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Memories of Apollo Miene Libre
"Dancing Through Life"

For thirteen years, we danced and we played
Then one morning at three a.m.

I sat with you and held you till the end
Congestive heart failure, the vet said
I cried and I wailed, I couldn't pretend
You struggled and held on, you fought all the way
I screamed "Apollo Come Back"
But who was I to say
It was time for you to go
And we had no say

"The Day After" When morning came and you weren't there...
And night time came and you still weren't there...
Then for me there never was a day...

Loosing you hurts so much and the grief unbearable
But it's "The Dance" I'll always hold closest to my heart!!!

Each love-drop filled tear here has mixed with the sunshine there at your new home, and your Rainbow shines even brighter for you now..... An old Indian proverb: "The Soul would have no Rainbow if the Eyes had No Tears" says it best... You now find rest in the Arms of God's very own Angels...what more could your family have ever wished for you? What more could have ever been wished.......

...Go Big Puppy. Find Tinker and share the stories of times on the road with Mom and Dad. Run through the fields together. Jump in the lake and swim all you want. Play with the squirrels you so loved to chase. Just keep an eye on the bridge. Mom and Dad will be looking for you. Until then we will miss you beyond belief. Momma and Daddy loves you so much. You'll always be Daddy's "Fuzzball" and Momma's "Baby Boy". Now go my love....be free, be happy. I'll be watching for your Rainbows.

You always loved to take Daddy's socks and Momma's slippers outside. You'd love to sneak past Daddy with a toy and hope he'd chase you. The 1st time you saw a fire hydrant it scared you to pieces. You loved to watch TV and hated violence. You always were ready to go see Aunt Kathie and Christie and CJ. I remember when we lived in Canton next to the dairy. You would get out in the pasture and chase the cows and jump in the lake and roll in cowpoop and chase the cows some more. And Travis just right after you. You two were pathetic. There we were yelling at you to get back in your yard. Then you'd turn and look at us as if to say, " are you crazy? I'm having fun!" And off you'd go again. Then I'd get in the minivan to chase you out of the pasture. You were running like the wind with me right behind you honking and yelling and slapping the side of the van with that stupid Texas flyswatter to get you out of the pasture. When you finally gave up and went back you were covered in cowpoop, mud, and grass and smiling ear to ear. A real contrast to the regal looking WHITE Standard Poodle after a grooming. Oh Baby Boy, you were a mess. But you sure had fun.

11/9/08 Today is 1 week sense we were together. And I still cry everyday. But today I got my 1st rainbow from you. I was going thru all the pics to put a shadow box together for you and found the rainbow pic we took driving down the road. The best one was of the rainbow at the end of the road just before a bridge. Thank you Baby Boy. It gave me the 1st tears of joy in a week. Daddy and I sat on the front porch and looked at all your Pics and laughed and cried. The whole time Duke trying to push between us. We're getting a little sister for him. Sense you're gone he doesn't have anyone to boss him around and he's loosing his manners, so I figure a little sister will do him some good. I took him to be neutered last week and I know you were laughing at him. You didn't like that ordeal much either. Tomorrow would have been your 13th birthday. I will Send you a birthday cake & Light a candle for you Big Puppy. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you. I still expect to see you come around the corner.I just keep thinking I should have done more to help you those last hours. Those are the hours that haunt me most.I love you and miss you to the moon and back big puppy. I'm sending you a squeaky toy. Till we meet at the bridge.... XOXO Momma & Daddy

11/10/08 Today marks our first week apart Baby Boy. It would also be your 13 birthday. I'm sending a birthday cake. Be sure to share with all your friends there. Send me one of your butterfly kisses. I miss those so much. Things aren't any easier now than a week ago. I'm just glad you have no pain and can be the puppy you're so good at being. Love you big puppy!!! XOXO Momma

Hey Big Puppy! I just got word that We've been approved for the adoption of Maddie. She's going to be you and Dukes little sister. She is going to be a little bit scared at first so we need you to send her your special Rainbow love and secrets to deal with Duke. I wish you were here to welcome her. But I know she'll feel your presence, just like you did Tinker's when I first got you. It still hurts not having you here. I love you more than I can put in words. Please let me know this is all ok for you. You'll always be my sunshine love. We will calibrate your day all day long. Happy Birthday Baby Boy. XOXO Momma & Daddy love you beyond reason.

