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Memories of Artemis
Artemis came into our lives at a difficult time. My kids picked out Artemis and her litter mate Apollo after the separation of their dad and I. Artemis belonged to Cory, who was 8 at the time. She got him through a difficult time, and awaited his summer stays home from college, where she knew she could sleep on his chest, knead until her heart was content, and lick his arm to the skin was raw.

Artemis and Apollo (their names go together) also got me through that difficult time. My kids were with their dad every other week, and having the fur babies, soothed my anxiety.

Artemis was simply a sweetheart. She was the one with the insistent smile that got them a can of wet food every day. She liked to get into your lap and curl up and purr loud enough to drown out the TV. She was also the talker. You could talk to her, and she always meowed back as if in conversation.

Artemis left us too soon. But she is in kitty heaven and she knows she was loved with all of our hearts. She is healthy again and playing with a Mrs Culbertson's dressing box.

She leaves behind Sonja, Christopher, Cory, Apollo and Peppa!

We love you and miss you Artemis.#RIP

3/15/17- Hi Artemis, I hope you are having fun, chasing butterflies and napping in the sun. I'm sure you've made many friends and have a sweet kitty to snuggle with when you sleep at night like you did with Apollo.

We all miss you tremendously. I think about you every day. Apollo has become more vocal since he doesn't have you to do all of the talking for you guys. He misses you and still looks for you sometimes. Even Peppa still goes in the room and comes out sad.

I wish you were still here with us, with me. I know you will be in my lap again one day. Until then have fun, and enjoy your healthy body, and all of the friends you've made at the Rainbows Bridge.


Hi Artie Party. Sweet baby you have been visiting me in my dreams, and it is so calming. I think about you and miss every single day!! I still get teary eyed knowing that I will see you on this earth again. It still pains me.

But I know that you are running around, chasing butterflies, playing with friends and sleeping. I hope you have found another fur baby to snuggle with while you nap.

I miss your insistent meow. Apollo has become much more vocal. So he get fed!! Peppa is still a sweet pea. We all miss you.

Cory and Christopher are doing well. Cory will be home for the summer, and he comes with trepidation since the last time he was home you were here with us. He misses you sooo much.

Okay dear, I just wanted to stop by and say hello, and tell you that we all love you and miss you everyday!

Artemis, I cannot believe it has been 2 years since you went to kitty heaven. I still think about you all of the time. We miss you immensely. Apollo is still being Apollo. He is ill, but doing well. You 2 will be together again one day soon. Peppa is being Peppa. Her and Apollo are buddies these days.

We miss you and love you. You will never be forgotten. Love mom.

Artemis you are remembered every day of the last 3 years without you. You will be reunited with your brother soon. You 2 are linked together forever. We miss you Artemis, everyday! I love you...Mom

2/11/2021 I know you and Apollo are now together enjoying each others company, chasing each other and curled up in your unique puzzle. I miss you still and think about you both all the time. Mom

2/18/22 Artemis and Apollo I know you two are curled together like a Ying and Yang. I miss you every day. I miss your purring, and running through the house jumping on things. I even miss your cat hair over all of my clothes. Cat heaven really has some special residents there. Love you and miss you both...Mom

2/18/2023- gone but not forgotten. Artemis and Apollo you two made a special place in our family. An everlasting impact. Cory and Christopher's love of cats is because of the bonds you shared. I cannot believe it has been 6 years since you've been gone Artemis, and 2 since you have been gone Apollo. I miss you every single day still. But I am comforted by the fact that you are together. Love Mom

2/18/2024- though we are years from your death, it still hurts like yesterday. I know you Artemis with Apollo are frolicking through your house in heaven, playing, rolling around, and loving on each other. We miss you dearly. Kitty heave is the better for having the both of you, though are hearts are broken. We still laugh at each others stories about you and look at cute pictures and video. I continue to be comforted in the fact that you are together. Love Mom. Always and Forever

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