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Memories of Alexis
You came to me and made me smile. I will always be so grateful for you my soft little baby mommy. I adored you. You were so independent but so loving at the same time. I remember so many times together when you would follow me around the house or climb up on the bed to get my attention. How I wish you were here now. I miss you so much Ali.

I think about the day you first came to the doll store why you were like one of the stuffed animals in the shop. Your little attitude. I loved you from the moment I set eyes on you. You were so beautiful... Your big blue eyes like water balls. I miss you so much. You sure loved your catnip why just one word NIP and you came running.

The last day with you was so sad I was so anxious that I had to make that decision to let you go. Yet I saw you suffering. How I wish I could hold you forever in my arms. You were so soft so loving so perfect. Somedays I think I have a broken heart. My darling beautiful baby kitty is gone. You were so beautiful as I held you it was not horrible, it was not as bad as I thought it would be holding you in my arms as you passed because I could just sit there with you quietly. I did not want to put you in the box to bury you but I had to let you go. ..... Even now I wish I had you back in my arms. I will always be your mommy. Always.

We had so many years together. Sometimes you drove me crazy running out the back door or down the basement. You would come back up with spider webs in your whiskers and make me laugh. You waited at the door for me all the time, ,,,,,sometimes walking back in that door now knowing your not waiting for me anymore is heartbreaking.

You were so cute you patiently waited by your food dish in the bathroom. Here I was calling you Ali Ali Baby Mom come get the chicken , and then I would glance in the room and there you were waiting for your food. Waiting for me. You were always there waiting for me.

Stewie misses you terribly, him and I have cried together for many days. He is so sad. Stewie loved you also and I know you loved him too. I do not think him or I will ever be the same again ever since you are gone. You guys had the best life together. We all did. I was thinking yesterday how our last day in bed was, the three of us...... he loved to come and sit with you and me when you let him. He is so depressed. I worry about him now. I miss watching you both sleeping on the front couch together. I treasure my last photo of you and him on the chair in Deanna's room you put up with him next to you even though you did not feel good. Thank you for loving him.

But most of all my darling Ali thank you for loving me.... For making me smile after Grandma died for being my little Grandma Angel.
I will forever love you and treasure you even if I cannot hold you close and kiss you. You will always be my baby Mommy my little white kitten. Goodbye beautiful you may never have really known how much I loved you and treasured you but forever and ever and ever .....You will always be a part of my life even now that your not here next to me. I love you forever Alexis.


Oh my darling Ali it is almost a year that you have left us and I think of you always. Today we planted flowers in your garden space where you reside. We planted lavender and pink flowers that will bloom every spring. I also planted Forget Me Nots. I could never forget you my darling baby. I miss you.... I miss seeing you waiting by the front door when I come in. I miss your beautiful big blue eyes, I miss petting you I miss everything about you.

Tommorrow May 24 is now a year since you have left us. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about you. I still see you in my mind pstanding at the back door. I miss you so much I wish I could hold you again. I have a new kitten for Stewie to play with her name is Maisie. He missed you so much that we had to add a new member to our family. She will never replace the love I have for you Ali you are and will always be my darling love my sweet little white kitty with your beautiful big water ball blue eyes. I miss you I love you and I wish I could go back just one day to hold you in my arms again. Just one day but that is impossible. A year where did the time go it is like yesterday I still remember the day I had to leave you in our back yard in the beautiful place I made for you. There are angels all around you and I planted beautiful flowers there just a few days ago.
I miss you I love you I wish I could have you back in my life so we could snuggle in bed together like we used to. I love you I love you I love you.

