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Memories of Amber
We will never forget the day we picked Amber up at the airport. She was just 6 weeks old, a bundle of fluffy, teddy bear brown hair with the most beautiful, big brown eyes we had ever seen. Her eyes became her trade mark. It didn't take long for her to win our hearts. At the time, we had no idea how she would change our lives forever. My husband and I did not have children. Amber became everything to us. She was not just a dog. She was our family, best friend, and companion. She was an inspiration of love and hope through family illnesses and loss, or when you were just having a bad day. Amber helped me through tough times in my life, in ways I cannot explain. For that, I will always be grateful. No matter what, she was always there to greet us, cuddle with us, and make us feel special. It was easy to make her feel the same. She loved us equally. A pure love, unconditional and true. A reflection of gentleness and strength all in one.

Amber truly loved her walks. That is where we spend most of our alone time and where we bonded as buddies. She had a way of being able to make you smile with her little quirks like sticking her face in the snow, sitting sideways and looking up at you with those eyes, jiggling her bum in a sitting position for you to pick her up (with a gentle grrr sound), digging in her and our bed, the special "skip" in her walk, selecting that "special" blade of grass to chew, and lifting her leg for those loving belly rubs. The sound of a squirrel, or the sight of a Magpie on our back fence, sent her into hunt mode. They just proceeded to tease her until she tired of barking at them. It was so funny to watch. Amber was so smart, quickly catching on to any tricks I cared to teach her. She never ceased to amaze us. She always remembered where old treats were lost or hidden, exactly where to cross the street, which leg to lift first to put on her little red coat, when it was time to go to bed, and when we were coming home. She knew when it was walk time just by the clothes I was wearing. Oddly, her favorite treat of all was white marshmallows.

In the spring of 2015, we could tell something was slightly off with Amber and took her to our veterinary specialist. We were devastated to find out Amber had terminal cancer. She was given only 3-8 weeks to live. At first, it was difficult to believe she was sick, but was told the cancer had also spread to her lungs. We took her home and filled her remaining days with love and compassion, desperately trying to hold back our inner grief. How would we go on without her by our side? People would say, "Amber will tell you when the time is right to let her go", but she never did. She fought to the bitter end, strong and proud, never wanting to leave us, but her suffering grew worse until we had to make the dreaded decision. Amber was 6 days short of 15 years, 8 months old. Our hearts are broken and sad. Our house no longer a home without her in it. We are so very thankful for what she brought to our lives, but would give anything to have her back. She will always be a part of us, for she brought a kind of love to our lives we would never have known without her. If love could have saved her, she would have lived forever.

Amber, our little princess, we love and miss you deeply, now and forever. We are so sorry we were not able to save you. We love you "bigger than the world". May God be taking wonderful care of you for us until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

Love Forever & Always,
Mom & Dad
thousands of kisses & hugs

Mar. 24/16 - Hi precious puppy. We still miss you so very much and think of you every day. It will never be the same without you with us. Your pop left us too a couple of weeks ago. It was very hard having to say goodbye to someone else we love. I hope you, pop, and nan are taking great care of each other. Miss and love you all so very much.

Apr. 15/16 - Hi baby Amber! Almost 9 months has past since you went away. The weather is getting nicer outside now. You loved to finally be able to get outside for long walks this time of year...lots of new smells for you to explore. I miss those walks with you so very much. I see you everywhere on the trails when I go for a run. Guess what? Last night I even caught myself thinking of the need to fill up your water dish in the kitchen. Reality made me so sad. We both love and miss you deeply. We hope you are safe and happy. Hugs & Kiss.

July 17/16 - Our little princess, Amber. Today is the 1st year anniversary you left us for Rainbow Bridge...a day of great sadness. I try not to think of the events of that day. They are so painful and heartbreaking. Life here is not the same without you sharing it with us. We love and miss you deeply. The little memorials in our garden helps us feel close to you. Our greatest wish is for you to come home, but we know that is not possible. You will always hold a very special place in our hearts. There are so many great memories of you in our life. Rest in peace and play in the field of Rainbow Bridge...until we meet again. Hugs & kisses, Mom & Dad.

Dec. 25/16 - Merry Christmas, baby girl! We miss you as much as the day you left us. Christmas just isn't the same without you. We wish you were here sticking your note in the gift bags, sniffing the Christmas tree, mooching turkey, and going for walks in the snow. If I could have just one Christmas miracle wish, it would be for you to come home. Our hearts still ache for you. We will never ever forget or stop missing you. I hope there is Christmas turkey at Rainbow Bridge for you and your friends. Lots of hugs & kisses, Mom & Dad.

Dec. 20/17 - Merry Christmas, precious Amber! Another Christmas is fast approaching without you. We still miss you more than words can say. There are memories of you everywhere. We talk of you often and will never forget the great love you brought to our lives. I still see you in my dreams sometimes. It makes me happy to see you there. You are in hearts at Christmas time and always. Many hugs and kisses, mom and dad.

May 28/18 - Spring has arrived, our sweetheart. Wish you were here to go for walks and enjoy the smells. I can see you now kicking the grass up behind those little legs. We miss dearly. You are forever in our hearts. Kisses & hugs, mom & dad.

July 17/19 - Our precious little Amber...4 years has passed since you went to Rainbow Bridge. We miss you so very much. Memories of you are with us everywhere we go. Our hearts will be forever yours. We love you so very much, forever and always. Kisses & Hugs.

July 17/20 - We can't believe it has already been 5 years since we lost you. You will be in our hearts forever. We love and miss you deeply. If only you could be here with us, it would be a dream come true! We love you forever and always. Sweet dreams, baby girl. Kisses and hugs. We will never ever forget you and the joy you brought to our lives.

July 20/21 - Sweet Amber...6 years has passed since you left us. We love and miss you so deeply, forever and always. Hugs & Kisses, mom and dad.

Dec. 9/22 - Merry Christmas in heaven, our princess. We miss you so so very much. Never forgotten and always in our hearts. Kisses & hugs, mom & dad.

Dec. 19/23 - Merry Christmas our little princess. Christmas is never the same without you here. Forever and always loved, baby girl. Big hugs and kisses, love mom and dad.

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