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Memories of Archie
Archie was the most special dog we ever could've asked for. He was a best friend and a brother to Molly from when she was 7 years old, Bobby from when he was 3 years old and Tilly from before she was even born, as well as a furbaby son to Debbie and Robert. Archie entered our lives in 2007 at 8 weeks of age and he filled us with joy, laughter and at the end, sadness, but this sadness is a reminder of all that we had. Our memories of Dogs Hill, the woods, the lake and his beloved van will last a lifetime. Archie will always be in our minds and our hearts, this will never change. He was physically in our lives for 12 and a half years but he will mentally be with us forever. He has laid with us as we've laughed, cried, been unwell, been happy, been through losses and through a gains, however the time we needed him most was when he was no longer here, the upset we felt upon losing our best friend was a pain that only he ever knew how to fix. Archie's memory lives on in our minds, our hearts and in our other dogs, Betsy and Louis, who knew and loved him, he also has a new baby brother now called Ernie who I'm sure he'd have adored, he reminds us very much of Archie, however he will never be replaced as he is the exact meaning of the phrase "One of a kind", there will never be another Archie and this is why we feel so blessed to be the ones he chose to spend his life with, it was the greatest honour any of us will have. The only thing Archie loved more than his family was food, which is why he stole our Christmas beef from the kitchen back in 2015 and ran to the garden with it, these are all fun memories to look back on and I hope he's getting infinite amounts of food up there because he truly deserves it.
Archie, rest well our angel, we think of you every second of every day and that will remain forever.
We love you so much,
Your mum Debbie, your dad Robert, your big sister Molly, your big brother Bobby, your little sister Tilly, your little sister Betsy, your little brother Louis and your little brother Ernie. XxX

26/08/2020 - Archie, today is your 13th birthday and its also your first birthday in heaven. Usually, by this point, we'd have your presents wrapped, your card would be written out and we'd be preparing to give them to you, you'd also be waiting impatiently for your piece of birthday steak. Nothing feels right without you, especially not your birthday, I wish I could cuddle you and tell you how grateful I am that you're spending another year with us. We miss you all so much and we love you more than words could ever explain. Please stay by us always. Happy 13th Birthday our boy.

23/12/2020 - Archie, this is the first Christmas we haven't had you by our sides and everything feels empty. This has been a difficult year all round but losing you has topped the list, we will forever miss you, especially around these special times of the year where family is the most important; We lost one of the biggest parts of our family once we lost you. We will miss you standing around waiting for the delicious turkey and pigs in blankets, we will miss you getting excited when we handed you your wrapped present, we've missed opening your doggy advent calendar with you every day and we will miss reading your card out to you. We have decorated your cabinet which is where you are now kept, we've made it look lovely and Christmassy, we've left your advent calendar up there throughout the whole of December and your card is there waiting to be opened on Christmas morning along with everyone else's. We will never, ever forget you, you will be remembered this way every Christmas, we promise. Wishing you the merriest of Christmases Archie, I hope Santa brings you all of the food you could ever wish for up there in heaven, you truly deserve it. We are loving you always and missing you more and more with each day that passes. Love from, your family. XxxxX

Archie, its been one year today since you left us, although we know you haven't left us in spirit. A lot has changed over the last year - We welcomed Ernie into the family, we all got a year older, we've been in a worldwide pandemic, yet throughout all of it you were still occupying the number one spot in our heads and our hearts, that will never change. Going through this past year without you has been incredibly difficult and I don't think any of us have felt a loss quite like this for a very long time, if at all. You loved us wholeheartedly and in return, as well as loving you wholeheartedly, we will keep your memory alive forever. You will never be forgotten by any of us, how could we forget our best boy? Missing you forever and always. Love from your family. XxxxxxX

26/08/2021 - Archie, today is your 14th birthday and also your second birthday in heaven. We all miss you terribly but we find peace in knowing we had 12 and a half amazing years with you and we still celebrate your life to this day, that will never stop. It feels so strange not buying you your birthday presents or cards anymore but the love and sense of longing that we feel for you says more than any present ever could. Please continue to guide us, we see your little signs and we love them, thank you for never forgetting us and for making us aware of your presence as often as possible; We will always need you around us, you were a huge part of our family and you always will be. Missing you forever and loving you even more. Lots of cuddles, kisses and treats from your family. XxxxxxxX

21/12/2021 - Archie, we are nearing our second Christmas without you by our sides and as always we are treasuring the memories of all the Christmases before you had to go. We will never forget how happy you'd get when we gave your presents, how excited you'd get at the sight of the food or how you stole the entire joint of beef off of the counter on Boxing Day 2015. You have left us with so much pain but also with a lifetime of wonderful memories which we cherish all year round but especially at times like this. Merry Christmas Archie, the brightest star in the sky and our most special angel; We love and miss you forever and always. Lots of love, treats, cuddles and kisses from your family. XxxxxxxxX

15/02/2022 - Archie, today marks two years since you left us. Looking back on that day it feels so long ago yet so recent; Long ago because I speak for us all when I say that cuddles have never felt more overdue but so recent in the way that we can still feel every single emotion that we felt on the day you had to go - The racing heart, the emptiness in our chest, the flipping sensation in our stomachs, we can feel it every time we reminisce. Never feel bad for making us feel this way though as it is a reminder of just how much you meant to us and that is such a gift, you were and continue to be a gift in yourself. We hope you are resting peacefully with everything you could ever want, its the least that you deserve for being the most amazing dog any of us could've asked for. Continue to guide us, continue to guide your younger fur-siblings as well as your human ones, we need you now and we always will. Thank you for all the little signs that you leave us, they never go unnoticed and they bring so much comfort. I miss you, we miss you and we love you ever so much, more than I could ever put into words. Thank you for existing Archie. XxxxX

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