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Memories of Angel Fur
She was the best little friend I ever had. I loved her as much as I did my own daughter, who I lost when she was only 8 years old. Angel would listen to everything I told her. She knew each of her toys by their sounds. She humped the frog when she was done eating. She would "sic" my husband if I told her to bite him. She didn;t eat dogfood...only people food, that I hand fed to her. She loved Beggin' Strips, and also ate the cat's food. She loved to go out in the snow and "bulldoze" in it. She hated squirrels and the Creep and the Ugly dog who just had to walk up and down the lane everyday. She barked alot at the cars on the lane, and especially if someone came here. She did not like the UPS guy at all. She hated the Brown truck. She got along ok with her brother cats....but would floor Biggie every now and then. Devil would not let her catch him. They also miss her very much. She was so much like a real little person. I miss her so much. I love her even more. Mom loves you baby girl.

10/20/2011....Happy Birthday Wee Wee. I miss you so very much, my furry little baby girl. I pray for the day when we will all be together again. Your loving Mom.

11/10/2011....The rose bush at your grave is growing new leaves in November. I know it is a sign from you, Baby, that you are well and playing and running at Rainbows Bridge, with your new friends. Mom is so sad without you here....and I love you and miss you everyday. My furry little WeeWee.

12/25/2011.....It's Christmas Day baby girl.....my first without you. Oh, I miss you so much. I have a candle lit at your picture...with Mom, Dad and SaraJoyce's too. I hope you are having fun with your new friends at Rainbow's Bridge. I just want to tell you that I love you and miss you with all my heart. I put an Angel above your grave.....please know that you will always be right here in my heart. Love you so much...

!2/31/2011.....New Year's Eve, WeeWee. At least you don't have to be afraid this year of the shooting at midnight. You're safe at Rainbows Bridge. I do miss you so much, baby. Another new year is coming. I could really care less. I just need to remember that you are happy and having fun there...and waiting to see me. I am surely waiting to see you again. Ok...I love you with all my heart....you are forever in my mind. I miss you so much. Love you, Mom.

3/21/2012......It's spring. I decorated your grave today with Easter stuff. The weather has been so wonderful. I know you must be having fun with your new friends. I hope you said "Hello" to Misty, Ruthann's kitty. She misses her so, just like I miss you, my baby girl. It's never gonna be the same without you. Your brothers, Dev and Biggie are ok....fighting now and then. I am just so very unhappy. I miss you...I miss Richie. Nothing is right....nothing. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you...and will never forget you. You will always be my WeeWee.....Love you, Mom

8/16/2012......Hi Baby....just Mom stopping by to say Hello to my precious girl. How are you? I am so sad without you...but so busy because Darry died, and now I have the house. I wanted to get up there for a long timne, but not like this. I wish you were here to go up with me. WeeWee, I miss you so much. Richie is doing alittle better now....I hope and pray that he will be ok. I have alot of stuff to do for the next few months. But I will stop in again to write to you. I love you and miss you with all my heart....my Girl.....Love and tears, Mom

8/31/2012......Today is your one year Angelversary, AngelFur. I miss you so very much. I could never find another girl like you, ever. Some day we will be together again...and I am so happy to think about that. Please know that I will always remember you in my heart. Please never forget me, baby. My furry baby girl..............Love you with all my heart and soul, Wee Wee, Mom

9/14/2012.......Angel...Biggie has come to be with you tonight. Poor ole kitty cat. Have you seen him yet? He will be looking for you to floor him when he gets there. I know you will....but I know you love him, too. I pet his head and talked to him, as he made his way to the Bridge. I'll have to start Biggie a residency here, too. Poor Dev is the only one left. He's very sad to not have you both. Ok...I'll let you go so you can be with Biggie... I love you my Wee Wee....and you, too Biggie......Love, Mom

10/20/2012.......Happy 12th Birthday at Rainbows Bridge my little furbaby. Today is also SaraJoyce's 30th Birthday....I miss you both so very much. My two most special little gils. I hope you are celebrating with your brother cat, Biggie? I have sent you Beggin' Strips..I know you love them so. Please know that I love you so much....forever........Mom

