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Memories of Angus
Angus was a very selective yorkie - only liking certain people
When he first met Hart, he barked at him and then ran to the door as if to say leave.
He finally grew to love Hart and let him share the bed though many nights Hart would wonder how such a small dog could take up so much room. To get up in the morning, he would walk all over Hart. We got Hart a tee shirt that says my dog walks all over me.

June 27, 2011 - Angus - Mom is really missing you these days. I think you must have possessed Snowie yesterday. Last night he tried to sit on both Dad's & my heads while we were trying to sleep. He then tried to walk on Dad's chest just like you. I see your urn everyday and have your picture on my computer at work. Hope you are having fun with Grandma and Frank. I luv you very much Mom

June 26, 2010 - It is three years since you have passed. I miss you so much. Snowie is adorable but you will always be in my heart. Go and find Grandma and Frank today. They'll give you big hugs for me and Frank will play ball with you. Luv Mom

July 21, 07 - I saw a puppy today that reminded me so much of you I cried. Hart and I miss you - your kisses, herding and love - Have fun where you are - chase those tennis balls - Mom

Oct 19th - Missing you. I miss cuddling with you infront of the fire and your sweet kisses. I hope you are having a good time. I added a cozy bed because it is getting cold - love Mom

January 3/08 - There is lots of snow now. I know how you hated your little coat but it looked so cute on you. We have another dog now. But you already knew that because you took me to him. He is soft, cuddly and sweet, just what Mom and Dad needed to help continue on. Thank you. Love Mom

March 22 - Easter Weekend - I said some prayers for you sweetheart even though I know you are very happy. Look for Grandma up there. I am sure she would like a cuddle. I put in some crumpled paper that you loved to shred and the chips that you would share with Dad while watching sports. Love Mom

November 2009 - I know I haven't been here for awhile but I think of you all the time. I have your picture on my screen saver at work and on my phone. I know you are happy with Grandma and Frank, Dizzy and Beastie, Remember Hart and I and watch over Snowie. Love Mom

June 26/08 - It is a year today that you have been gone. You were such a brave little fellow, holding on till Mommy could get there. I miss you every day. Kisses Mom

February- Grandma has been gone two years, I hope you have found her and cuddled with her. Hart and I miss you, especially the couch cuddles. Snowy is a good dog. You made a good choice for us. Hope you are happy and healthy and having fun playing ball. Love and kisses Mom

June 29/09 - Angie - I think of you every day. I have your picture on my computer and on my mouse pad. Your little urn is on the mantle where I can see it. I hope you found Grandma and Frank as they both really loved you and need your cuddles. I quess you have found Dizzy by now and have been pulling his tail. Have fun on the meadow. Love Mom

December 2009 = Luv you Angie, miss you. Don't forget me. Please watch over Snowie for me. I couldn't bear to lose hime right now and you can be his guardian angle. Hugs and Kisses and couch cuddles - Mom

June 27, 2012 - Hi Angiebob - I miss you. Have you met Shadow up there yet. Please take good care of her as she was very sick at the end. Aunty Jo and Uncle Lloyd have a new dog named Ginger. Aunty Leslie really misses you - send her your love. I hope you enjoy your freedom. I added some chips for you as I remember you and Hart eating chips Love Mom

June 26, 2013 - My sweet Angie, I still miss you so much. Snowie is a great dog and gives me love but he isn't you - my first doggie. Every time we see a Yorkie we thing of you. Saw a pudgy little yorkie yesterday - looked a lot like you. Hope you and Shaddie are having fun. Share your ball with her - Hart's Mom passed away - her name is Miriam - remember the lady that would feed you under the table. Go look for her - though originally a cat person - she wanted to hug Snowie all the time. Give her some cuddles. Luv Mom

June 27, 2014 - Even though it has been 7 years, you remain imbedded in my heart. I remember the parrot dog cuddles. Hope you have found Shadow and play with her. Cuddle mom, dad and Miriam for me. I love you and always will. Mom

July 2017 - you have been gone for 10 years. Snowie has started doing the parrot dog cuddle. I see you finally taught him how. You have been visiting me in my dreams. I am not sure what you are trying to tell me but I will figure it out. Thanks for watching over me. Love Mom

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