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Memories of Angel Duran
Kisses, Kisses and more Kisses, Belly scratches galore! Love,love and more love.

Cold places, hot places, airplane trips a many. So many good times for mama and Angel.

Running through the house and peek a boo.

Bathes and brushes and pretty clothes, some of the clothes embarrassed you but your grody old tee shirt was your favorite. You brushed my hair so much when I got out of the shower like I did you, that when I went to get my hair cut the lady asked me what happed to your hair? It was you loving me back xxoo

My show dog, my friend, down to earth yet able to adjust to most everything. Just like me so many people said.

Love you Angel xxxooo
My years with you 10 of them were the most spectacular you kept me sane, comforted and you are my greatest friend and confident.

You didn't like people to see you poop so you would hide around the corner, where no one could see. You had your own little poop dance and could count to three and spell outside.

When I brought you home I was looking for a doggy but a bigger one I am so so so glad I waited for you. Each day I thank God he gave you to me for a time. Angel, mama loves you so much and each day I pain in my heart for you to be with you, but I know you were a gift and that God needed you back for a reason. I will always love you, think of you and miss you. xxoo

There are no words to express how I feel right now, things are changing and I know this but it is hard.

Happy New Year , 2017. I remember the first New year we spent together it was cold and snowy and unless we had to we stayed inside we were in Idaho and I was in a bad way and you so filled my heart with love Angel.

I am hoping with the new year I will be able to help more furbabies and have more memorials in honor of you. I love you

I remember when I first brought you home you were so little and such a fur ball sometimes you could not tell your butt from your head. I thought I was kissing your head to find out nope it was your butt. lol then all of a sudden well not real fast, you changed into looking like a seal with your dark eyes dark nose and dark mouth you were and are so beautiful.

Everyone knew I loved you, everyone - even the baby grandkids, they all knew to watch over you, and care for you, be sure you were safe , never lose you or hurt you (or else. lol) One of the son in laws told my daughter when Angel goes your Mom is going to fall apart and little did I now how right he was.
Love you, Love you

Dreary cold days we cuddled stayed under the blankets and watched TV and ate. Oh the wonderful lazy days with you Love you

Yesterday was one of your kind of days, I cooked all day and thought of how you would keep going to the kitchen and looking at me and I would have to tell you no its not ready yet. But boy when it was you were the first one to the table. Miss you my friend I will see you again I promise Love you Mama

I remember the Christmas Howard and I came home and there you were with all your unwrapped presents from the closet (you were so proud of yourself). Every trip to the store no matter what brought a present to you. xxxxooo.

Miss you Angel xxxooo

When I first got you they called you chicken, that was your name. I named you Angel owe you so very much. I thank God everyday for you Love Angel Thank you so muchand you were and are my Angel. I et to the hospital just a few days after I had gotten you I was in a bad way. I was saying a spiritual good bye to Howard and Gina and everyone I knew but when I got to you I came back (oh no) I have to get Angel what about Angel? So as soon as all Drs. and everyone left I ripped out my IV and other things got dressed and started home didn't think I was going to make it home I was walking and thought I was going to collapse. But I made it and there you were just weeks old waiting for me. You are and were my Angel you saved my life I love you and I thank God for you everyday.

Good Morning my friend. I'm sure you know Bob White Cat comes to visit and all of her friends.

I want to thank you for coming to visit this morning. I remember when you were little I always came home to a house full of toilet paper and a shredded box that I got you to dig in. You were so good never chewed shoes floor furniture anything you were perfect for me Angel Love you and thank you for blessing my life

Miss you honey xxoo

The cold cold days were not your favorite but you loved the ice. It would be dry pavement and we would have to stay in the cold shade so you could walk on the ice. I would clear a path for you early in the morning before even you woke up to go potty but you always insisted in peeing in the deepest snow, then we would go in dry you off and get wrapped in a blankey. Silly girl one of you sillies Love you always and forever.xxxooo

Miss singing to you before bed and having you there in the morning.
Good day Miss Lady I love and Miss you.xxxooo
I still hurt for you. Visited a lot of friends from Rainbow Bridge Angel I'm sure they will tell you Love u Angel

Sunshine in Heaven for you and sunshine on earth for me. That is my Prayer Love you honey

Happy Valentines Day BFF!! I got you a couple of roses for your vase and I miss you so much. This year though I know that even if you are not here you will be in my heart every Valentines Day and everyday. I love you Angel and wish you were here. Left you Roses and a piece of meat love you.

