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Memories of Angel - Minga Washington
Angel was my very special baby boy. We never meant to get him, but when we went to chose his sister, he chose us by jumping into our handbag - how can you not take him home. He lead a spoilt and pampered life of love and happiness chasing the birdies through the window, and giving his little sister buffy a hard time. Sadly Buffy died WAY too young and she crossed the bridge at just two years old from a congential blood clot that went to her back legs. Both devasted by her passing, Bella came into Angie's life and he became her surrogate "mum". He worshipped the ground that she walks on and would not be without her often crying for her until I had gone to find her, show him and then he would go back to what ever was more important in his busy little life. Ange loved going for walks in nans and then my garden, and although he missed nan when we moved, he soon loved his new home and HAD to speak to nan each time she called and god help her if she left or hung up without saying goodbye! Ange loved teasing her kelpie friend keely and loved nothing better that her game of 'come get me' when keely was in the house. Keely had 3 warnings on chasing ange and then she got put outside. Ange would keep it up till keely got punished and put out, then sit up on my lap look at me as if to say "There, got rid of her, now back to having mum to myself again!" I was devasted to learn in May last year that Angel was diagnosed with kidney disease - I was dumbfounded - he was only 5 years old and had barely begun his life.... I wasted no expense trying to find the cause, only to learn it was simply degenerative - something normally only OLD cats get. He went along fine for 7 months and then got terribly ill and ended up in hospital and lost tonnes of weight - he went from 4.5kg to 3.3 in 3 weeks. I got the death sentence saying the meds that were meant to help had in fact tipped him over and he went into full failure. He was sent home with only weeks to live. I prayed hard and begged him to fight. And true to Angel he fought damn hard. He made it to Christmas for me. Then I asked him for one more birthday to see him reach seven, and again he rallied and got there in June this year. He then crashed again last week. I knew it was bad...he went down to 3kg but once again I begged him to stay for my birthday on Thurs the 9th of October and even though it was a struggle and painful, Angel did it again. Long ago last year we made a pact - he was to let me know when he was done fighting and I would honour him by letting him go with dignity and no more suffering. On my birthday he came out and sat on everyones knees - something he never did with most kids, and one by one he swapped laps...It was then that I got it - it was Ange's way of saying, mum, I cant do this any more and please help me on my end of the bargain. He was saying gooodbye to everyone. I cooked him roast lamb for his last supper - his absolute favourite and although the smell got him excited, his poor toxic body could not face eating it. After seeing me distressed, later on last night he went and ate just one piece of his precious lambie. And then spread it out like he used to do. Then he ate a few of bella's bickies and retired on my bed. We slept together, crying and cuddling and at 5am he got up and curled up again for one last cuddle with his beloved Bella. He went out for grass and last look at sunshine this morning and ate some grass. He then smacked and growled at keely for the last time and got grumpy with pesky crystal who just wanted to play. We made our way out of his home for the last time and down to nans, doing final laps of his old home and said goodbye to pop. Then Nan, Angel and I set up for his last car ride alive to finally be put at eternal rest and be with his sisters mahlie and buffy, and big cousin mianne, and old friend Titan. His good human friend Shirl was also waiting for him and I know she will take over and look after him until we meet again. His caring friend Andrea dignantly prepared him for his his last short trip and I cuddled him as he slowly went off to sleep, forever at peace with no more pain and failing body. He went for his final trip home where he is laid to rest in his favorite part of the garden where all the birdies go and his old mate dude lies. It is always hard and never easy to part with your babies, and it is a part of life that is inevitable. What makes it so unfair is that he barely live a third of his life and had so much more to give in life. God can be cruel to take two of his special babies so young in their lives, but I know he is now in a better place. Angel never gave anything but 100% love and lived to please his mum and families. Mummy is going to miss her precious little boy and while one day they pain may ease enough to allow a new baby to come into our home, there will only ever be one Angel and nothing can ever or will ever replace you my precious baby. I love you and will never ever forget you. With time the pain will ease but it will never entirely go away and I will NEVER ever regret or forget the day you climbed into my life. You got me through all the dark times in my life, when I thought that I could not go on. You made life worth living and tought me how to live and learn to love again. You are one of a kind, and I am sure i will never meet another baby quite like you. Give Buffy a big kiss from Mummy, chase around mahlie and go find Mianne and get to know her - you have so much in common. Keep shirley company and dont forget to wee on her bed, and be nice to Shay and Miley. Tell Titan keely misses him and that you gave her a hard time for him. Be good my baby and I will see you again one day when the time comes to cross the rainbow bridge to be with everyone again. I love you my Angel, also known as Minga Washington....God bless and love you forever, your loving mummy Terri, Nanny Bev, Poppy Ted, Uncle Bryce, Aunty April, Cousins Rebekah, Justin and Caitlyn. We will all miss you.

