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Memories of Arrow & Spirit
Spirit --

I remember you so well -- your name was well placed - besides how much I love you still the best thing I can post on this site is the following: Thank you for saving Douglas - when we lived in San Fran and I was living with my parents and worked late shift you woke my mom up at 6 in the morning - you never went on their floor much less her bedroom yet you were persistent in keeping my mom awake even after Dad tried to walk you and then made sure I was home and sound asleep -- Mom felt you were trying to tell her something and called my sister in New Orleans - the minute my sister answered you went back upstairs to my bedroom and fell deep asleep -- because of moms call my sister took my moms 6 mos old grandchild to the emergency room - according to the Drs 5 minutes later the child would have died -- now he is a lawyer -- The 2 of you never met -- How u knew we will never know -- but the whole family thanks you -- as for myself - You were my best friend -- I can never explain the bond we had nor the love I had for you - I will not even try -- but know that I always have and will love you unconditionally -- You used to come to my dreams and offer advice for years -- I still remember waking up crying yelling Spirit dont leave when you said you couldnt visit me anymore -- it took me years to even think of another dog in my life -- now I have the distress of reliving our same ending - please welcome Arrow to the bridge -- you 2 should get along great --

Arrow -- you had to fill large shoes with my memories of Spirit -- and while you could never fill those shoes you did managae to add a new pair next to the door. I remember the first time we met -- I was at the abused shelter not looking for a dog - you were the toughest meanest looking dog I had ever seen (Dobie, Shep, Rottie mix) and knew that no one would adopt you -- so I did -- those first few months together I remember like yesterday -- you were so skittesh you would leave the room when we entered it -- it used to tear all of us apart seeing how you hid dog food around the house because you were not used to regular meals -- how in the first week we took u to a park in the night and you couldnt see us and ran as fast as you could -- across busy traffic streets only that after I chased you I found you to be waiting at our doorstep cause you knew you had found a home -- know that everyone who met you fell in love with you -- who would believe a dog that looked like u could be so sweet and gentle -- Your name was after a childrens song -- Me and my Arrow -- and u lived up to your part of the name -- It may only be day but I miss u dearly

To both -- I miss you very much -- think about u daily -- and the only thing that keeps me sane is that I know the 2 of u are together and hopefully waiting for me -- if I knew for sure that my fate was to cross the rainbow bidge with u 2 -- I would wish for my demise sooner rather then later -- Peace be with you both ==

2/4/09: Arrow -- by now you should have met up with Spirit -- I hope the 2 of you are sharing stories about your life with me. I am still having a hard time getting used to the fact you are gone -- just this morning I woke up and put on sweats with the intention of walking you -- it wasn't until I looked over and saw your empty bed that I remembered you were gone - While you look down and see me sad please know that I realize it was your time to go and that I know you are happy being able to run and play like your younger days. Also know that many of the other animals you may meet at the bridge have parents that are helping me cope -- Finally -- thanks for hanging on so long -- someone brought it to my attention that they thought it was interesting that you were given at most until jan 1 but hung on until I finished my last PT session after surgery -- they thought you waited until you knew I was okay -- Thanks -- not sure I could have recovered as well had you not been around -- you were perfect -- we both could barely walk so walking you became a good part of my therapy -- thanks

2/10/09: Hey guys -- I had you both on the tribute list for last nights candlelight ceremony. I think it helped me find a little peace - I miss you both dearly but I also know that in both cases keeping you any longer would have been selfish of me -- that you needed and wanted to go to the bridge where you could once again feel the wind as you bounded through an empty field -- the joy of running pain free -- the endless energy you both has in your younger days -- have fun - but please take some time to occassionally let me know you are doing okay

2/23/09: Arrow -- just wanted to let you know that Mickie held a memorial service for you yesterday -- a lot of us met at her farm and spread some of your ashes around your favorite places -- the spot where you used to lie in the sun and watch the horses next door, your favorite shade tree, all of your favorite spots there -- some of your playmates were there, it was a somber but good time. We shared our favorite Arrow stories -- looked at pictures of you -- everyone misses you but we all are comforted that you are enjoying a renewed health at the bridge.

3/17/09: Happy St Patty's day guys. I am sure you know by now that I have gotten another dog. Its also from a resuce shelter so I know you both are very happy that another lost dog has found a good home. I know you also realize that it doesnt mean I still dont think about you 2 -- just that having Lucky is good for my mental health. Love you guys = see you at the bridge

8/5/09: Long time since I came here -- but not long time since I have thought about the 2 of you. Lucky is doing well -- thanks for looking in on her occassionally -- its funny but I can see both of you in her -- as well as a lot of her own personality = come visit me every once in awhile -- and have fun at the bridge

Xmas: Hey guys -- merry xmas -- I know that you know Im doing okay -- wouldnt be a bad thing for you 2 to send me some Xmas cheer though -- miss you lots

Hey guys -- Arrow -- its been a year now that you have gone to the bridge -- hope your 1 year there has fulfilled all of your best dreams -- chasing squirrels, eating steak bones with lots of meat on them, and getting your belly rubbed. Spirit -- hope you are enjoying Arrow and that the 2 of you are best friends -- thinking of you 2 always

01/31/11 - Just wanted to say happy new year at the bridge -- still think of you -- newest rescue dog, Lucky, has some traits from each of you -- unfortunately not some of your better ones - LOL --in any case why not try to impart some of your wisdom to her -- Have fun -- see ya someday

2/3/12 -- hey guys -- I am sure you know by now that Dad passed away a couple of weeks ago -- I really hope you are taking care of him -- give him my love -- if you find time from playing so hard stop by my dreams and say hello

1/8/13 -- Long time -- almost a year -- a new year has started which is good cause I am over the last one. Hope you guys helped Dad adjust to the other side -- miss you guys and really would love to have one or both of you visit me in my dreams -- been a long time --

Lucky - Jan 3rd - u join some great dogs - I love u very much but couldn't be selfish - u were in pain - tell spirit and arrow hello for me- I miss u so much and it's only been 3 hours -

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