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Memories of AJ
AJ was the best thing in life. From the moment we brought him home when he was a puppy to the moment we had to let him go, not a day went by that he was not LOVED!! And that he didn't love us back. He was our only son. He made a difference in our family and was always there when we needed him. This is probably the hardest part right now -- that he can't be there for us with his unconditional love when we are feeling down. What a special gift he gave us every day of his life. Everyone that got to know him understands what I mean. To know him was to love him. Whether it was a small kiss or a cold wet nose on our leg, he always had something to offer. One of the many things that AJ loved was 5:00pm dinner time. He couldn't wait for you to pick up his bowl, wash it out and fill it with his favorite food. When he was younger he loved his after dinner treats - a "Frosty Paw" and "Jerky Treats", and he definitely would not let you forget those! It was very hard for him after he had his bladder surgery as he could no longer have those wonderful treats. However, in order for him to live a healthy life he had to have a special diet and the after dinner treats were not on the menu. He continued to enjoy finishing off Dad's ice cream bowl on occasion. He adapted well and gave us many more years. Another thing that he enjoyed very much was swimming. If there was water, AJ was in it! I am so glad that he was able to enjoy at least one year with the pool we built with our new home. If the family was in the pool he would not stop barking until you let him join the fun. We realized early on that he had to be a part of everything we did -- he didn't understand exclusion because he was never excluded. He would run full speed out the back door and hurl himself clear across the pool. He swam with the kids who made a special game out of his unique presence in the water. They would pretend he was a shark as he followed them around the pool for as long as you would let him. If he wasn't swimming in the water, he was drinking it. He was also known to swim and drink simultaneously! As soon as we would dry him off, he couldn't resist turning right around and jumping back in again. I think he loved that the most. Of course he knew he could get away with it as well. Even at Christmas time he knew this family time included him. There were presents for him under the tree and he knew that he would get to open them soon. On Christmas Day he would get his presents and tear them open one by one and play with each of them until all his presents were opened. AJ loved people of all ages. When someone came over he thought they were there for him. He wanted them to play and he wanted them to notice him most of all. He would not leave you alone until you petted him or kissed him or showed him some sort of attention. He made sure you knew he was there. One of things about AJ that I think was the best is that he was very in tune with his surrounding and he knew exactly how you felt. I can remember when the girls were babies and he would not bark loud if they were sleeping and if they were on the floor playing he had to be there too -- offering his playful love ever so lightly with gentle paws and soft fur. The girls pulled his tail, pounced on his back, squashed his body and loved him with all their hearts. Our girls grew up knowing dogs equaled love and kindness. There are so many memories I could go on for days. But I just want everyone to know that AJ was the MOST SPECIAL DOG in this world. I hope he is walking and running and swimming in the biggest backyard with all the special children that are in Heaven today and in the years to come. Heaven is a little sweeter now that he is there. I hope there is a big cool house with a king size bed for him to sleep in every night. We miss you soooo much!!

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