Thank you to Andrea, Raj, Wayne, Sommer, Lauren and Janelle at Reservoir Vet for all you love, compassion and care throughout Angels short but beautiful life. Without you all, Angel would have gone long ago and it is only through your care, compassion and determination to find and try all options that Angel met every one of my prayers. Some people say Vets are only in it for the money and business, but your clinic and staff are living proof that some vets primary interest is the care and wellbeing of the pet and their families, they are a part of everyone's family and deserve the same diginity and treatment as any person does. Thank you all for making such a difficult and terrible decision such a compassionate one to do. I will never forget that.

Angel - Minga Washington ....June 12th 2001 to October 11th 2008 Rest in peace my Darling

Dec 10th 2008. My baby Angel, two months have gone by and not a moment goes by when I dont miss your little brown nose in my face or food. I still cant come here to visit without breaking down and it still breaks my heart to know you are gone forever. We have a new little baby here, but he is and never will be your replacement - that is so impossible my sweet little boy. His name was meant to be Castielle - another angel - but nanny kept calling him poofy boy so we settled on Bart - we got him on Cup day, and Bart Cummings won this year so we thought it was meant to be. Bart picked us just like you - we had no intentions on him but he would not take no. He is very cheeky little boy and my only wish is for you to let Bella know in some way that it is ok to let you go and to love this little boy - Mummy is very worried something is wrong with Belly as she bit me very hard last week, and he was not around. Christmas is coming up so it wont be quite the same without my little Christmas Angel, but I know how hard it was for you to make last Christmas. I will light a candle for you at Christmas Mass this year to be nearer to you. Take care my little boy, I hope you have been having fun with Buffy and Mahlie and getting to know min better. Love Mum.

12th June 2009 - Happy Birthday my Darling little Baby Boy. Although it has been just 8 mths since you crossed the bridge out of pain in the happiness you deserve, not a day goes by when you are not in mummy's thoughts. Happy birthday too to my beautiful little Buffy. You were both taken way too soon from me and I miss you both so terribly. You both would have turned 8 today. I know Angie how hard you fought to make your 7th birthday so I hope you have had a fun day with your sister Buffy. I gave Bella and Bart your favourite Chicken and beef today in commemoration. It would have been you best treat roast lamb but mummy has been so terribly ill in hospital and just come home. I am sorry your grave site has become messy but as soon as I am well enough it will be pristine again along with Buffy's down at Nanny's house. At one point recently I was sick enough that I thought I might be getting to see you all sooner, but I know Nanny needs me here along with your precious Belly, Bart and Keely and Crystal. We have 2 new birdies that you would have loved - Rainbow lorikeets called Booth and Bones! The Fish have had babies so I am a granny! What ever you said to Bella has worked, she no longer is terribly mean to Bart and whilst they are not quite the same as you and her were they are well on the way to being best of friends. Bart is getting so grown up and he rides Belly round like a jockey on a horse and is now the one bossing Belly around. Tell him to stop doing naughty things to mummy's bed please when you are free. Always know that I will love you and your sister Buffy for ever and hope you are having tonnes of fun with older sister Mahlie and cousin Mianne - I bet you and her are best friends and stealing everyone's lambie!! Give Titan my love. The only thing that pulled me through the past 6 weeks is knowing that you were at rest and not suffering at home whilst I was so Ill in hospital. I will keep on getting better as the other babies need their mum. Be a good boy and love you forever my precious birthday babies.
Lots of love always - Mummy.

