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Memories of Angus
When Angus first came into our life he was 4 months old...and loved me. When I took him to meet his dad, the first thing he did was bite him...and that was the beginning and the deepest love you would ever know. After Steve and i broke up, Angus was a different dog...he just would sleep most of the time and wait until his dad came to visit....he did love his life with us...he was the best and he became a champion Obedience dog. He showed me up more than once...never forgot his commands right up until his last days he would do all his commands...he sure was a special boy and so beautiful.. Perfect in every way. Never sick. He and Sami were good friends and would tussle all day long.

Angus especially hated ground hogs. he tore up the front and side yards every day. We thought a mine had gone off in the yard. he got that dreaded ground hog and the yard would stay whole until the next one came along.

I remember the day that the Emu across the street got out and the herd came bounding down our driveway...Angus went into his crouch position just waiting for those birds to fly over the fence. Luckily for them I was home and could shoo them back home...he was disappointed.

Angus loved his Auntie Sherri...whenever he got to visit he came alive and wanted to do things with her. Sherri was Angus's obedience trainer and he shined for her everytime. What a good boy he was. When you told him to stay, he never moved. So perfect...

Steve misses you so everyday and can never talk about you....I miss you too Angus ...and as all the original Melton dogs pass away, my heart and soul goes with them...I sure look forward to the day when we all can be together again.

Angus boy, we love you and always will....

2009- One year Angus since your time came....we miss you little boy....you were so special and your dad loved you so much....I know you grieved a long time after he left...... I love you ....

2010- Time just flits away little boy....we are moving to another state this year. Of course you are going with us...we would never forget our precious Angus Wangus....so special...so unique...and so loved....mommy does and always will love you......

2011 - Our first year in WV....what do you think? You would have had 110 acres of land to run around on and yet you might be doing that in spirit. I wish some days I could see you again....my precious, precious little boy...

2012 - It will be 4 years in Åugust that you left us Angus Wangus.....daddy still thinks about you all the time...you were his boy. I miss you tearing up the yard and catching those ground hogs....it was your job, or even when you used to show me up during obedience classes...You were the best boy and so smart.....I knew what you were thinking all the time and you knew what I was thinking....I love you boy and never will forget you....lots of hugs and kisses...I know Sami and you are having a good time now running free through the grass, Sami catching the ball and you catching the ground hogs...

2013 - Angus Wangus....it has 5 years since you passed away....you would have been 20 this year....wow, I wish you were still here. Angus you were the best mole catcher in the whole world....I really hope that they are using your unique obedience training at the Rainbow Bridge and keeping all those Husky dogs in line. I think of you often sweet boy and I know how much your daddy Steve misses you. Love and kisses forever and ever....I will see you again as you meet me at the Bridge one day. Love, your mommy Karen.....give Sami kisses for me too <3

2014 = My precious Angus Wangus.....6 years now since you left....recently I brought a new pup into the brood, Squirt, and he acts just like you, Sami, Jake and Taz......I know your essence is in him and I know you are probably back again and living the high life and having a good time. Your daddy still thinks of you and misses you so...you were a daddy's boy. I will always love you Angus Wangus....you were my first and only Border Collie...you are not replaceable and never will be. Always in my heart.... mommy Karen... <3

2015 - Well Angus, 7 years now, and your best friend Sophie, has arrived at the Bridge. I hope all of you are having fun together again. Sophie was the very last of our original dogs....boy I feel empty without all of you. Life will never be the same....yes, I have some others, but I will never have another Angus or Border Collie, or another Sami, or Aussie. Sometimes I dream of the days when we were all together having such a good time....I miss you all, I miss you Angus Wangus.....such a good boy you were.....such a good boy.....I miss my doggies....never to be replaced....I just hate that you never made our last move....of course, your old buddy, Sambo, made it.....a few years past you. I hope both you have made up now and are fast friends and playing in the meadow...don't forget Angus, keep the ground hog population down at the bridge. <3 I love you...

2016 - 8 years and counting....I miss you little boy. You were such a brat, but such a good boy. I will always love and rermember you as my speicial boy. Angus Wangus.........I look forward to seeing you again at the Bridge now that I know it really exists. Your broken hearted mommy. <3

2017....9 years ago you left me as quickly as you came into our lives. I remember you always Angus Wangus....I will never have another Border Collie. You can never be replaced. I love you my special and smart boy. Oh Angus.....my heart still breaks for you....I love you Angus. Mummy

2018...10 years ago....and I am glad that you are not with us during this horrible time in our once the Great Americas.....it is a very sad time for all of us Americans. I found some new pictures of you and you special being. I will always love you forever and a day....my beautiful Border Collie. So sad......so sad. You were one in a million and I will never forget you...such a scamp....so smart .....I love you....Mummy

2019....11 years ago...another year goes by and I still miss you....I love you Angus Wangus....you were such a fresh boy, but you were our boy. Mummy

2020 12 years has gone by...and my love for you only gets deeper...I love you Angus Wangus....you were the smartest and most precious boy....I just wish your daddy loved you as much. I miss you....Mummy

2021... 13 years ago you left us....I could never get another Border collie as I will never stop honoring you my precious and smart gone. Love you forever Angus Wangus.....breaking heart always.....Mummy

2022....14 years ago I lost the best boy ever.....Angus Wangus....will see you again and again...I love you little boy....so many tears....Mummy

2023....15 years ago.....and I remember every day of your life with us.....I could never get another Border collie because you are irreplacable. Mommy loves you....forever...and ever.....

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