1/26/2013........Hi Angel....it's Donnie's Birthday...I just wanted to stop and say Hello to you baby. How I miss you. Dev is getting to be a real Mama's boy. Oh, I love him, too....but I miss you so very much. Until we meet again at Rainbow's Bridge.....Love you......Mom

6/15/2013........Hi Angel....It's Itsy's 17th Birthday, and Biggie's 12th Birthday today. Just wanted to say "Hi" to my favorite furry girl. Oh how I miss you, baby. I wish so much that you were still with me. Dev is ok...wants to be on my lap alot. Love you and miss you with all my heart....Love, Mom

8/31/2013......Oh Ang....it's been 2 years now since you went to Rainbow Bridge. How I miss you still, my baby. I have not felt right ever since you left. Dev is ok...but he is getting very needy. As for me...well...I don't have much ambition at the moment...too fat, I guess. I can't wait until the day we meet again at the Bridge...all of us. I love you with all my heart, Ang....my WeeWee. Love and tears, Mom

6/15/2014.......Biggie and Itsy's Birthdays again. Just had to say "Hi" to my favorite little furry baby girl. I hope you are happy at the Bridge...and Mom is always looking forward to when we can all be together again.....Love you, Mom

7/26/2014.......Itsy must be so happy to be with you and Biggie and Schatzie at the Bridge (7/24). I miss the little old guy...but he had a long kitty life. Just breaks my heart again to lose another furbaby. I hope you are all happy and playing and just being happy.....Love you all, Mom...

8/31/14......Oh Angel..I miss you so much....it can't be 3 years? My heart aches and aches for you. I can only look forward to when we can be together again. We moved into Meme and Pappy's house today...I'll stay tonight....poor Dev isn't gonna like it...but he'll have to get used to it. I love you so much....love and tears, Mom.....

10/20/14.....Happy Birthday my AngelFur. I am getting more used to being in the house now...I so wish you could have come here with us. Dev is ok now...alittle scared of the road...but I hope he will be ok. I hope you have made friends with Richie's little kitty, Faith....she came to the Bridge last weekend. She's only a baby...please be good to her, and to Itsy, too. I love and miss you with all my heart....my WeeWee......Love, Mom and say "Hi" to Biggie for me....Mom

6/15/2015....Just stopping in to say "Hi"...and tell you how much I love and miss you still. Today is Biggie and Itsy's Birthdays. Dev is getting so spoiled. I know he misses you and Biggie, too. But now he is the only furbaby I have. I look forward to the day we can all be together at the Bridge.......Love you with all my heart......Mom

7/24/2015....Hi Ang....just dropping in to say "Hi" and I love you so much and miss you even more. Today is Itsy's first Angelversary.....poor ole guy....but I bet you are having fun with him and Biggie, right? I do love and miss you with all my heart. And I'm taking good care of Dev, too.......Love you, Wee Wee......Mom

8/31/15....Oh Baby....I can't believe it's been 4 years since you left me. I miss you so much, my little Wee Wee. Dev is ok, getting fat. And he is so spoiled. I've moved up to the house now, finally....last year about this time. I love it up here, but not so some of the surroundings, if you know what I mean. I pray for the day we can be together again.......Love you with all my heart.....Mom

10/20/15.....Happy Birthday WeeWee. Today you are 15 years old....oh I miss you so very much. SaraJoyce's Birthday is today, too. I wish you could have met her here, but I'm sure you are with her now at Rainbow Bridge, playing and running....oh what a glorious sight. Dev is still a spoiled brat...oh baby, why did you have to go so soon? I cry and cry when I see your picture. I just love you so much. My 2 only girls......Love and tears.....Mom

1/05/16....Oh Angel...Dev has now come to Rainbow Bridge to be with you. Mom is so heartbroken. The little guy just went so peacefully, but without any warning. I hope you and Biggie are welcoming your brother to the Bridge. And some day Mom will be there, too.....<3 you all.....

