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Memories of Alden
Just the most special and perfect boy ever...9/17..It was a week ago Saturday,Alden and I still hear your steps and breathing..I miss you so much..I love you Alden Edward..Dear Alden..today is the 4th week you have been gone..I still cry..I know you have made many new friends and that you are again with Sophie and Roxie..I love you Alden Edward..Dear Alden,today ia 10/29..on 10/27 I brought another boy home,his name is Henry Edward and he looks like you..I took him to see Dr.Goldman and staff today..they all ask for you..I think Jessica really cared a lot for you..anyway,Alden I know you would love Henry..I still miss you so much and it's so hard to talk about you and not cry...you are my special boy..I love you Alden Edward..11/8..Dear Alden,its been 2 months today that you left me..it's no easier..I still miss you so much and I still see you everywhere..Be a good boy..I love you Alden Edward..Dear Alden,today is Thanksgiving..I missed you so much..I love you Alden Edward...You are my special boy.Dear Alden,today is Dec.7th.I just need to tell you that I love you and how much I miss you.Dear Alden,today is Christmas Eve..I will write you tonite as tomorrow we will go to Ocala..I miss you so much Alden..Henry is a good boy..I hope I have not put too much on his little shoulders as I expect him to be the same as you..I hope you have met new friends and have found Roxie and Sophie..You be a good boy and know how much I love and miss you..Merry Christmas,Alden Edward..I love you..Dear Alden,today is the first day of 2008..Happy New Year to you,Sweetie..Daddy is leaving again tomorrow for perhaps another year.I just wanted to tell you the I love and miss you so much Alden Edward..Dear Alden..Today has been the fifth month that you left me..the hurt and sadness is still with me..but I'm now able to talk and think about you and not cry,so I guess that is an improvement..Took Henry in to see Dr.Goldman and he told him that he had big shoes to fill..I know you are happy now and I don't worry so much about you..Be good and always know how much you are loved..I love you Alden Edward 2/8/08...Dear Alden,Today 3/8 has been 6 months since you left...I'm still so sad and miss you so much..A little dashound by the name of Lucy went to the Rainbow Bridge on 3/5..please look for her..I love you Alden Edward..3/29..Dear Alden.Today is Saturday,Daddy,myself and Henry will go out to Pepe's in High Springs for puppy class...remember when you spendt a week there? We went to Atlanta last week..Oscar,Sweetpea and Mica all looked for you..Henry stayed at Pepe's as Miss Dorothy cannot handle him..I still miss you so much you are my special boy..I love you Alden Edward..5/08/08..Dear Alden,You left me 8 months ago today...I still miss you and love you so much...You are my special boy..I love you Alden Edward..9/07/08..Dear Alden tomorrow you will have left me one year ago..I still miss you so much and will love you forever..Will be with you again..I love you Alden Edward..1/2/09...Happy New Year,Sweetie...I love you and miss you so much..I know you are being a good boy..8/13/09..Dear Alden..I've been thinking of you a lot lately..I still miss you so much..I know you are being a good boy..Henry will be 2 years old on the 28th of this month..he reminds me so much of you in some of the things he does..like the way he will stand and stare at me when he wants something..he also chewed off the arms of the same chair that you did,remember?? I miss your Poodle hugs so much..Be sweet and always know that I love you.Dear Alden,tomorrow is September 8th and you will have left me 2 years ago..You are still my love and I miss you so much..11/24/09-Dear Alden..well another year is almost gone and I still miss you so much..Henry is growing up and does so many things that you did..Thanksgiving is here and we will go to Ocala..Atticus will be there plus Molly and Abagail...I still love you so much and you are my Special Boy..1/1/2010..Happy New Year my Special Boy...I love you.9/5/10-Dear Alden on Wednesday the 8th you will have left me 3 years ago..I still cry when I think of you..you were and are by dear friend..Henry has filled a hole in my heart but you are still there with him..I know you think of me..I love you..11/24/10.Dear Alden.tomorrow is Thanksgiving..you have been gone now for 3 years..I miss you so much and love you dearly..7/27/11 Dear Alden..I still miss and love you so much..you are my special boy...9/7/11..Dear Alden,It will be four years ago tomorrow that you left me here and entered over the Rainbow Bridge...I still miss and love you so much..You are still my "Special Boy"..I love You..9/8/2015..Dear Alden..it's been 7 years ago that you left me..in some ways it only seems like yesterday..Henry is with me now..and we walk everyday like we did..he's 84 lbs.so not as large as you..i hope you think of me often... i love you

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