11/10/08 I lit candles for you and Tinker tonight and prayed a prayer for sunshine and rainbows for you both. Through all my ramblings here I've not mentioned why you were named Apollo.
The Sun God. The song, "Here Comes The Sun" is dedicated to you.
You were the sunshine in my life after I lost Tinker. You taught me it was ok to love again. Your spirit IS the most awesome... OH how I miss you!!!

11/13/08 Apollo Miene Libre -(Apollo My Love) It's 10 days now. Today your ashes came home. Inside the bag was a clear plastic bag with your hair clippings. When I took it out, Looked upon those pure white curls, held a real part of you in my hands again.... it was as if...
I'm struggling so hard right now. I remember all the times I groomed you and swept up huge piles of that beautiful fur. One time CJ even asked me to make him a pillow with it when he was 9. Of course I did. I have a decision to make about what to do with your ashes. I thought I knew, but now...
I'm still struggling through waves of grief and then anger. I'm just still so lost Baby Boy.

11/14/08 well this morning I finally got the courage up to look inside the bag. I truthfully thought I would look in there and see a plastic bag with your ashes. I just wasn't ready for that. So when I finally had the courage to look inside I found a beautiful gold plaque with your name engraved on it on top of a beautiful cedar chest that holds your ashes. Also in the bag was a beautiful plaster cast of your paw print. Our friends at Animal Care Centers of Texas took such loving care of you in the dignified way you deserved. I owe them so much. They were always so sweet with you. It was as if a huge burden had been lifted from me. I love you beyond belief and miss you more than I can say! We are of a loving GOD and he cares for us. We'll see each other again Baby Boy, but till then I hold our love forever in my heart. So many have dropped into give condolences and it has meant so very much to me to share with people who know my heartache and grief. Send your love to all those who have sent their babies to Rainbow Bridge. XOXO Momma loves you sweet boy.

11/17/08- 2 weeks today My Love. Through out each day I think of you and miss your physical presence. I still haven't gone into the guest room where we said goodbye. The pain is easing, but only because you taught me it was ok to love again. Maddie is such a sweet loving little girl. She has so many of your traits. She's a smaller Standard than you but has a heart to match yours. GOD has blessed me twice. She's so dainty and prissy. Daddy calls her Miss Priss Butt. I think she's your gift to me from RB. She's very shy like you were. She's smart and loves to cuddle with me. I feel the love from you thru her and hers alone on top of it. I know that you sent us to her. She was rescued from an awful puppy mill. Unknown to each other, Daddy and I both put applications in to adopt her the same day. We didn't want each other to know. I thought Daddy would be upset and he wanted to surprise me. Of all the rescues out there we both choose her. You had it all figured out, didn't you Big Puppy. You knew I couldn't be alone and that Maddie needed a forever home. Your all encompassing love will always amaze me. Thank you Apollo for all you give from RB. But will you please let Duke know she's just a baby and he needs to be nicer to her. He always listened to you. Hey, I heard someone say you may be getting your Angel Wings soon. Anyone who ever knew you, knows you deserve them. I'll be at the Monday Night Candle Lighting Ceremony and will say a prayer of thanks for the time I was honored to share with you. Always will miss YOU tho. You were the sunshine in my darkest times. And I'll never forget!!!!! Be with Mac, he gave so much to so many at such a big price... I miss you so much my Sweet Baby Boy!!! XOXOXO Momma

11/24/08 Oh Baby Boy! With all my tears and all the sunshine where you are, There should be plenty of rainbows. I miss you beyond words. I come here every night to see you. Sometimes I just set and remember and smile. Other times I cry like it was the first morning without you. I don't understand how 3 weeks have gone by. I still physically ache to touch you and hug you again. I still look for you and then catch myself. Miss you SO MUCH!!! All the family will be here Wednesday. It will be the first time they have all been here and you aren't. It will be hard for them to not have you here so please send signs to all that we are forever loved by you. Christie and CJ will have a hard time of it. You are so loved sweet boy!! XXXXOOOXXXX. ((((((APOLLO))))))

11/26/08 Hi Big Puppy. Momma is sending you a ham bone for Thanks Giving. I'm missing you so much sweet love. I know your days are filled with sunshine and rainbows and huge fields to run through. You have all of that and more due to you. I love you sweet boy. Kissie-Kiss from me and Daddy.