Hello BFF I was thinking the other morning about all the love you gave me licking my feet when I came home from Walmart work because they hurt oh so so bad. staying up late and listening to music with me even though you were tired. Kissing me when I cried and listened when I had pain. Plying tug of war with me and eating weekend breakfast with me or even better yet when we got the personal pan pizza from the dollar store and that was our weekend special treat and you loved it.I love you Angel and always will. Taking mama a long time to adjust to you not being here. I just wish I had the words to tell you how special you are to me Love you honey. Visit k? xxxxoooo mama

Love you honey Mama
Really miss you today honey I feel pretty alone wish you were here . At least I know that you are not suffering but I miss you so much Angel Gotta go Love you honey Mama

You know. Love you baby and miss having you near for times like this. Getting warm all over hope your days are sunny and bright Love mama

Happy March my baby girl- thank you for coming to visit last night. Love you more than anyone or anything in the WORLD. You are with the best friend we have Angel do good deeds and wait for mama

3 years today Angel you have been gone and I have missed you every minute everyday.
On 3/7/14 we had went to the vet by now and it just was not good she talked about this medicine and that medicine and blood transfusions and on and on I asked her what your quality of life would really be like be like and she just would not really commit.
This was the only time in your whole life that you got in your carrier to go to the vet, you did not much care for the Dr. but the second time I think we both knew no more enough, I know you did it because you wanted to stay with me and you did not give up until the end and the lady came to put you night night.
But the good thing is Angel you are now in no pain and can still be with me forever and then when I get there we will be together for ever. I felt so guilty about putting you night night but when you crawled up on the pillow in your night night position when I told you the lady was here to help you, I knew it was ok but I still hated it. My thoughts are always with you and I guess I will have friends but you will always be my one and only love. Love you honey xxxxoooo mama

HELLO sweet baby got you some posies for you vase here at home love you have fun make friends, do good enjoy know mama loves you and wait till I come

Thinking of you and all the good times we had
Miss you Angel kind of confusing down here. Wish you were here to help me balance. I have my ooo papa papa but no umph without you. Get it? umph ooo pa pa love you honey
Love you. xxxxooooo
Happy Saturday my BFF there are so many friends for you to play with up there, many more and much safer than down here. Enjoy it all and mama will be there soon xxooo
Love you honey get to keep this one more year God is so good.
Angel there is a feral kitty I named Munchkin and she should be there now she was very very sick and in very much pain she came to me for help and now she is there with you. Welcome her ok please, show her around and have fun. Love you honey
Happy puppy day honey miss you so much. Love mama
OK sweetie can come and visit you when ever I want love you
Hi honey hope you like the new song and stuff. I miss you so much.
How fun were our Easters coloring the eggs, hiding them for the kids and then finding them or even better when we colored them and you and I would find them. You liked to lay on the floor while I colored the eggs and you never never told the kids where they were at lol I love you and miss you Angel xxxoooo
No eggs this year I don't think. I love you.
Angel I hope you and munchkin found each other but now there are two miscarriage babies up there please greet them and show them around. Their mommy lil bit came to us one day and then she got sick sick sick for a couple of days and today she miscarried two babies about an hour apart, I did not she was pregnant she is a stray. So please honey watch for them and Thank you God for keeping and taking care of them. Lil bit 1 and 2 I guess it was a surprise so sad. so far mama lil bit is ok though. Well honey been a long long ruff day and I wish so much you were here to help mama I love you. See you sson Love you <3
Angel I am going to leave a can of tuna for all the kitties at your stone since they don't have a place. Thank you Love you!!!! Love you Angel....
Hello sweetie I love you so much and miss you forever and a day
Happy Psalm Sunday Baby Hosanna to the Lord- Have a wonderful day and do good works honey, will see you soon Love you mama Love you everyday Angel and miss you so very much xxxoooo
3 more days until Easter honey I miss you so much. Love you my BFF Forever
I have a surprise for you for Easter wish you were here love you

Happy Easter Honey hope your day as great. Did an Easter Egg hunt well Howard did I hid the eggs in honor of you. Missed you so much today. Be and do good honey, I know you will Love you xxxooo
Love you!!!!

God Blessed me so much when he allowed you in my life XXXOO
Cant wait to be near you again. Please don't forget about me Angel!!!