Hello My precious little boy. I can't believe in a few weeks it will be a whole year since I had let you go and pass peacefully. I don't want my birthday this year. I don't want celebrations and i can not possibly celebrate without my Angel. I nearly got to go see you a few weeks ago but they woke me up in time. I would so love to be out of this tortured body but everyone wants me around. I know what conflict you must have going through hanging on for my birthday. Instead this year I want no cake, no celebrations just some flowers to honour your passing and some money for you plaque I cant afford to buy at the moment. If I cant have you as beautiful and loving bart and belly are, I dont want a birthday - to me that commemorates the day I decided to let you go. I love so very very much still and life wont be the same until we are together again on the other side. Many kisses, love and hugs - your loving Mummy

11th October 2009
My beautiful little Boy, It has been a whole year today since I made that difficult decision to send you a much better place away from me and your poor toxic human body. There has not been I day I have not thought about you, how I could have done it differently or prevented this terrible disease your were inflicted with and had to fight. Please I that I fought the same fight every day to give you every you had with me. I am so devastated today. I did not celebrate my birthday this year - how could I when that was the day you came to me to tell me you had had enough and it was time and I made the decision to prepare for your journey. I have planted a beautiful red azalea by your resting place - I cleaned it all up and it fit to be there for my darling little boy. I cannot control the tears as I write this but you were my life my everything Angel. You were only here for a short time but that was a lifetime for me. Be at peace today my precious baby on this anniversary. I have seen your signs so thank you they have meant so much to me. Thank you for sending Castiele - I know we call him Bart but to he is my Castiele, my saving angel that you sent me. Bella still misses you as does keely - her newest friend is bart - he has filled that spot you had in her heart and she cherishes him and crystal is helping Bella where you used to and no longer can. I know nanny misses -I dont see the tears but I know there must be. She has been my saving grace this week with insisting I celebrate your life if not my birthday. So precious I leave now with tears from heaven and my forever broken heart. I will see you again - I dont know when that will be but I am fighting my illness as hard as you fought yours but lack the courage and determination you had - this is my inspiration now. I love you forever and please go tell Rambo that Patrizia misses him and we acknowledged his first anniversary last Sunday. She misses him like I miss you - I cant talk about you without tear it hurts too much but they are tear of love for you.Nanny helped me and so did Uncle bryce plant your memorial.
All my love precious, Mummy, Nanny Poppy, Uncle Bryce,Rebekah, Justin and Caitlyn - Loved always -gone but never forgotten and always in my heart

December 25th 2009: - My beautiful darling Angel and Buffy. Angel I cannot believe we are celebrating our second Christmas without our beautiful little Christmas Angel and his brown nose into all the chicken and food you loved most at this time of year. I lit you a candle at mass tonight my baby - for you, your darling much loved sister Buffy and my forever precious Mianne and Mahlie. I never ever forget santa titan. I miss each and everyone of you this time of year - Mianne you were my christmas gift - all I wanted when nan and pop never like cats but like everyone and then Angel you melted everyone's heart and did not meet anyone who would not pay you attention - cat lovers or not. I remember we brought tiny Mianne home just for Christmas day to spend with the family - she went everywhere I went and had chicken and Turkey and loved it before I had to heart breakingly give her back to her mum till she was big enough and well enough to come home for good - for a short time with her brother we nick named Tom. They loved each other Angel like you and Buffy. I am certain Tom is now up there with you all and reunited with his little sister Mianne.
We have put up your tree baby and 4 angels adorn your final resting place with your own Christmas lights. Not a day goes by where I dont look upon your face now with your sister Buffy with you. Nanny and Poppy send their love. Be good my baby, hope you are having fun up there. Give Shirley and all our other loved family members - nanny and nana, poppy and grandad and of course Uncle bill and great nanna marmo. With love always my baby till I cross that bridge and see you all again waiting for me with love and light. Bart has filled my heart where you left such a great hole. But he is not and never will be you but I believe god sent him to me - a special sick boy with needs to help me through the past dark months along with your beloved Bella. She had her first weight loss this month since your passing. A little but a lot for my faith. Please look after her from up there and keep her health going with more loss. She has grown to love bart almost as much as she loved your - curled up together warms my heart more than you know. In time they will be as she and you were always from week 1. Merry Christmas my Christmas Angel, Love always, your loving mummy, nanny, poppy, Uncle Bryce, Rebekah (please send her signs to return to us)Justin and our precious Caitlyn with your heart of gold. 2009