Hello my love. Our very special friend stopped in tonight to let me know you now have you Angel Wings. You are so beautiful it takes my breath away. CJ, Chris, and Daddy were here to see it too. Everyone was speechless. Not a moment goes by that I don't think of you. God has blessed me with the time we had together here. And It will be blessings beyond measure when we meet again. I love you so very much and miss you more than words could ever say. ((((APOLLO)))) XOXO Momma loves you Baby Boy!!!!

12/01/08 It's been 4 weeks today Baby Boy and I still look for you. I can't tell you how much comfort I get from seeing you in your angel wings. It gives me a sense of peace. I love the way you always send Maddie in here to give me XOXO every time I come to visit you at the bridge. She does it every time. Thank you "MY LOVE". You always knew me so well and still find ways to give me comfort. You truly hold my heart. We had such a bond the 2 of us. Oh how I miss you!!!! XOXO ((((((APOLLO))))))

12/04/08 Hello sweet love. I'm dropping by to set a Christmas tree up for you. Your Stocking will be up there as well. Hope you don't mind but you know Maddie and Duke are going to steal all the goodies from it. Sweet boy, I miss you so much. Thank you for all your help with Duke and Maddie. He is being much nicer to her now. She's even got the "boss him" thing down pat. You taught her well! My heart aches I miss you so. What I would give to just hug you close again. That day will be a dream come true for me my love. (((APOLLO))) LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!

12/08/08 today is 5 weeks I've been without you. Most of the time it seems like the 1st day. Sometimes I'm overwhelmed with missing you. There is such an empty place in my life now. Maddie is a huge comfort and Such fun to watch grow. But nothing touches the heartache I feel missing you Sweet boy. It just doesn't seem real most of the time. You just took up so much space in our lives, and when you left so suddenly it left a vacancy in our life that nothing can touch! I set up a memorial for you on top of the TV. You loved to watch TV. I love you with ALL my heart Baby Boy and I miss you terribly!!! I would love for you to visit me in my dreams. XOXOXOXO Momma Loves you!!!!

12/15/08 Hello My Love. Well this year we're adding a stocking for Maddie. Baby Boy you'd be so proud of her. She's come a long way from that puppy mill. I just know you are guiding her in your special way. Some of the things she does could only come from you. Things are somewhat easier now, but that doesn't mean I don't miss you with every beat of my heart! EVERY BEAT!!!! Shelley gave me a golden heart shaped frame that says " #1 PET". I put your picture in it and a light behind it so that it glows from behind. It is just beautiful. Like you! It has the place of honor on top of the tree this year. I still ask how you can really be gone from me. It still seems so unreal. I guess it will always be that way. You were such an extraordinary part of an era in our lives!! We were blessed to have shared it with you. You really did rock our world Baby Boy. And when you left, it left such a void in our life. There are no words to express how much we miss you everyday. EVERY DAY!!! I do find some consolation knowing that some day we'll be together again. Will you teach me to use my angel wings? I know you're in the best place ever. And you get to spend Christmas with Jesus on his birthday. You lucky dog you!!! The best Christmas ever for you my love. Every other heart beat goes to you. The rest I have to share with those here now. But some day sweet boy.....

12/29/08 Well,it's almost another year gone.I pray next year will be better.Thank you sweet boy for looking out for momma last week. This was the worst Christmas ever!The pneumonia almost got the best of me.I don't really remember too much about last week and being in the hospital.I love you Baby Boy so much.I'll write more later.I'm just so sad tonight. XOXO Momma loves you big puppy!

1/1/09 The beginning of a new year.I know you're in the arms of God and that gives me hope. Still not a moment goes by I don't look for you and remember you. The heartache and pain of missing you is never ending.(((APOLLO))) MY LOVE...

