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Memories of Artie
In September 2000, landscapers working in our neighbor's yard found a kitten in the tall grass near our neighbor's shed. The landscapers were aware that we had many ferel cats living on our property and so one of the landscapers knocked on our door and presented this tiny, grey furball to us. We gladly took him in and named him Artie. Artie was about three weeks old. We bottle-fed him for a couple of weeks. Many times, he would fall asleep in my lap after he drank his kitten formula. Artie grew into a furry, loveable cat. He had a very bushy tail and was very handsome. We nicknamed him Cary Grant. Everytime we took him to the vet, the vets and vet techs would kiss him. Artie loved to be brushed. He would jump on the kitchen table and pace back and forth as we brushed him. Sometimes, he would stop pacing and stretch his hind legs the way runners would do before they started running. He purred non-stop as he was being brushed. In fact, he purred all the time. He was a regular purring machine. Artie loved to sleep in my lap as I watched a good movie. He also liked to drink water from the faucet in the bathroom sink. He positioned himself under the faucet with his mouth open to catch the water. He reminded us of a mechanic working on a car. Artie liked to nap on my bed or my mother's bed. Sometimes, he would sleep on his back with his hind paws spread open and one of his front paws pointing upward. It was a very unusual sleeping position and it reminded us of ballet, so we nicknamed him "Baryshnikov" after the Russian ballet dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov. At night, Artie would sleep beside my pillow and lick my forehead and nose. Sometimes he would sleep right on my mother's pillow near her head and he would touch her forehead with one of his front paws. Artie, enjoy paradise with your brothers Duke and Dusty! We will see you again.

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