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Memories of Angus
Thomson's Angus Magee was born on April 21, 1981. This was an auspicious date since my little Cairn Terrier shared it with his grandma Jo'Anna. Angus was the happiest of dogs (although he never really realized he was a "dog")loving walks, car rides and time with his family.

Angus and playing fetch with his stuffed animals. He had about 20 toys in his box at any given time and knew each and every one of them by name. If you told him to get a particular toy he came back with that toy. He also had the "patience of Job". If he wanted you to play and you didn't he would patiently sit there for hours with the toy just starring at you - he knew he could break anyone down!

At the age of 6 he was diagnosed as a primary diabetic. Since his mom is a nurse this was no problem at all. He was so trusting, would put his little paw out when it was time to take his blood sugars and never wince when he got a shot. He had no side effects from the diabetes throughout the rest of his life.

Angus loved the cold so I got him a snowsuit one year so he could continue to play outside in the winter. Found some deerskin boots that were on suspenders and would put them on under the snowsuit. Add the hat and scarf and he was ready for an afternoon's romp in the yard. Cousin Kathy's collie Shy thought Angus' scarf was a chew toy once and tried to lift it while Angus was still in the thing. Now that was a sight to see!

Angus was precious, loving and so trusting. At ten short years of age he lost his life to intestinal cancer. Neighbors in the area had used lawn services which sprayed chemicals that shortly after he died that these particular chemicals caused a rapid growth cancer in dogs and cats with 1-2 exposures. It was removed from the market, but not before my precious angel lost his life. My little guy never went into other people's yards, but the wind carried the over-spray to my yard.

He sits in Heaven with his kitty siblings Ti, Pooh, and Maxie, and has met later dog siblings Diarmid, Alexander and MacTavish, and kitties Michael & Padraig. I am sure he is back with cousins MacGregor & Merlin romping and playing fetch like the old days. There they all wait until we are once again reunited.

When you left I my heart wouldn't let me get another Cairn so soon, so Westie Diarmid came home and then later Westie Alexander. When Diarmid joined you at the bridge and I decided it was time for another Cairn and MacTavish came to be a baby brother to Alexander. MacTavish looked like your puppy pictures - just a bit darker - as a baby. Older he was like MacGregor with a red tint. I know you sent MacTavish "Cairn tips" and he followed them until the day he joined you at the bridge.

Now you are back with Ti and Pooh and cousins Merlin and MacGregor. Later siblings Diarmid, Alexander, Michael, Padraig and MacTavish have joined you at the bridge as well. I know you are all having a wonderful time.

Until that day my precious boy... Mom loves you!

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