1/26/09 The days turned into weeks and the weeks have now become months. And the pain is still as great as that 1st day. My pain and grief so huge! I have all these emotions and feelings and words wont come. But words were not what we were ever about. I miss you Baby Boy with everything that I am. My love for you cant be measured! XX to my beautiful sweet Baby Boy. Momma LOVES YOU!! (((APOLLO)))

2/14/09 Happy Valentine day My Love. Oh Big Puppy, how I miss you! Everything here is starting to bloom and Spring is coming early so I'm sharing it with you with the spring back ground on your residency. Not a day goes by that Daddy and I don't miss you and talk about you. You're still so huge in our everyday life. How can I explain it? 13 years was NOT enuff time!!!! Oh how I love you Big Puppy!!!

3/2/09 Hello my sweet Love. It's 4 months tomorrow Big Puppy. I wonder how that can be. Missing you is still so very huge! Every day there are tears for you. I'm making friends With Puck and Mac's Mommy. She is such an inspiration to everyone and does some big things to help change things for all God's creatures. I'm trying to be a stronger person and maybe I can find things to do to help all the helpless ones. At least more than I am. I know there are other things I can do. I absolutely HATE animal cruelty!!! I've come to the conclusion Maddie doesn't need toys to play with, she needs an anvil. She loves to tear up toys and shred paper and dig holes. You were always so careful with your toys and would hide them when other pets came over. I still have one of your toys from when you were a puppy. Maddie just hasn't found it. She is such a "puppy". So funny and nosy and into everything. And,just like you,she hates it when anything is moved from its place. She doesn't like changes. And Duke is just Duke. I feel so sorry for him. Maddie always takes the toys away from him. But he has it figured out now that if he lets her have the toy he gets all the petting from us. We miss you everyday Big Puppy. And I miss your butterfly kisses so much. Even with Maddie and Duke here there is still an emptiness that will always be. Kinda like the hole in my heart from the loss of you. I love you always and FOREVER Baby Boy!! ((((Momma/Apollo))))

4/17/09 So many emotions, so many untyped words. The tears continue to flow. I just plain miss you my love!!!! So many times I ache to feel the warmth of running my fingers thru your fur. You're always in my thoughts. Oh Apollo, I miss you....

4/30/09 Hey Baby Boy, Thanks for the heart! I took Maddie into the Dogwash and groomed her a couple weeks ago and when I was done there was the most perfect shaped heart on her chest. Her fur just grows that way. It wasn't there the first time I groomed her. So I take it you sent it to me. After all you sent me Maddie. You NEVER stop amazing me My Love. You have always been my heart, And you knew I love all kinds of hearts. So now I have this very special one. I love you so much sweet boy. You're Always in my thoughts.You sealed it with Maddie.I miss you SO much.It never stops

5/26/09 Memorial Day my love and I'm remembering our time together.So much has changed and yet so much is still the same.I miss you so much every day, That will never change.I love you as much today as ever before and always will.XOXO my Big Puppy (((( APOLLO )))) Momma loves you!!!

8/18/09Well sweet boy,I guess you know by now Travis is at the bridge with you.I can see ya'll now chasing the cows away from the cookie doe feed and having it all to yourself.Aunt Kay is doing a little better. It has been so hard for her.Please, you and Travis send some rainbows our way.It gives me comfort to know we'll be together again in the best way ever.I love you Big Puppy.You'll always be my heart of hearts!!!The pain of missing you has never stopped.I've just learned to live with it.XOXO((((APOLLO))))
10/14/09 Hi Big Puppy. Well by now you and Squirt are together again.Loosing you both in such a close time is so painful. I know that both of you are in a better place now but I miss you both so much.She went to sleep in my arms and from there went to the Bridge to meet you. Her pain and suffering forgotten now.My memories of the 2 of you playing and romping as puppies is what I treasure till we are together again. I'm going to try to set her residency up tonite.Babyboy,your 1 year at the bridge is only a couple weeks away & I ache for you as if it were the 1st day.I miss you!!!!We have 2 other babies with us now,both standard poodles female.YOu know all about Maddie cuz you sent us to her. She is such a petite beauty and bossy just like you were.She will always be special to me because of you. Tiara was given to me by Molly at Greens pet store. She was her baby for a year and family problems and heath she asked me to take her. She is a handful. Still such a "puppy". She is a cuddler almost as much as Maddie. They both demand my attention and follow me EVERYWHERE like you used to.They are very close and where you see one you see the other. They're so good for each other,only a few months apart in age.Tiara is as black as you were white. So pretty and well mannered but strong headed. But so were you at her age. We've lost so many furbabies this year in the family. You were the 1st and they all went close after you.I love you sweet boy.Be back in a couple weeks my love.Please send some rainbows my way.I sure could use them.XOXO (((APOLLO)))
10/16/09 Aw Babyboy,My heart is breaking in pieces.So I'm going to go stand in the sunshine and be grateful for the blessing of having you in my life for 13 wonderful years.I just cant wrap my head around it that you have been gone from me for almost a year.I dont understand how that can be possible when I still feel you so close to me.After all these months I know it'll always be that way.So I'm going to stand in the sunshine.After all,you are my sunshine love.