June 12th 2010 - Happy 9th birthday my two precious babies. Wow how the time has flown but as you both know neither will be forgotten. Firstly my sweet little Buffy, you passed WAY too young - at just 2 years old. But I know now you run around free with perfectly working back legs chasing your precious brother Angel and all the birdies and butterflies, you could not have done that if we had not set you free from your earthly body that so cruelly let you down.
Angel my precious little boy - how hard you fought to stay with me for your seven short years. They were short, yes, but they were filled with love, hope, support and friendship and laughter. I know how hard you fought for me to make it to your last earthly birthday at just seven years. You got me through all my dark and sad times, helped me cope with Buffy's passing by falling in love with that precious tubby Bella and made life worth living again. For that I am eternally grateful. I rest knowing you no longer have to deal with that sick and toxic body that god put you in. You are no longer suffering, have a great appetite and your toxic kidneys no longer stop you enjoying your life. I know you have both sent me the special little man in my life - Bart and he is so animated and alot like you angel, but so different in many other ways and again - Bart has given me reason to live and gotten me through some dark times indeed. I am happy to let you know that he and Bella are the BEST of friends and curl up siamese twins style as you are her so often used to do.
Tonight we will have your favourite - Roast lambie! Bart turned his nose up at his fresh lamb I gave him this morning (little snob just like you!) but you will be happy to hear belly loves fresh meat now (thanks to bart) and she wasted no time at all wolfing hers down. She still misses you I know it - I have become the surrogate Angel mother cat to her - she does pawsies on mummy now and sucks on whatever item I happen to be wearing - this has a good trade off - she does excellent back massages as a result!
Kelly has finally bought her house - go tell Shirl so she really knows, though I am certain she would be watching over her. She now feels it is time with the new start in her life to get a new baby to fill the aching hole Shay left. I know you will help her pick the perfect baby!
Take care my precious babies - Look after all our special human Children that I know you were taken from us to guide them over the bridge and I will let their families know you love them dearly. I bet Neeve is your favourite! Happy Birthday till I cross that bridge one day and see you all again, love and kisses always - Mummy, Nana, Pop.

October 11th 2010 - My Precious little boy. 2 Years have passed since we made that difficult last trip to prepare you for the Rainbows bridge. I still can not talk about you with out tears and heartbreak. You were and always will be my everything. Not a Day goes by with you in my thoughts and prayers - Bart knows and is doing his best to help me cope. I am crying so hard as I write this memorial to my special little man. I have a new Angel Wind Charm to hang above your final resting place and have found the ultimate perfect grave plaque marker for you. I hope to have it soon and that is my present this year from me you you. Your beautiful azalea is still living - a little smaller than original due to harsh summer and water restrictions but it is still alive and about to flower in time for today. This year mummmy did celebrate her birthday - I felt guilty but it felt right being 40 and falling on my birthday. We had a big party and all your favourite friends came - you would have been the centre of attention again as you always were. Nan and Pop bought me the most beautiful cake and I insisted on having your beautiful picture on it. It had your name and anniversary date. I would not let a single person cut it and will save it for later today when it will be the time of your anniversary. It just seems like yesterday. I tried to stay strong for you but could not speak without breaking down into tears - I needed everyone to know how special you were to me in my life and always will be. I know I have other babies on the rainbow bridge with you including your beautiful pixie sisters Buffy and older sister Mahlie and cousin Mianne - But it was you with your zest for life, cuddles and unconditional love when you knew I needed it most that made you so special and pulled me through that dark time in my life. Bart now has your responsibility and for a young cheeky boy, he does so well and cuddled mum all last night knowing full well what Today would bring for me. I have tidied up your resting place, need to trim your rose, but the angel statue is ready for the candle lighting later tonight. I know it was the right thing to do and I honoured your end of the agreement but baby not a day goes by without you on my mind. I am back in that very dark place again - I cant fight - but are trying. I just have to look at bart and Bella and they remind me of your bravery and sacrifice you made for me with my selfish requests and just cant see them neglected or forced to travel over the rainbow bridge with me to you and my other babies. Some people did not get it, but those who matter got it. Aunty Karen says hi as do Jaymee Lea, Matt and Rebekah. I know Nan does not talk about it but I know she still misses our little boy who climbed into our lives 9 years ago 2 weeks ago. I love you forever my precious Angelous, until we meet again over the rainbow bridge, I will always shed tears of love and loss for you but remember what you did for me in your short but impacting life. We had a toast instead of for my birthday but to my Darling Angel - loved and missed always. Thanks for sending the lovely sunshine in an early spring day - I know that was your sign to me for my special day. Love and kisses always - Mummy.