Stewie is better now he was so sad for so many months, he missed you so much so we got him a little sister her name is Maisie. She is a dear kitty but not you. She can never take your place but it took away some of my sadness. A kitty to hug but not you. I miss you I can hardly believe that you're gone a year.
I love you my Ali baby. I will never forget you my darling white baby kitty. Love you mom

December 2014

Dearest Ali Well Stewie who adored you died on Nov 21 2014 only 18 months after you he was only 11 years old and I have been so so so SAD. It was really a shock but I know he is with you now so please take good care of him. I loved you both so much and I miss our life together you me and Stewie.
Happy Christmas my dear white angel I miss you and please kiss my Stewie he is with you finally in the garden together in the yard we all loved. Life is just so sad and those beautiful years of my 2 kitties together with me is over. What happiness is there now???
Love YOU my Dearest Ali Mom

May 2015

My Darling Alexis
It has been almost 2 years since you left me to go be in a special place with other departed kitty souls. The joy you gave me the smiles the kitty kisses and the unconditional love is something I miss all the time. I cannot believe both you and Stewie are gone now. My life was filled with so much joy with you guys as my little girl and boy. Sometimes I think I cried the sorrow out of me. I miss you not so much I can look outside and still see you sitting on the back porch or as you used to do lie on the lounge chair and clean yourself as the sun moved west. You were just such a darling and I miss your fluffy little body next to me and the kitty kisses.
There is a new kitty here named Maisie I got her about 6 months after you left me and Stewie needed a new friend and sister but then he died. And a bit of me died for a long time. In fact some days I still think of you both and know that no other cats will, ever have my heart as you had. You were both my best friends. People will fail you but kitties have Undying love. Even when not beside me I can close my eyes and feel your love. In fact I can still feel that love today even when you are not by my side. I feel that love from both you and Stewie.

So now there is Maisie my little girl and I got Edison my little Steiwie Angel boy about 8 weeks ago on March 4. I could not keep crying and being depressed I needed a baby to make me smile again. He is such a clown .......😜but darling Ali no cat could ever bring me the same joy that you and Stewie brought me.😻😻😻😻😻😻😻
I miss you darling and know that I have you locked in my heart forever... 😺😺😺😺😺The memories of you are so beautiful and your soft soul helped me to be a better more loving person. I hope there really is a place that I would see you and hug you again and cuddly with you again. Maybe maybe there are things in life that remain a mystery. But the love and joy you brought to me for 16 years remains with me always. I LOVE YOU MY DEAREST BABY MOM ALI

May 25 2016,

My dear little Sweetest Ali Cat,
I think about you all the time. I cannot believe it is 3 years since you left me. It feels like a year or so not 3 years. I can close my eyes and still see you sitting on the porch. You were such a good girl always staying so close to home. I miss you and my Stewie it was such a wonderful life with you both in our yard in Sayville. Oh well ......all life ends all love that ends breaks our hearts, but my memories of you and all the years we had together can never fade. I just wish I could hold you again. The blessing you gave me are so immense I shall always have those within my soul . Love you always and forever more. Mom

May 2017

My Darling Alexis
I cannot believe you are gone 4 years, it seems like last month I was hugging you and watching you sleep so peacefully next to me. We have some new babies here my Maisie and my Edison he is a little devil. So funny. I am happy that I have 2 kitties but they will never take your place. I miss you and I have always been so blessed that you were in my life. You and my darling Stewie rest forever in the back yard where I have planted dozens of daffodils and other plants. So when I go there to think of you all I see is the beauty of nature. I love u forever My Little baby Ali mom. Kisses hugs and forever you will be my white kitty with the big blue eyes. Xoxoxoxox Mommy

May 2018
My darling Ali Baby,
So five years have gone by .... where did those years go ???? my memories of you are so vivid and clear. You and my Stewie together here with such love and smiles us all together. How can I ever feel sad when I had such joy from you both. So blessed to have had you and the love you shared with me. My white puffy girl so sweet , so independent , such a dear furry child. Now I have Maisie and Edison but I still have so many wonderful memories of you and my Stewie us all together. Losing furry children is such a sad thing cause I always feeel like I am missing something in my life but then I realize that even though I no longer have you I have had the blessings of u in my life.
So thank u my darling Ali cat you were the joy of my life for so many years and there will never be another you. Thank u for all your love and all the funny memories love u mommy

May 10, 2020
My dearest Ali cat I can barely believe it is 7 years since you left me and our home. Your beautiful little self Ali has been so missed by me. I thought I would die I was so sad. I missed u so much and today when I think of you I still love u so much. You gave us so much joy. So now I have accepted your love and that you are gone. The love we shared is so special and I was so blessed to be your mommy and I am so thankful that I had you for 16 years, I love u Ali

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