11/03/09- 1 YEAR LATER!!!! :(

Seems just a day ago
That God took you home,
Leaving me grief stricken and alone.
So many kind words said
And with tears I've shed,
You've sent back Rainbows
To keep our hearts fed.
Excepting you're gone
Is hard to conceive.
But a reunion is coming,
This I believe.

My sweet Sunshine love, I miss you today as much as the day you left. I still see you in my mind just around the corner. I still expect to turn around and see you there. So much has happened in the last year but it still seems like just yesterday I told you goodbye. Thank you for all the sweet memories we shared for 13 wonderful years. Those years went so quickly. I was not ready for our time to end. So now I wait for the moment I see you at the bridge. Watch for me my love. I'll be looking for you. XOXO from the deepest of my heart. I love you Babyboy! (((HUGS))) Momma

12/31/09 Another year gone my love. I miss you as much today as EVER! There's a hollow place in my center that will never be filled. There aren't enough words to say how I miss you! You have such a strong spirit, I wonder how it is you're really gone sometime.Keep watch at the Bridge Baby Boy, I can hardly wait to hold you close again. Look out for Squirty and Tinker and All the furbabies. I (((love you))) sweet boy. Ohhh so much. (((Apollo)))

11/10/10 Setting here in tears...Today would have been your 15th birthday on earth. I know you're there smiling down on me and daddy. We feel your love every day Big Puppy. I can't believe it's been 2 years already sense that terrible morning I had to let you go. The pain is still just as strong! But now we are able to concentrate on all the good memories you left us with. 13 years made for alot of them. I'm always looking for your rainbows sweetie! I miss you SO MUCH!!! If I could only hold you close one more time.... (((Apollo)))

1/16/12 Hi Baby Boy. Though I may not come here like I used to doesn't mean I don't think of you every day through out each day. But you know that because you're listening when I talk to you. And you also know how much we miss you. We didn't get to have you with us long enough here but time here goes so fast. So keep an eye on the gate to the bridge sweetie, time is short here. Love you with all I have! XOXO Momma!

10/08/12 Hi Big Puppy. I think of you so many times during the day. We miss you so much. I'm back on the road again, this time with Maddie. Daddy has Tiara on his truck. She is so much like you. She's a daddies girl for sure. I still ache for you.Your 4 yr anniversary is coming up next month. Where and how did the time go so fast. It still seems like yesterday you were still with me. I know you were there to welcome Lucy Girl when she crossed the RB. She suffered such a horrid death. But now she has you and the others to friend her. She'll never suffer again. Let her know I'm so sorry and I loved her deeply. My heart will always belong to you Baby Boy. Play hard and send me those beautiful rainbows. xoxo Momma

11/5/12 4 years ago my heart ache and grief were immeasurable! Both are still with me today. but with it comes the comfort of your love and spirit surrounding me daily. Last night I was snuggling with Maddie and rubbing the heart on her chest. That was your gift to me when you led me to her, your way of saying you love me and will always be with me. You and Maddie are both a gift from God. I was truly blessed to be chosen to share your life here for the time God allowed. Though I wish it could have been longer, I know forever would not have been long enough. My tears are sending you rainbows splashed with my love Baby boy. I miss you every day. Daddy and I are always reminiscing about the things you used to do. No words can say how much we miss you. Our love for you is as strong now as it ever was. We hold you in our hearts till we can hold you in our arms once again. Just keep watch at the gate my LOVE.....xoxoxo (((APOLLO)))

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