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Memories of Arthur
We thought our family was complete with Drama Queen, Rooney and Kaiser, but on the 31st of Jan, 09, your Daddy and Mummy saw you at Tigerlily cat rescue, a big brown tabby with a crinkled ear...it was love at first site.
Your 'rap' sheet said you were a big fella but extemely sweet and very laid back, you were, and oh so much more!
We brought you home, little did we know we would only have you for such a short time, sweet boy. After eight weeks you stopped eating and became very poorly. You had fatty liver disease. The vet gave you a feeding tube in your tummy. After two weeks you pulled it out and went straight to the bowl! You were a brave boy and pulled through which surprised the vets, they called you wonder boy! The next few months were great, you slept with Brittany, kept Daddy's lap warm every night to watch T.V., climbed the palms, which would fall over with you still on them! Soil, plants, and tabby flying everywhere. I loved my morning coffee, it always came with an Arthur cuddle, oh I miss it so! You wrapped around my lap and loved tummy tickles and would lift your back leg up, hint hint, time for belly rubs, Dad!
You loved cat milk and ham, as well as escaping to the neighbours lawn to lie under the tree, you looked like such a proud little tiger in the sun.
One day you became sleepy and stopped eating. We thought your liver problems had returned, but a scan revealed a shadow. The vet explained it was one of two things, and sadly nothing could be done with either case.
Oh Arthur, you were so short changed in life, we are so, so sorry darling.
The vet said it was kinder to let you go, it was so sad. We came to hold you and rain kisses on your fur. You got up, oh baby, you thought we were bringing you home, instead we were releasing you from your pain. Mummy is so sorry Arthur.
It would be your 3rd birthday in December, then Christmas we didn't get to share one with you sweet, sweet boy, not one, that thought alone breaks my heart and makes me angry. I know I shouldn't feel like that but I can't help it.
On Monday we did bring you home to rest, none of us could stop crying. Mummy is going to start Arthur's garden soon. I already bought a beautiful china bird house.
We miss you so much snuggle bear. Forever locked in our hearts until we meet again. Run, play with your new friends. Lie in the sun under the trees and feel the love we send. Thank you for choosing us to be your family, it was an honor.

Love you forever and ever
Mummy, Daddy, Brittany, Paige, Drama Queen, Rooney, and Kaiser.

To our little boy on this your 3rd birthday.
We love you lots and wish you could be here with us today. Always in our hearts. We all hope you are having a party up at the rainbow bridge with your new friends. Love you lots and lots.
Daddy, Mummy, Paige and Brittany

22nd September 2014
Today I cried when I thought about you little one, it has been five years since we lost you.
We miss you so much.
Forever loved.

It is hard to believe that six years have passed since you left us.Tears are still been shed today.
We miss you so much sweet boy, we hope you are enjoying those sunflowers.
Forever in our hearts baby, forever loved
Until we meet again xxxxxxx
Mummy, Daddy, Paige and Brittany xxxx

For our boy, a year since you left us. We lit a candle for you this morning and let it burn all day. We all miss you very much little boy. No matter how much time has passed, we will never forget the little bundle of joy that graced our lives. We talk about you every day, keeping your memory alive. We are so sorry you had to leave us, but we know you are in a better place now. Until we meet again,
Mummy, Daddy, Brittany, Paige, Drama, Rooney, and Kaiser. Even though you never met our little boy Tiger, we know you too would have loved each other very much.
Love you very much.

To our beautiful boy on your 4th birthday, we love you very much. Always in our thoughts. We miss you cuddles and attempts at milk stealing. Always in our hearts.
Love Mummy, Daddy, Brittany, Paige, Drama, Rooney, Kaiser, and Tiger.


Dear Ms. Moody:

Recently we were told that you suffered the loss of your cat, Arthur. Recongnizing the bond of affection that existed between you and your pet, the Doctores and Staff of Troy Veterinary Hospital have made a contribution in memory of Arthur to the Comanion Animal Fund here at Michigan State University College of Veterinary Medicine.

Enclosed for your information, please find a brochure explaining how the Companion Animal Fund supports the study of diseases and disorders affecting companion animals. Our outstanding faculty has made tremendous strides for animal care and health thanks to the generosity of verterinary profession, associations, foundations, and many members of our community. The Companion Animal Fund makes it possible to continue the research, impacting future veterinary treatment.

While animal health and welfare is out main concern, the results of many studies carried out with money from the Companion Animal Fund have implications also for human and environmental health.

We are most greatful for this contribution in support of our work, and it is our earnest hope that you derive some comfort from this kind gesture of sympathy.


Michigan State University

Your name will always live on, Arthur.
Love from your family.

Poem for cats

And God asked the felie spirit
"Are you ready to come home?"
"Ah, yes, quite so," replied the precious soul
"And, as a cat, I am most able
To decide anything for myself."

"Are you coming then?" Asked God.
"Soon," replied the whiskered angel
"But I must come slowly.
For my human friends are troubled.
For you can see, they need me, quite certainly."

"But don't they understand," Asked God,
"That you'll never leave them?
That your souls are intertwined for all eternity?
That nothing is created for destroyed?
It just is...forever and ever and ever."

"Eventually they will understand,"
Replied the glorious cat,
"For I will whisper into their hearts
That I am always with them.I just am...forever and ever and ever."


Hard to believe it's been three years since you've passed. We miss you so much. When I was running today I looked into the sky and saw a huge rainbow, and I know you're up there.
Love you lots little one.
Mum, Dad, Paige, B, and the animals


Hard to believe four years have gone since you passed away. Miss you so much, little Art.
Always in our hearts. Sleep tight, baby.
Mum, Dad, Paige, B, and the animals

---Hard to believe seven years have passed since you left us, forever loved, forever missed beautiful boy xxxxx

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