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I don't know how to describe Apollo. Intelligent. Protective. Handsome. Loyal. These are just words, and words can't describe my beloved Apollo. He was the best dog ever to walk the Earth, and the best dog that ever will walk the Earth. This dog is in heaven, and licking the feet of the Lord our God, and our Lord is petting his head. I know because this dog had a pure heart. Not an evil fiber in his body. Sure he had a naughty side as all mortals do, but his loyalty and love was absolutely boundless. Absolutely. I miss him so much, so much. Lord, please look after our Apollo. Bring him into your embrace, don't let him miss us too much, as mortals we are bound to see him soon. Apollo, if you can read or understand this, know we all love you so, so much. Our lives aren't the same without you and will always contain an emptiness that will never be filled until we see you again my most beloved friend.

12/17/15 I want to thank everyone who has signed Apollo's guestbook. It is helping us cope with Apollo's loss, and to realize he's not truly lost. Apollo left behind two furry siblings. A silly cat named Isabel and German Shepherd pack brother, Trajan. Trajan is taking it very hard. We have to hand feed him, and he insists on laying down at the spot Apollo expired. Apollo had epilepsy, diagnosed when he was 2. For the last 7 years we had to medicate him twice a day, every day. It may sound silly but giving his medicine is a routine that has a left a hole in our lives. Last month Apollo was diagnosed with lymphoma. We tried chemo, but not aggressively because we did not want his quality of life to decrease. Every round of chemo was unsuccessful in remission. We had more treatments to try, but Apollo didn't want to live like that. He was happy and bright eyed the day he passed.

12/19/15 We bought Trajan a ball the other day. Apollo and Trajan couldn't play with toys because they'd get aggressive, their instincts would get the best of them. Trajan wasn't sure what was going on but he played fetch a bit. We played again today then we went upstairs and he chewed on the ball for a bit. After Trajan went to bed, I looked for the ball and couldn't find it. When I finally did, I discovered Trajan had left it where Apollo died, a gift for a lost friend.

12/19/15 Picked up Apollo's ashes today. It was emotional but it feels good to have him back at home where he belongs. We put his urn on the center of the mantle, and with his collar draped over the urn. It's a good urn, nice cedar wood, heavy for its size with Apollo's remains inside. I presented Apollo's collar to Trajan. Trajan sniffed it then started jumping up and down and wagging his tail! Apollo's remains will always have a place of honor in our house. What a magnificent dog he was.

1/1/16 The new year comes, and we miss our boy so much. There's been a shadow over the house these holidays, an emptiness that we deal with. We are dealing with it, time helps. Trajan is eating on his own now, and seems much happier. I took him to the vet yesterday as his 3 year rabies shot was out of date. Trajan has been with us 3 years now, but he was the same age as our Apollo. Trajan enjoyed the ride, and got lots of snacks at the vet while they gave him shots and did rude things to him. Sometimes we catch ourselves calling Trajan "Apollo". Well, they do look pretty close to the same, of course we know the difference but a slip of the tongue having Apollo here for almost 10 years doesn't go unnoticed. I don't think Trajan minds, we know he's not Apollo and never will be, he's our Trajan and we love him, and Trajan is such a sweet dog. One day he'll go, that's the truth, and the truth is hard. The vet asked us if we will get another dog. I told her no. We're not prepared to accept losing another dog we would inevitably fall in love with.

Again thank you to those that have signed Apollo's guestbook. He never trusted strangers, but you all are no longer strangers.

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