December 25th 2010
My beautiful boy Angel - can it really be our third Christmas without you? It seems like yesterday since we had to say goodbye. I have had a pretty tough year my baby, but knowing you are over the bridge, well again and with your beloved sisters Buffy and Mahlie and Cousin Mianne, makes it easier for me. I took a big step forward last month. We have a new little baby here now. He was a rescue puppy - a Red Kelpie we have called Nugget. A lovely lady called Jane brought him into our lives and he is so very precious and beautiful. Not that anyone could ever take your place, you will always be my little man, not matter what. He is a feisty little puppy, saved from going over the bridge by a wonderful lady that does so much to rescue these babies that otherwise would be killed. We have begun a new hobby - Herding - Keely LOVES it and so does Nugget. You would have loved seeing all the sheep. It has helped cope with the hole and grief you left me and this horrid body I am dealing with. Gives me reason to push forward. A lovely lady called Linda has entered my life and she is helping me cope and sadly she has lost her little boy Max with chocolate poisoning last week - will you go find him and tell him Linda and Roxy miss him terribly. Bella still misses you but she loves Bart to death - the naughty little boy is doing your trick of peeing on the bed - are you sure you aren't doing this and encouraging him to remind mummy of you??? Nan and Pop still miss you. Poor Bosco has been so terribly ill this year and nearly joined you back in March. He has pulled through - I know you had something to do with that - we could not lose another baby so young so soon again. We don't know how long we will have him so treasure every day like it's his last. We all had a great Christmas Eve. I lit a candle at Mass for you, Buffy, Mahlie, Mianne, Titan and Dear darling Shirley, along of course, both nannas and pops. We miss you baby. Jane the beautiful lady who gave us Nugget in our lives, has a very sick little puppy called Bella - you would like her. Can you help her hang in there, but if not promise mummy you will look after this poor sick baby when she crosses the bridge. Jane does so much for the Kelpies it is so unfair her first blue/tan puppy got so sick and is now fighting for her life at xmas. You would love Nugget as Bart loves him to death. Miss you everyday my baby - not a day goes by when you are not in my thoughts, vision or heart. Till we meet again my precious boy, Merry Christmas my Christmas Angel - your Loving Mum Terri. Nanny and Pop Marmo and cousin Rebekah, Justin and Caitlyn - oh Rebekah spent Christmas with us all - was just like old times. thanks for that baby.

12th June 2011 - Happy 10th Birthday my beautiful Babies. Buffy, even though it's been nearly eight years my heart still aches for you my precious elfin girl. My beautiful Angel - baby it just doesn't seem to get easier. I have days where there is nothing but happiness knowing you are no longer suffering. But then there are days like today and weeks since your birthday that make it so hard and I feel like it was just yesterday we had roast lamb for your birthdays. Well my baby, alot has happened since Christmas. We finally made it to Casterton. Keely your old friend must have thought she crossed the bridge there were that many kelpies there and had the time of her life. Also our new baby Nugget (well not such a baby any more) was so well behaved and they ran their little hearts out and did me proud. We have such a great new bunch of friends. I know you would love a couple of them. Bart really has taken over your role of the official house greeter. A lovely lady called Linda comes to help mummy out and Bart is totally taken by her and she loves him, but boy would she have really loved my special boy. Nanny and Poppy are well, and Bosco is doing so much better, but we make the best of every day we have with him. Keep telling him it is not his time as Nan would be devastated. Belly still misses you dearly - I found one of your old toys and she sniffed it, growled then looked at me as if to tell me how much she loved and missed her older brother. She has taken over bossy boots bart. They love each other and recently won a fun competition on sleeping pets - well first of the cats at least. It was good because Dr K misses her Milly like I miss you and it was a photo of her and Bart sleeping like you two used to. I have lots to worry about right now, I have to find another job - so I can keep all my babies together in our home. I hope you will send some help and wishes my way. I have to go now my babies. Say Hi to Milly for Dr K - she would like that - give each other a special treat for your birthdays my siamese twins and send Titan, Big sister Mahlie and cousin Miannea big kiss and cuddle from Mummy. Forever missed and loved my treasures. Happy birthday Love Mummy. xxx <3 <3 <3

