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Memories of Argus Nofer
From: Argus Nofer
June 22, 1995 - Jan. 8, 2014

To: My beloved owner and best friend, Linda Nofer

Dearest Linda,

I know you are sad, I felt your tears, but please do not leave here and weep.
For 17 years, I gave you my best, but now I must get some sleep.

When you are driving, roll down my window, I am the winds that blow.
And though you can't see me, it's through your smile, that my face out that window will show.

When you walk in the park, look upon the grass: watch carefully for what you see.
I am here playing with other healthy dogs, because you quietly set me free.

My eyes had grown tired, my legs were weak and my heart was no longer strong.
You showed me your love by letting me go, so the pain did not linger on.

When you come home, I'm still at the window, waiting for you every night.
Look up in the sky to see my sweet spirit, circling you in flight.

When you wake in the morning and next to your pillow, you no longer see me there.
Do not get said, I have already awaken: I'm the breeze that floats through the air.

You gave me the gift of unwavering love, you fought my battles with me.
You now have two puppies who need you the same: I am still alive in your dreams.

I'm bounding around at Rainbow Bridge with other departed pets.
We are all happy, we are all healthy, there is no sorrow or pain.

Linda, you freed my spirit from its body so wracked with pain.
I will run the fields of Heaven, waiting, until I see you again.

With unconditional love for eternity,

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