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Memories of Abigail (Abby) our Adorable Cat
Abby showed up at my mom's after she was abandoned. We had lost our pet dog a year before, and were not in an adopting mood. We hoped Abby would wonder back home in case someone was missing her. After a week of hanging out at mom's I asked my wife if we could take her home because of how sweet she was. As soon as we got her home, she shot out of the car and I thought I'd never see her again. She came back willingly to our door, and choose us. Little did we realize how much love she had to give. I hadn't had a cat in 30 years, and my wife never had a cat. Abby let us know what we had been missing. She loved everyone unconditionally and would never scratch or hiss at you. She even loved dogs, though some didn't love her back. She loved curling up with you, talking to everyone, and especially loved being petted or brushed. Her mom and I treated her like she was a dog, and would snap our fingers, and she would come running. It used to crack people up, and they would comment that she acts like she's a dog. She was very unique and her and her human dad had a very tight bond. She made us want to rescue 3 more cats just like her. She knew we had the love to do it. The two nights prior to her death, she couldn't give enough love to dad. She was grooming his hair, sticking her paws under the blanket to pat him, and giving him massages. She showered him with love before she left this Earth.
On the 7th of November 2016 we were gone from the house from 9 pm to midnight. We had put her and our other cat Keegan together in their room. When we got home right before midnight, Abby was laying on the floor with her legs out meowing pitifully. Keegan was pacing back and forth and didn't know what to do except keep her company. We took Abby to the emergency room where she was put to rest. Abby it appeared had had a stroke which partially paralyzed her and when they did labs on her at the hospital, they said her liver function was really bad. Backing up, Abby had ingested some poison we think two years before her death. We used to let her out to romp in the neighborhood so she could share her love with our neighbors. She might of gotten ahold of a dead mouse or something, because she got really sick, but recovered. We never let her out again and hoped that she didn't have any long term damage once she got better. Unfortunately, her thyroid started going hair wire, and by the grace of God my wife mentioned to the doctor that Abby was losing weight. They did some tests, and put her on medicine and everything appeared to stabilize according to her vet. I guess her poor body had more underlying issues though and it was just to much for her down the road. I honestly think God was merciful because she technically only suffered 3 hours max. She was scared, but since the stroke partially paralyzed her, she probably felt little pain. For God's mercy I am grateful. I am angry that we didn't know more about cats when we got her. I didn't realize cats were like toddler's and will get into everything. Abby in her love, taught us that cats need to be left at home in a safe environment, free from poison's, hunters, and diseases that they can get from other cats outdoors. Now, we her parents are left to mourn her loss and miss her love so much. Her two sisters and brother miss her too. My fondest memory was when the assistant at the vets office said, "This is the sweetest cat I have ever met. If I had a cat I would love to have one like this".
God speed good friend until our journey comes full circle and our paths cross again. You'll always hold a special place in our hearts Abigail. We will always love you, and cherish the memories. Love Dad, Mom, Missy, Keegan, and Shyann.
Messages for Abby and for anyone who has lost a pet they loved:
11/10/16 - Abby, today has been hard. It's been 4 days since you passed. I have slowed down on the tears, but I can't seem to lift this cloud of depression that has crept in on my soul. Talking to you the last couple of days has brought me some comfort, but last night when I was laying alone in the quiet dark, thoughts of your last hours crying out loud made me boohoo like a child. I had never heard you crying like that before, and only by talking to you and soothing your ears while momma held you on the way to the hospital seemed to quiet you. I'm hurt that I didn't get to spend more time with you after we got to the hospital, and only got to rub your head and ears while driving. This and holding you the last minute of your life while you slipped away breaks my heart. On a different note, Missy sit beside me all day after you passed. I think she knew, and I think she was sad. She was content to just sit there and lovingly look up every so often. As you know, blinking causes Missy to run (lol), but she was content to just sit by me on the couch. Shyann, who reminds me of you the most, has made me laugh. She's technically still a kitten since she's 11 months old. I still call her the laundry basket cat. Right now Shyann and I are alone in the office while I write. She is in the chair beside me, and has buried herself under my jeans and is sticking her head out. That is so cute. You never did that. You always wanted to be in my lap or wanted me to brush your pretty coat. I was listening to Pastor Craig videos on YouTube today. Even though I don't go to LifeChurch, I love the way he presents The Word. I found comfort listening to him, and I really enjoyed listening to Elaine