4/30/2016.....Angel...today is your brother Dev's 14th Birthday. Please give him a big kiss for me. I miss you guys so much. Some day we will all be together again....Love and miss you.....Mom

6/15/2016.....Hi Angel Fur. Just Mom saying how much I love and miss your furry little self. Oh...I am so upset with that idiot here. He is just being really ignorant. I so wish I had you here to comfort me. I do love you so very much and miss you even more.....Love you, Mom

7/24/2016....Hi Angel Fur. Hope you are happy at the bridge. I am not happy here at all. Everyone seems to think that I am a stupid dummy. I long for the day we will be together again....Love you so much....Mom

7/24/2016....And a big hello to my King, DevilToe....I miss you so damn much. This little girl is such a baddie.......Love you, Dev.....Mom

8/31/2016.....Awww, my beauty. Today has been 5 years since you went to the bridge. Mom is so sad without you...how I miss your wonderful kisses. Your brother Dev must be thrilled to be playing with you at the bridge. Some day we will all be together....I miss and love you with all my heart.....MOM

9/14/2016......Today is Biggie's 4th Angelversary at the bridge. Just stopping in to say I love you so much to you and my Dev. I hope you are all having fun playing together. I miss you so much. Love, Mom

10/20/16.......Happy Birthday WeeWee. Mom misses you so much. Today is SaraJoyce's Birthday, too. My 2 girls.....I love you both so very much. Missy is quite the cat...oh she is so bad....but I love her just the same. Hope you are all having fun playing at the bridge....and some day I will be there with you.....I love you very much. Mom

01/05/17.......One year ago today...you went to the Bridge, Dev. Mom misses you so much. We have a new kitty, but she's quite the sassy thing. She's your bad sister. I miss you and love you with all my heart.......Love, Mom

4/30/2017.......Oh Dev...today is your 15th Birthday....and the music is playing...it hasn't played for years on this site. I love and miss you so much my Dev. I hope you and Angel are having fun at the bridge. I love you both. Mom

6/15/2017.......Angel and Devil...Mom misses you guys so much. Deev and WeeWee. Uh...my heart is broken. Your little sister, Missy's, Birthday is today. Oh..she's a wild child. Until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge...Love you so much.....Mom

8/31/2017......Oh Angel...On your 6th Angelversary.....I miss you so much. How I wish you were still here with me. Missy is a cute little kitty, but you were my most special furry girl...my WeeWee. I do miss you so much and love you even more. Til we meet again, my baby....Love you, Mom.

4/30/2018......Hi My baby. Today is Dev's 16th Birthday. I had to come and say HI to you. I miss you so much. I will never get another dog...just little sassypants Missy the cat. Miss you and love you with all my heart, Mom

8/31/18.....Oh Angel...I miss you so. 7 years since you went to the Bridge. I am longing for the day we can be together again. Please wait for me to hold you on my lap again. Love you so much.....Love, Mom And "Hi" to my King, too...Dev...

10/20/2018....My AngelFur...I do miss you so much. It's never been right without you, WeeWee. I could never bear to have another dog...you were my sweetest little girl ever. No one could ever take your place in my heart. Your sister SaraJoyce shares your Birthday...I wish you could have known her. You are both the most wonderful girls I ever had. I love you with all my heart. Mom

1/05/2019....Hello my baby girl. I miss you so much. Just saying hi on Dev's Angelversary. I hope you guys are having fun playing at the Bridge. I will see you all some day. Miss and love you forever, Mom

5/4/2019....I just came to say Hi and I miss and love you with all my heart....Love, Mom

6/15/2019...Today is Biggie, Itsy and MissyFur's Birthdays. Had to stop and say Hi to my baby girl....Miss you so much Baby....Love, Mom

9/31/2019...Oh Angie...I miss you so much. I could never have another girl like you..ever. I am counting the days until we can meet again. Today is 8 years since you have been gone....I cry when I think about you...you were so special to me. Know that I love you so very much. Love and tears, Mom

10/20/2019...Happy Birthday at Rainbow bridge my baby. Oh..I miss you so much. You were my best little furbaby.
I could never replace you. Missy is a real gem..sassy little feline....lol... You might just like her. I just want to tell you how much I love and miss you, WeeWee. Love and tears, Mom

01/05/2020....Hello my baby girl. Today is 4 years that Dev has been there with you at the Bridge. I miss you so much, girl. Just stopping in to wish you a great day at the Bridge...with your brothers. Love you, Mom

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