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You came into my life in a most unexpected manner. On a trip to town to celebrate Kathy's birthday with dinner at a friend's, I passed what I thought was a stray cat along side the road. I turned around to make sure it wasn't injured. When I stopped and got out of the car, you walked out of the ditch and came right to me. It was obvious you had just recently been born because your umbilical cord was still attached. I picked you up and looked for your mother. The usual herd was nowhere to be found. No one was home at the house. I could not leave you there so put you in the car and headed on to dinner. We cleaned you up, got you warm, and I went into town for a baby bottle and some goat milk. You took the bottle with no problem and curled up in a blanket falling asleep quickly. Finding you this way seemed a message from heaven so I named you "Angel". I quickly learned the meaning of "imprinting". I was now your "Mom". I fixed you a warm, safe place in the bathroom. You were definitely like having a newborn baby in the house: Bottle feeding every 3-4 hours and changing the papers on the floor. When you were not sleeping, you wanted to be held or at the least be near me. Thankfully, I was retired and did not have to go to a traditional job. You went everywhere with me, first in a box in the backseat then a large kennel. You walked very well on a leash but mostly just ran after me. As you got a little bigger and started playing more, you learned to wear pampers to avoid messing in the house. I know my friends thought I was nuts but I loved having you with me. When you were about 6 months old, it was time to transition to the barn with the other goats. You spent the days with them at first, sleeping in the house at night. Finally the barn became your home. You did much better with the transition than I did. I missed your constant company but you were growing up and I had to allow you to be a goat. By this time, I was working again and not in a position to have you with me all the time but you were happy in the barn and your yard. When I was able, we all took walks and spent time together. The years passed. Your barn friends got older and one by one crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I retired again in 2011 and again had more time at home. Again you became a constant companion quickly claiming a place on the carport with the dogs when we were all outside. I would open the barn door in the morning and you would head to the house after your breakfast. I finally got you a comfy bed and blanket just like the dogs. You were great friends. At dinnertime, you headed back to the barn for the night. When I got sick and started radiation, you and the boys stayed by my side. What a peaceful feeling. As I got well, you started to slow down and seemed not to feel well. Dr. Jenifer was here frequently and we tried a number of treatments to help you feel better. You seemed to get better then a couple weeks later would slip back. I had always promised you, I would not let you suffer but that you needed to let me know when it was your time to cross the bridge. During this time the last of your barn companions, Casey, crossed the bridge. I know I made a comment to Dr. Jenifer, unfortunately in your presence, that it would be a "very bad day for me when you passed". You tried very hard not to show you were not feeling well. After a few more good days followed by not so good days, a decision was made to take you to Oregon State University Veterinary Hospital. The staff was wonderful and you were so patient with the students and all the poking, prodding, and tests. I was able to be with you the whole time. When they all left the exam room to review all the tests, they brought you some hay and alfalfa. You ate like you always had for the first time in a couple weeks. You seemed more comfortable and peaceful. Unfortunately, the tests came back showing you had an untreatable cancer in your abdomen. I brought you home with pain medication knowing it was time to help you make the trip across the Rainbow Bridge. You were there for me when I was not well and now it was up to me to make good on my promise not to allow you to suffer. Arrangements were made for Dr. Jenifer to come the next day. We had a wonderful day together. The sun came out and you wanted to take walks like you had in the past. You made sure I knew with certainty, it was your time. When Dr. Jenifer arrived, you seemed at peace standing close to me. She gave you a little sedation and you lay right down in my arms. Our friends surrounded us and you passed peacefully across the bridge to run free as you did when you first arrived. I know there was quite a gang waiting for you and I know you will all be waiting for me when it is my time to leave this earth.
3-11-13 Today Helen (Wendy"s rescued sheep who looks much like you) gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Wendy named him Gabriel in honor and memory of you. He looks so much like you did as a baby. He has your spirit too.
4-14-13 Gabriel's Mama, Helen, crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She was fine yesterday. Not sure what happened but it was her time to go. Dr. Jenifer tried everything. I hope you were there to greet her. Now I hope you are both there to comfort Gabriel. He so loved his Mama and has been distraught with her gone. Please help him understand. I promise we will take good care of him.
10-30-13 Another special baby made the journey to the bridge tonight. My friend, Rhonda had to have her baby, Bucc put down. He had a wonderful life and a family that loves him so much. They did the right thing for him by letting him move on. Please look for him and make sure he finds a special place to wait for his family. By the way, Gabriel is doing very well. I am amazed at how much he looks and acts like you. His friend, Froggy really helped him adjust after he lost his Mama. We know she was looking out for him. I still miss you but I know you are happy and that I will see you and all my other babies one day. You all brought such joy to my life.
3-12-14 Today was Gabriel's birthday. I so remember when you turned one year old. He reminds me so much of you. I know you and his mama, Helen watch over him everyday. I love you, my special Angel.
12-6-14 Hunter joined you yesterday. The past couple weeks reminded me so much of your journey 2 years ago. I took Hunter and Pam to Oregon State University just like I did for you. We got the same news about Hunter. He had inoperable cancer in his blood vessels and a tumor on his heart. The staff was just as wonderful with him as they were with you. I know his heart was broken when he lost his best friend, Wiley and then his Mom. Dr.Jen assisted him across the rainbow Bridge just like she did for you. I know you were waiting for him. Peter and Chrissy will be joining you soon, I am sure. Both of them are over 20 years old. I still miss you but I know you are happy.I love you.
1-2-16 Another year has passed and you are still missed. Peter, Chrissy and Grant are with you now. How things change. Two new kitties came to join our family, Millie a rescue and Moto, your Grandma's kitty. I bet you have seen your Grandma by now. She left us last July to be with your Grandpa. Gabriel is looking more and more like you every day. I love you, my Angel.
More changes. Kathy's Mom died last week. We just got back home. It was an emotional week. So glad to have the peace of our farm. Still miss you but hold you close in my heart.
This year has been a difficult year. There has been a deadly virus going around and we are being very cautious. I'm not ready to come see you yet. At least we have a peaceful place to stay. I can't imagine how difficult this would be if we lived in the city. I can sit quietly in the Memorial Garden and feel the presence of all my fur babies. I will always miss you and love you.
Time passes so quickly. The small rose that bloomed the day after you went to the Rainbow Bridge, bloomed again this week. I knew it was a message from you. I love you my special Angel.
Another year has pasted.I had a wonderful message yesterday from a woman who visited your memorial. She had just lost her goat who was loved much like I loved you. Her baby's name is Baby Goat. Please let her know her Mama misses her greatly. Since I am getting a bit older we have decided to rescue senior pets. There are several kitties and pups coming your way in the future. Help them adjust, my Special Angel. ❤️
Another year and another loving soul has joined you. Talyn,has joined you and I know there will be a few more coming your way soon. Ming will probably be the next. She's almost 17 now and we think her quality of life is diminished. Some of the kitties will also be heading your way. They are all doing fine right now but you know I will not let anyone suffer.
Still miss you. Love you always, my special Angel. 💖

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