October 11 2011 - My gorgeous Angel. I did not think that I would be as unhappy this year, but truly you have taken part of my heart with you. I can't believe how quickly the 3 years have passed. I have been busy trying to find work to keep your lovely home. There is no way I am leaving you behind here. I had lunch with Patrizia yesterday. We both reflected and remembered you and darling Rambo. Give him some kisses from her please. Bart is being so naughty right now as he knows how upset I am right now and is trying to distract me by being a pest. So this would be the first birthday I have really attempted to enjoy since that terrible day 3 years ago. I will light your candle on the angel of your grave today. Naughty Nugget has destroyed your lovely azalea but I have another one that grow right by your resting place to plant for your. It is the same colour. Life is still very difficult but each year the pain dulls a tiny bit. I still cant come here without tears but they are now more tears of happiness and reflection of the beautiful presence you had in my life and I am blessed to have once been owned by you. Love you always, never forgotten and forever in my heart and mind. Love always - your mum. xxxx

October 11 2012 - Sweet Sweet Angel. Gosh how quickly 12 months have passed my darling little man. It has been a challenging and constantly changing year my sweetheart. I got that new job, but then ended up having surgery on my ankle days after starting it. I think it was your way of saying there was a better plan for me out there to keep your home and haven. I stuck with it for 7mths but in June this year I have started a brand new chapter in my life and career - can't help thinking you and the others may have had a little to do with this. I am loving my new work , but it did take me away from your beautiful Bella for 4 long weeks. She really missed me along with Keely, the crazy new pup Nugget and the ever naughty but lovable Bart. I am sorry I was so busy over the Christmas period to write you a little message but I did keep up your residency - probably a good thing I left it in Autumn as i know you hated the cold winters - bet that the rainbow bridge is perfect year round. Bart continues to fill my heart with love in the areas you left free for a new love to fill. Thank you for sending this sweet boy to me. That part of my heart you filled though is off limits, forever secured for my love of you, and you of me. Nothing can ever displace that or overwrite it. I can't believe you turned 11 this year - you should have still been here with me and also with your sister Buffy and Mahlie. It doesn't seem fair that you had to leave so soon after such a short love filled life. Bella continues to do well, I still worry about her weight, but she is healthy and happy with Bart. She is now the senior of the family at the ripe age of just 9. Keely will be 8 in December, gee how time flies despite grief and despair. She is very settled and relaxed enjoying the senior part of her life and living it in kelpie joy. Nugget is doing well and fitting in very well - you really would have loved him - but boy he would have given you buggery but you in return would have taught him manners and put him back in his place. Talking about time, Mianne's birthday is at the end of this month. Can not believe it would be 28 years since I fell in love with her sweet Siamese face, leading me eventually to you and the love you shared with me. The Swans won the GF this year - can't help thinking you and Shirl had a bit to do with their tight win - her having a beer and celebrating and you sneaking off to pee on her heaven bed! You know I was in the US when the 911 anniversary was on. Seemed strange somehow knowing you were given that special name in memory of that terrible day. Nan is having some surgery on her foot next week. Make sure the main man looks over her so she can stay with us and look after the minx Bosco. She has Rebekah living there now and they have a pup called Tucka - you would have taught him amazing manner indeed. Pop had some bad news this week. His good leg has a blockage that has gone beyond stenting. So we have to keep praying that it stays as it is and he doesn't have to have emergency surgery - as this is his only option and I fear that will also be his last. You look over him for me mate, and keep him well. Yesterday was a terrible day - nothing like the nice sunny day you took your final ride with me was that fateful day. I had work to keep me busy which was probably a good thing. Well my sweetheart, give my love to your sister Buffy, big sister Mahlie, Cousin Mianne and the gorgeous Titan and Sandy. Be good and know I still can't wait to see your sweet brown face again when I cross to meet you again. Love and kisses always.....your loving Mummy.xxxx