Mansfield and her video, "Good grief! What I learned from loss". I don't know why, but it helped to ease the pain for a little while, and helped me keep it together in public. When Pastor Craig talked about Philippians 4:6-7 it brought me comfort. I will repeat it for both of us, , "Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your request to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus." Abby, I have taped your pictures on the file cabinet by my desk. You always loved to come sit in my lap, or mossy in and meow to say hello. I can look up at your pictures beside me, and feel close to you. Oh how I miss you. I have also been educating myself on cat health, especially when it concerns the thyroid. I wish I had paid the 500-800 dollars for the one time treatment rather than giving you pills. Don't worry, I'm not feeling sad about my decision, just trying to educate myself, so I can be a good daddy to your brothers and sisters, and in case a friend needs advice in the future. Abby I want you to know that there have been several people who have seen your post, and have written such nice things. There are some good people in the world, and reading their posts have sometimes made me cry tears of joy. I hope God blesses these kind hearted people, and I want you to know that I will remember their kindness and play it forward. Abby, my heart will go on (Movie Titanic song), but there will always be this void until we meet at the Rainbow Bridge and cross into our Savior's loving arms. That day can't come soon enough, but I will not hasten it, because there are others here that need my love. Bye the way, I was thinking about Mark today. You know, he passed away when he was 19. I bet him and his momma Maxine are there now with you. Maxine especially, since she so loved cats, and had such a big heart. She would feed her cat before herself in her old age. Abby, Keegan is still just as ornery as ever. It's funny how he wouldn't mess with you, but chases these other girls around. He's always getting in trouble as usual, but when he gets in trouble I feel bad because he seems hurt, and I have to pick all of his 16 pounds up and love on him. He has been spending more time around me too in the office. Abby, I am dreading this Sunday. It was Sunday night one week ago that I got off work and came home to find you on the floor crying and had to wrap you in a warm towel and take you to the emergency room. It is going to be so hard focusing on work that day. You have scarred me, but I know that everything happens for a reason, and I will not question God on the timing of events. God bless you Abby. I have seen you in my visions waiting and happy. I also saw two other cats that I did not recognize with you? All three of you looked happy and content, as though something or someone was there with you keeping you occupied and happy. I will try to do better tomorrow. Love you girl. Daddy
11-11-16- Abby, mom and I went shopping this morning. I was fine until about noon. Then that lonely feeling started creeping back in again. Oh how I hurt inside, but tried to remain brave to others. I watched one of those videos I told you about yesterday again last night. It helped. I was so tired that I drifted off to sleep soon after I said my prayers for you and all the other family members, and for all the hurting souls around the world. Grief is a horrible thing. It's no wonder the violence continues around the world. When People are hurting due to the loss of a loved one, they just don't care about much of anything. It made me think about all the people of the world who have lost loved ones due to conflict, and feel like they have nothing to lose. Changing subjects, as I write this, all three of your siblings have come in to visit and hang out with me. My big lug Keegan is sitting on the desk by the keyboard. I've never seen him do this before. Did you send them to protect and keep me company? I have to tell you, that after you left I was hurting so bad I didn't want anything to do with any of them. You were my first, and when you left I was like a little child who wanted all or nothing. For this I am sorry. These babies also want my love, and I am starting to give it too them, even though sometimes I feel like I'm dishonoring you. Not right thinking, but you always came first because you were the smallest, and had health issues. I felt like I had to nurture you the most. Not to mention how sweet you always were. I made sure to put you first always when you came around, because the others could fend for themselves or come back later. Can you tell how much you meant to me? It hurts, and I'm trying to put things back in perspective. Give me time, it's hard, and I'm the only one who can do it. I was thinking about how I always called you my little scavenger (lol). I guess all that time out in the wild where you had to fend for yourself made you always want to look for food because you never knew when you would eat again. After losing our last dog, I didn't want to take you home from Nana's that first week, but you hung around and waited for us. I'm glad you believed in us, and waited. Knowing now that I almost lost you scares me when I think about it. I will be going to work in a couple of hours, and wanted to say hello again and that I miss you. I hope one of these days that my journal will help others and myself in our times of grief. Lord be with us all especially our beloved cat Abigail who showed us what unconditional love was all about. God Bless. David
11/13/16 - Good morning Abby. