got Ashley when she was just a little puppy. She also was raised with another fur baby, Abbee, a shih tzu. She loved Abbee so, they would play and play until they would fall asleep. The day we were to bring Abbee home we took Ashley with us to pick her up and that is when the bonding started with them.
Ashley was a very smart dog. She knew exactly what you would say. She loved the frisbe, so much, she would always want to play with it. She played so much with it, it started tearing apart until it was no bigger than a large pancake. We ordered from the same company, one just like it, but she would not play with the new one she had to have the torn up one. So we gave in and let her keep it.
We took her and abbee to obedience school. Ashley liked it only because she liked the treats that was given. She always let us know when somebody was coming or if the garage door went up. She would bark until we acknowledged her barks.
She was such a loving dog, loved to kiss and be kissed and hugged and played with. Loved her nightly massage with her massage glove.
There are alot of funny stories to tell about her and I will eventually come back and tell some of them. I am just too grief stricken right now to do it.
We miss her so much and will always remember her and I know she is in Dog heaven with the other dogs, romping and playing and no longer sick. That is what helps to accept that she is gone. Ashley's nickname was Wiggles. She came by that nick name because she would always wag her tail so hard when she was spoken too or played with. As you can see, I am adding things as we go through this transaction of losing Ashley. One minute I am fine and the next minute, something in the house or on TV that reminds me of her and then I am in sorrow again.
I noticed that I didn't mention Ashley's breed. She was a Blue Heeler Cattle Dog. A beautiful one at that.

August 13, 2012

Hi my little angel. Your sister Abbee left us yesterday Aug. 12 and I know you were there to meet her at the entrance. Now you both are back together and no longer sick and can run and play in God's Kingdom. We miss you both so much and we Love you and will always love you. It still hurts not having you here, you both were so loyal and loving and compassionate. It is going to take a long time to heal the wounds of our loss, which will never be totally healed but bearable. We Love you our little angels. Mom and Dad

I always talk to my animals like they were human. The night before Ashley passed, I sat down by her as she was laying and panting, I said Ashley, We are trying to help you and save you, If you have had enough, please give us a sign. The next morning we got up and found Ashley laying in the kitchen which she rarely laid unless I was cooking. She raised her head up and started whimpering and we knew then that Ashley was ready to travel to God's Kingdom, that she had enough. So that Sunday morning she was put down to rest, never to feel sick again.

Monday June 18,2012
Hi pretty girl. You are constantly on our minds. We miss you so very much We feel your spirit here and we can smell your scent at times I know you are looking over abbee, you were always so protective of her. Our hearts still have to mend the best that they can but will never be whole again. I was going to tell some of the cute and smart things that you have done over the years but I am not ready, as I am looking through tears as I am writing this. You are our baby and we will always love you forever. Our precious, precious Ashley.

Sunday August 19, 2012

Hi my precious Ashley. You have two new sisters. They are shih tzu's like your sister Abbee. They could never replace you and Abbee, you both have a special place in our hearts. We miss you so. You two were so extra special to us. Your new sisters names are Molly and Sadie. You would love them and so would Abbee. We needed to get more babies to help us cope with the lost of you and Abbee, It is helping some, they keep us busy being babies, but our hearts are still heavy missing you both so much. Will visit you again real soon. We love you so much!!

Friday, August 31,2012

Hi my precious baby. Wanted to let you know that we are always thinking about you and Abbee. The mention of your name and a favorite spot that was yours in the house and even things on tv, brings tears to our eyes. We are trying to be strong and know one day we will all be reunited again. Your new sisters are doing well and seem to know where your favorite spots were in the house as we will find them laying in them. Sometimes, when they are walking up to them they are wagging their tails, like they know that they belonged to someone special. Our hearts still aching and will take some time to be able to accept the loss of you and Abbee. Just don't want too many days to go by without me not talking to you. We all love you very much and always will my beautiful baby.

Sunday Sept. 16, 2012

Hi my precious Ashley. Just wanted to let you know me and dad think about you and Abbee all the time. Your little sisters, Molly and Sadie, are settling nicely. There is one change with them that is different when you and Abbee were here. They go to a new doctor. I know that you and Abbee really liked Dr. Pumpelly, So did I. But When we needed to get you in really bad, we couldn't. The new people in the office are not compassionate or caring people. With you and Abbee being so sick at the end, they still would have us sit with you for 3 or 4 hours. We didn't think that was right. But continued with him since he knew you since you were a puppy and he is an excellent doctor and because you and Abbee was comfortable with him. It bothered me at first to make the decision not to go there anymore but his business has grown alot over the years that the people that has been with him over the years kind of was put in the same category as the new people coming in. Which we felt that we always showed loyalty to him. It is a shame he hasn't a clue what is going on in the front office. A few of those girls should not even be there. Oh well, just wanted to explain why we are not going there anymore. Stacy, Jamey and Shawn miss you so much. It is hard for stacy to come on here to read what I write to you and Abbee. But I have to stay connected, it is a peaceful feeling when I do. I will write again real soon. Mommy and Daddy love you so very much. May God Bless you Always.

November 5, 2012

Hi my little wiggles. The holiday's are approaching again and this will be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas without you and Abbee. Going to miss sitting at the table and you and Abbee by us, sharing turkey. You knew when Turkey day was, you would always come in the kitchen when we would check the turkey and whine because you wanted some. You knew the routine. when we sat down to eat you knew there would be a plate on the floor by us. You would come up and wag your tail and eat your turkey. Christmas will not be the same without you and Abbee, When we would get the tree down and bring it in to put it up, you would walk all around the decorations and check them out and even lay on them. We always had to take time to give you a pet or hug into between decorating the tree. We couldn't put presents under the tree You and Abbee would take them and try to open them. But when Christmas eve came, you both were right there to collect your gifts. And then there is the new year coming in without our precious babies All of this the next few months will be overwhelming to us, We have always hung your picture on the Tree ever since we have had you and we will always put your picture on it, as always. We display your picture with Santa all the time. We took you and Abbee when you were a year old and had your picture taken with santa. That is out all year around. We Love you so. Part of our hearts are always with you. We will one day be together again all in God's Kingdom. We love you so very much. Mommy and daddy, Stacy, Shawn, Jamey, and Molly and Sadie.

November 22, 2012

Hi sweet face. Well we got through our first Thanksgiving without you and Abbee. We miss you so much. The hurt in our hearts is better but will never go completely away. We miss you going around the table as we were eating trying to get some turkey. Abbee would be right behind you. But you knew you would get some. We always gave you a small plate of turkey. Your tails would start to wag so hard when you seen the plates coming. You will always be in our hearts. The next hurdle is Christmas. That is really going to be a tough one. You would always be walking around all the boxes of ornaments while we were decorating the tree. We had to stop now and then to give you a kiss and a pet, you expected it, along with abbee too. We will miss Christmas Eve, the sharing of presents for you to open and play with. It will be very hard the first Christmas without you and Abbee. Shawn lost Britany last week. She was very sick. I know you and Abbee met her at the Rainbows Bridge to welcome her and to show her around and to show her the friends you have made. I know that you are taking care of her just like you always have with Abbee. Molly and Sadie are doing good, they still lay in you and Abbee's favorite places. We have grown to love them but the bond we had with you and Abbee could never be challenged. We love you so very much and will always miss you dearly. Mommy and Daddy and Stacy and Jamey and Shawn.

Dec. 26,2012

Hi my little Wiggles, Yesterday was Christmas and as I told Abbee I couldn't bring myself to writing anything at that time. This is our first Christmas without you both. We miss you so very much and Love you just as much as ever. We missed you walking through on the boxes and ornaments when we were putting the tree up. and you would come over to us now and then as we were doing to get a kiss which we always had plenty of those for you and your sister Abbee. We missed you setting off the singing bulb on the tree when you would bark and you would also get our dancing santa going by the tree. Neither one of those things went off much this year. We missed that. Our heart still aches for you and Abbee. thought by now it would be a little better. But it really isn't. You two were so special. You were like our angels. I know that you can now breath easily and can run and play along with abbee. I know you are taking care of Brit for Shawn. He misses her so very much too. It was rough during Christmas for him too. Molly and Sadie, your new sisters are now 6 months old, we love them but you and abbee have a special place in our hearts and always will. We adored you so. Now, the next holiday is coming up, New Years without you's. It too, will be rough. We love you two so much and Miss you with all our hearts and we are always thinking about you. This site helps alot, I feel like I have a connection to you and Abbee by writing on here. There are so many other moms and dads that are writing on here to their babies they lost. We Love you, Mom and Dad, Stacy and Jamey, Shawn, Molly and Sadie

January 1, 2013

Hi precious. It is the new year. A new year without you and Abbee. It was hard getting through the holidays without you both. We are still grieving, and most likely always will. Our hearts are weary and we miss you so very much. Sometimes I can feel your presence when I am in a room. I look up when I think I hear you walking in the room. The puppies are doing fine and of course got presents. We do love them, but the love we have foryou and abbee will always be that special love. When you both passed, a piece of our hearts went too. Only way we will ever get those pieces back is when we are all united with you and Abbee. Just wanted you to know that you are not forgotten but remembered every day. We Love you so much. Mom and Dad

February 19, 2013

Hi sweetie, Just wanted to let you know we still think about you and Abbee every day. Some time has gone by I know, since I wrote on here. But it is still very hard to do so. As our hearts are still trying to mend. We love you so much and wish you were still with us. There could never be another doggie like you or Abbee. You both were so very special. The puppies are doing good, they are now 7 months old and are very close to each other as you and Abbee were. As I told you before, We have grown to love them but not in the way that we loved you and Abbee. Chelsea is not doing very well, she is hanging on. But when her time comes i know that you and Abbee and Britt will greet her at the entrance of the bridge and she will again be well and happy. All of us will meet again in God's Kingdom and be reunited once again. We love you so much Wiggles. Mom and Dad

April 10, 2013

Hi my little angel. I know I haven't written for a while, but it is still very hard for me and dad. We think about you and abbee all the time. We talk about all the cute things you use to do. All I can say is our love for you and Abbee is so strong and we still can't seem to let go. It is hard for me to come on here but I feel I have to so you know that you are not forgotten and will never be forgotten, I cry everytime I come on here. It is just like yesterday you were here. Our hearts still hurt for you. You were a good friend and your love was unconditional.We miss hugging you and kissing you and playing with you. I know you are happy where you are both you and Abbee. I try to concentrate on that thought. I hope you like all the flowers and statues and plaques we have on you and Abbee's graves. We always talk to you both as we pass your graves. We love you so very much. Mom and Dad

May 6, 2013

Hey sweetheart, Just wanted to say Hi and that we Love so much. We have your graves looking so pretty, with angels, and doggie plaques and flowers and wreaths and mulch. Just wish you were still with us. We ponder over all the things about you and Abbee, we loved everything about you's. I think we will have a piece of our hearts missing until we are reunited once again. Love you so very much and Miss you oh so much. Mom and Dad

May 26, 2013

It has been a year ago tomorrow, May 27, 2013, you were taken to the Rainbows Bridge and we still have aching hearts. We miss you terribly. It feels like it just was yesterday, We love you so much and hope that you know that we are all going to be reunited one day. There are so many memories of you, that everywhere we look, walk we see you and Abbee. Just know you will never be forgotten. Love you so much, Mom and dad.

November 7, 2013

Well, the holidays are upon us again with out you two babies. It is so hard all year around without you, but the worst is at the holidays. Dad and I still cry at times, we miss you so very much and love you so very much. You were so loving and caring toward us, and so protective. Not just with us but with Abbee too. Stacy's Chelsea passed away recently. She was very sick. I know you and abbee and brit, met her at the rainbow's bridge to show her you were no longer sick and to let her know she is well again. I am sure you explained to her you all were in God's Kingdom and that he takes care of all his animals. We love you oh so much and will always miss you. Mom and Dad Molly and Sadie

December 26,2013

Hi My baby angel, another Christmas has past without our little furbabies you and Abbee. We Have special bulbs for you we hang on the tree. Some with your pictures and some with your names. We miss you so much just like the day we lost yous. You are always in our hearts. We speak of you and Abbee all the time. When I am looking for something in a closet or cupboard, I will find something of yours and I sit and hold it and reflect on the day we got you and the years we were given with you and Abbee. You are always with us and will always be with us. I know that God is looking over you and and abbee and all the other furbabies there. We love you Always. Mom and Dad

April 19, 2014

Hi Sweetie, I have been writing on here regularly but for some reason alot of the days have been erased. Tomorrow is Easter and we will miss you so. You always loved your easter toys we got you and the treats too. We miss you so much and wish you were still with us. We put a pretty Easter Wreath on you and Abbee
s grave, it has sparkles and eggs and frilly ribbons so very colorful, just as you both were. I hope you feel how much me and dad misses you both. Our hearts still ache at times. But we know that you no longer are sick and you both are running and playing in God's Kingdom. We love you very much and always will. Mom and Dad

May 27, 2014

Hi my beautiful girl. It has been two years ago today that you had to go to Rainbow's Bridge. Our hearts are still aching for you. We think about you all the time and talk about all the cute things that you would do and how much you loved to be loved and kissed and hugged. We love you so much and will always have you in our hearts. Love you Girl, Mom and Dad

August 11, 2014

Hi little wiggles. Just got done talking to Abbee. Its been two years today that Abbee joined you in Rainbow's Bridge. I am sure you both had a wonderful reunion. We miss you so much, Ashley. You were so loving and affectionate. You will always be in our hearts. As I told Abbee, one day we all will be together once again, in God's Heaven. We love you always. Mom and Dad.

December 25, 2014

Hi Angel, I know it has been a little bit since I have visited you. Our hearts are still heavy from the loss of you and Abbee. Again this Christmas was not complete. Because you and Abbee were not with us. We think about you all the time and all the many memories we shared with you during the holidays. We hang your pictures in a picture frame ornament on our tree every year. We even have bone ornaments with your names on them. I know that you and abbee were together during the holidays so it makes it easier. But I guess we are selfish, We want you back and know that it is not possible. but we all will be together again in God's Kingdom. We love you so very much and miss you more than you will ever know. Mom and Dad

May 1, 2015
Hi Sweetie, Your birthday is soon approaching. You would have been 14 yrs. old. Our hearts still has, sore spots in it from missing you so much. You are always in our thoughts and and in our hearts. It is so hard to write you on a holiday. Since you were always included in our celebrations. It was Hard at Easter because we alwsys bought you Easter toys and treats and she shared in our family Easter Meals. We love you Ashley, for always and forever. Mom and Dad P.S. Your sisters, Molly and Sadie would have loved you and you would have them too.

June 11, 2015

Hi sweetheart, Today is your Birthday. You would have been 14 years old. We so, miss you. We wish you were still with us, and Abbee too. I still have an achyness in my heart from losing you two. That will never go away. We loved you so much. Just know we are thinking of you on your birthday and actually everyday. I know you are happy with God and the other animals, especially Abbee. We will one day be together again. Love you always, Mom and Dad

November 27, 2015

Hi my adorable little baby. Another Thanksgiving has gone by with out you and Abbee. It was yesterday and as I told Abbee I couldn't bring myself to write to you yesterday. Holidays are never the same since you both are gone. We miss you more than ever and wish we could have had you longer. I miss giving you hugs and kisses, and you always had to have nightly hugs before you went to sleep. I miss hold you and loving you. You and Abbee were the best!! Just know you will always be in our hearts and on our minds. We love you so much. Mom and Dad.

Dec. 27th, 2015

Well, my sweetheart another year has almost went by without you gain. I couldn't get on Christmas day to let you know we are always thinking about you. It still hurts that you had to leave us. But we know that you no longer feel pain and are happy once again. We miss you so very much and always talk about memories of you and Abbee. We have your pictures hung on our tree and we also have pictures throughout the house of you and Abbee. You both were so special to us and the hurt has not gone away from losing you two. Just know you are in our hearts and minds, We will all be together again when the time is right. We love you. Mom and Dad

May 27,2016

Hi Honey another year has gone by with out my baby. it has been 4 years and we still miss you so very much and talk about you and Abbee all the time. We were just talking about you today. Remember how you and I would hug each other and love on each other every night before bed. I miss that so much. We will once aain be together again in God's Kingdom. You and abbee were very special and could never be replaced. We love you so much and would like you back. But know that you are better off where you are where you are no longer sick. Love you, Mom and Dad

August12, 2016
Hi my pretty Wiggles!! Today 4 yrs. ago, your sidekick Abbee joined you there at rainbow's Bridge. No doubt you were there to greet her and to kiss her. You were always so protective of her. You both loved each other. We miss you so much and love you so much, Ash. We think about you all the time. We have pictures hanging on the walls of you and Abbee and sitting around on furniture. I know you are now able to play and run again. You are no longer sick. You both are in our hearts and will always remain. Love you our baby. Mom and Dad.

January 3, 2017

Hi my baby wiggles. Just got done talking to Abbee and told her how much we missed you both. We went through another Christmas with out you two and it really hard to get through putting the Christmas tree up with out you both being with us helping us and watching us. We miss you so much and always will Love you both forever. When you both passed you took a little bit of our hearts and sometimes the empty space hurts. We have your pictures on the walls and on furniture. You two were one in a million. We have two furbabies Molly and Sadie and they are 4 years old got them when they were puppies. We love them and they help us to cope with the loss of you and Abbee but you two will always be in our hearts. talking to you two helps me to stay strong and know that you are in a better place. We love you dearly Ashley, Mom and Dad
May 1st 2017
Hi babes. Sorry I havent written on here lately. Just know you and Abbee are always in our hearts. We still miss you more than ever. You both were special doggies. We miss so many things about both of you, like at night you would always have to have a nightly hug and kiss. Or when you wanted to play frisbee you let us know. You tore up your first frisbee and it ended up half ists its size so we oredered you another one just like it. but you would not play with the new one, you wanted to play with the old one. So we played with the old one and we still have your new one. Or the time I couldnt find my eye glasses, so I thought one of you had taken them so I just said Ashley where are my glasses and I showed you dads and you went and got my glasses. You were so smart and boy were you protective with your sister Abbee. So see we always think of you. These are only a few things that sticks out in our mind. Don't want to take up too much space on here. We love you Ashley and miss you so terribly much. Mom and Dad
May 27th 2017
Hi my little angel face. Today is your birthday and you would have been 11 yrs. old. It was just like yesterday when we went and bought you as a little puppy and how the people where we got gas on the way home wanted to buy you from us. There was no way as we already fell in love with you. You were a beautiful puppy and turned into a beautiful young lady!!! We miss you and will always love you. Happy Birthday our adorable little angel. Mommy and daddy!!

July 17, 2017
Hi baby! Sitting here thinking about you and Abbee. Our hearts still ache for you. We are better but we miss you two so much. We have pictures hanging around the house of you two. We have so many memories of you. We wish you were still here. We love you so much. You gave us not only unconditional love but joy too. You remain in our hearts forever. We will be united once again with you. Love you Mom and Dad and Shawn

Dec. 29, 2017

Hi Ashley Honey. Just wanted to say how much we all miss you. It is not the same at anytime and especially at Christmas and the other holidays. Our hearts still has pieces missing from the loss of you and Abbee.We love as much now as we did then. You were both so special to us. It was very hard at Christmas with you two not being here helping us decorate and opening presents. New New Years is coming up and it will be another year without you and Abbee. We know someday we will all be reunited again with no pain or suffering just pure love and bliss. We have pictures hanging throughout the house of you and abbee and they warm our hearts. We miss you and love you so much. Mom and Dad

January 2019

I know it has been a while since I have not forgotten about you we miss you so much. Everytime I come on here I cry. you are in my heart and will always be and forever. I wish you could come back. Miss hugging you and kissing you and talking to you. Love your personality and your expressive face. you were one in a million. We have your pictures up on the walls. One day we all will be reunited. that will be a wonderful day. Love you darling Ashley. Mom
May 2nd 1922
A few years has passed. But it still aches in our hearts for you and Abbee. Time goes by so fast. Molly and Sadie will be 10byears old soon But those 10byears did not take away our love and devotion to you. We have pictures everywhere of you two. We love you so much! We miss you more than words can say. ♥️♥️🌈🌷🌷🌷

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