Love you Angel Duran forever and ever. Sweetie missed you last night. Thinking of you today honey!!! I so wish that we would have had more time but am glad that you are no longer suffering. you are such my strong girl Love you. You have been around a lot lately. I love it. Thank you for not forgetting me love you. Run hard, play hard, and help others hard my friend. I know you will love you honey mama : (

Last day of April honey, time goes so slow till I can be with you. xxoo
2nd day of May love you honey.

Been giving you and me a lot of thought lately. I miss you very much and have gotten real sick since you left, but I do know that we will be together again forever when it is time. I guess God still has things for me to learn and do before I am able to be with you forever. I try hard everyday to get together and some days I do but I am just like half a person with out you. I have been praying to get my confidence, strength and happiness back again, I think with time it may come. I miss you Angel and you can come visit anytime you want love you. I feel you visit and am very thankful for that but you can always come more lol Love you Honey Mom xxoo
One day I'm ok the next day not I miss and love you honey
Love you...... Love you my friend. 5 more days till moms day, I hope you visit you are such my baby and made me feel so whole miss you baby xxxooo

Hello hope your day is great and that whatever project you are assigned to is going well. Something is different, I think I care again, I think that's what that is lol. Been on meds for 10 months now but that's ok at least I care. I care about me and you again and clothes and hair and music, love music. Please Angel stay with me and guide me I miss you so much you are always my so down to earth

Love you so much baby girl idk xxxooo love you
Moms Day Love you honey..... and miss you so much
Love ya !!!! I felt you this morning just like old times on my leg. I looked for you but you were not there. Thank you honey for visiting me. XXXXOOOOO. Love you honey, you will always be in my heart.
Never forgotten any minute, any day, any other animal- you are always number 1 xxxooo xxxoooo!!!!! Scratch Scratch
Hello sweetheart thoughts of you today and always mama
Love you sweetie Love you
Today is Ginas Birthday visit her. Love you
Happy Memorial Day honey I think of you everyday and how much I love and miss you xxxooo
Love you. The day you left Angel I had you put night night and you were so ready. I so wish I could have kept you but most of the time I am just thankful you have no more pain. All the way to the end, the day you left, you were a good girl, even to the point where you would not potty inside and Howard carried you out. I put your necklace on you because we always had it when we were going bye bye and you were. I am sure you have taken off the necklace and replaced it with wings, much better lol. I love you and miss you see you asap mama xxxoo

Hi honey sorry so long I am taking the medicine now and it makes we tired and headachy, love you honey xxoo
Yesterday was mamas bday and of course I missed you and our time together love you
Good Morning my friend, I love and miss you. have fun today xxxooo mama
Love you Angel Duran feling better, thank you for loving me : ( mama Miss you everyday
Kisses Kisses Belly scratches and belly scratches miss that love you Angel mama
New friends for you have fun love you mama