October 12 2014 - Sweet darling boy. Has it really been so long since I came to visit your place. Not a day passes when you aren't in my thoughts or vision. I know you have been looking out after Pop. He is still fighting the fight although it has its difficult days. Bella still misses you but adores little Bart. Oh my we got an enormous cat tree that I KNOW you would have loved. Bart adores this and I'm sure you're up the top there daring him on to the pelmets and is who he is starting out at all day. Keely will be 10 in 2 months. Have a whisper to her and make sure you give me signs of anything I need to know. I have had some amazing pics done of you and your darling Sister Buffy. The lady got you both so right! Make sure you pass my kissed onto Buffy and Mahlie and make sure bossy boots Mianne is keeping everyone in line. Her birthday is on the 31st and she will be 30. Can it really be so long since I said my goodbye to her as well? Well my darling boy I must get going and give Nugget his medicine. He has been quite sick and I couldn't deal with the idea I might lose him on the same day as I lost you. I am certain you had something to do with that sweetheart. Love you lots now and forever. Big purrs kisses and hugs, your loving Mummy xxx

Oct 11 2018 Oh my beautiful boy. Forgive my tardiness. Can today really mark 10 long years since I kissed you goodbye forever as you took your last breath and heartbeat? It hurts as much today as it did 10 long years ago. It also marks 2 years and 9 months since poppy did the same. It makes it so much harder with you both sharing that same date. I miss him terribly. Not a day my heart doesn't ache for him and you all. He was all I had and now so alone in this world other than our fur babies. As you know, Dinkum has been with us now just under 3 years, turning 3 last week on the 4th. You know the big scare Bella gave me and thought not another baby gone too young. I'm ever vigilant with the diabetes returning and know as she has well entered her senior years turning 15 a couple months ago that this is sadly reality. Bart too has his challenges and I am aware he will unlikely make his deserved senior years with his illness and medications affecting his kidneys. Keely is showing no hints of slowing down. I wonder if this is to help ease the pain of losing You all way too young? My darling Angie I must go, know you are never forgotten and furever loved. I have a special person who is in my life but is afraid of you and bella and bart. It's a shame you weren't here to show how special you all could be. Love always Mummy


My darling sweet boy. So much has changed and happened since I last took time to visit our special place. It broke my heart that belly left me to join you on July 1 2019. She lived a good life despite the scares only to be snatched away by bloody cancer. Hasn't that taken enough from me already. Then to face losing Bart 5 short days later through grief induced kidney failure and hunger strike, I couldn't fathom what ELSE life was about to throw at me. I rest knowing you two are again together snuggled up like Siamese twins. I hope she wasn't too mean to buffy when you came to meet her to welcome her over there.

As must as I couldn't fathom more heartache and another cat, Bart gave up living. We went to speak with the very special Michele to get help and I entrusted her to find a perfect baby to ease his broken heart. He came to live with me Dec 2019. He is PERFECT and Bart adored him immediately (not at all grumpy like you or Bella). He melts all our hearts and Dinkum and he are such good mates. Inseparable. The other sadness as you would know, keely joined you all over the bridge on July 25th 2020. Grateful despite financial challenges I was at home with them both during their final weeks. She was my first kelpie and patriarch of our special house we called home together. She broke my heart but unlike all the babies before her, she led a long full life just short of 17. I'm sure that was to make up taking you and the others so young. My first senior loss since Mianne and Titan. The house seemed wrong with no matriarch. So sweet rescue miracle Neve came to live with us in December and turned one on sept 9th. Logan is now 2, Bart the patriarch at 13 and nugget turned 11 on sept 10th. The household is ageing again along with me. Take care my sweet baby. Enjoy your flowers

Jan 15 2023. Happy new year my sweet baby boy. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with all my other babies and of course your sister. Another long year and a bit has passed and you celebrated your 21st birthday last year. It's cruel you only spent 1/3 of that time with me. You've now been gone as long as you spent loved with me and yet no less missed. Look over Bart who is having a hard time with weight loss. I know we all like being svelte but 2.3kg is a lot in 12 mths. Dr Rob is at a loss to what is causing it but at least at this point it's not bloody Cancer like Belly. I secretly suspect you had a word in his ear 2 weeks ago when he again lost more weight after a small gain before Xmas. I know he isn't suffering but I know you'll both let me know when he is. Until then, look after and be his guardian angel for me. It also isn't lost on me that you watched over brave nugget as he fought for his life first through that horrific attack and then the enormous spenic tumour. Thanks for ensuring it wasn't cancerous. I treasure every breath he has left, as we both know, he won't be old like keely. Continue watching over him too please my baby boy.

Love always, your hu-mum

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