Thank you visiting this morning Angel. Thinking about how I was the best ever in my life while you were here. No I'm just Lula again with no home friends or real family but I will go on. I love you honey. Please visit again xxxoooXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Miss you baby girl xxxoo. Good Day Miss Lady miss you so much xxxooo you are so pretty, kind and beautiful. Hey sweetie thinking of you and I know you are thinking of me Belly Scratches and Belly Scratches I miss that so much and our kisses. Some new friends have come to visit have fun honey see you soon xxoo Miss you xxxooo Love you my lady and miss you so much. After you left Angel I went to the Hospital, I thought you were there with me but you had already been gone 4 months the whole time has been like a dream or empty space or something. Cant wait to see you I love and loved you so much honey. Thank you for not leaving me. XXXOOO mama I hope Angel that I was as much as a friend to you as you are to me, and that I comforted you when needed as you did me. I remember hen you finally got big and did not have to have your leash all the time to go out. You would disappear and I would frantically call you "Angel, Angel" and run all over looking for you and then you would just all of a sudden show up like "Been here the whole time" lol I really miss our time together. You toys galore so many and you never played with them really but if someone touched your box of toys, like me or the kids you went through to be sure they were all there lol. I also remember the time the dog upstairs came down and you had your rope outside he didn't want it, but boy you were gonna kick his butt for being near lol. Such a feisty good friend Love you More new friends to visit with have fun Love you
Love you sweet missy. xxxoo still missing you at nite I love you xxoo
Goin to Nebraska soon honey love you. I'm a little better took along time to begin to heal and I still miss you.
Missed you for the 4th of July honey, but at least you were not scared love you. I remember in Vegas when we could sit in the house and watch fireworks so you were not scared, Miss you my BFF xxx ooo
Again I don't know what is going on nothing is stable since you left when you were no matter what happened or didn't happen I had you. Please .... Love you honey You had visitors Angel and more new friends to play with love you. More new friends Angel be good help God and have fun mama loves you xxxooo Love you my friend Miss you sweetie, wish you could come home to me
Starting to pack to get ready to go, I wish you were to travel with me but I know that in my heart and watching over me you shall be. Love you xxxooo
Lots of friends have come to visit you I am so glad so now I know you must have a lot of friends up there in Heaven. Stay close be good do good work mama loves you love you xxxooo
Hello honey n Omaha Ne ts ok would be better with you though. I miss you Angel ut the thigs we did together are what keeps me going and knowing that we will be together again. I have all of your stuff put up in the house and it looks good well hoey gonna put you up for candel lighting know I am wth you everyday Love you mama xxxooo
Good Morning Angel Baby--- Mama loves and misses you. Couple more days til your birthday mama is making you a cake to put with all your other stuff. I am goig to put a cake on your stone today incase I cant make it back before your bday. I think I have a job that will start this next wednesday. Love yo oney which you were here {{Hugg,Hugs}} Kisses Kisses. Dance Dance xxxooo love you : (
9/11/17 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU HONEY left you meat and presents. Mama loves and misses you so much. I made you a butterfly at home and a cake. Sometimes I wonder which is better to celebrate (your life or your death?)Life because had you not been born I would have been blessed with your ;love, company and friendship, or your death because now you have lots of friends and no pain. (I know a lot of times you did not feel well) so we will celebrate both! Love you
I can visit you here I am so glad I miss you so much. Xxxxooooo
10/31/2017. Boo!!!! Happy Halloween love you and miss you new stuff wish you were here everyday not a day goes by that I don't xxxxooo
11/17 Happy Thanksgiving my BFF wish you were here. Nebraska dinner today, just missing you and work xxxxooo I am so thankful for you and that you are resting gotta go : ( love u so much.
Hi honey I can talk to you now. yeah !!!!! love you

1/3/18 Late Happy New Year honey love and miss you hope the parties were fun. Be a good girl and help always I will see you soon xxxxooo Another year without you sucks you were Christmas I felt you Thanks for visiting I hope you never forget me or think I would ever forget you. <3 <3
1/11/18 oh how much I love and miss you Angel it is cold and windy today, if all holds true you are running and playing in a warm sunny field with friends love you and I so hope that is what you are doing tell Cordial hi and all of your other friends too. Love you always honey mama xxxxooo

Hi honey how are you love love love you. I miss you so much I have valentines stuff for you and I want to thank you for visiting and all of the presents I cant wait to see you again and I think about you everyday almost all day love you honey xxxxoooo mama

2/14/18 Happy Valentines Day honey miss and love you so much. I got you a new rose for your flowers, a lite up teddy bear a orchid. Wish you were here.

Today four years ago was the worst day of my entire life. I miss u so very much everyday.
But as I said you now have two birthdays and this is one of them, you are birthed to the best place ever and you are waiting for me.I love you honey. Xxxxoooo hope your day was and continues to be great miss you

4/1/18 I sure do miss you honey wish I was there I stillboiled eggs though just wont hide them love you Love you mama

4/15/18 Hi honey mama loves and misses you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

9/11/18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANGEL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you and miss you so very much. Have the best party in the place, girl. Have fun with new friends and experiences. I will see you soon as Father calls me home. XXXXXOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Love you mama

9/17/18 I kknow your bday was GREAT!!! Love you honey

11/18 Happy Thanksgiving! Miss and love you honey Well sweetheart another Thanksgiving gone and I still miss and loveyu somuch miss sharing taters and chicken and pumpkin pie with you. Howard was here this year though. I live each day knowing that it is a day closer to you and my Father tooIt keeps me going I look for opportunities each day to do Gods work so that the time will go easier and faster. the other day a couple of people asked me why I always look so sad I wasnt sure but I know its because you are gone. I let you go but it stil hurts xxxxxoooo Love you honey be a good girl and have fun fun fun and do good always mama I am so so thankful for my time with you

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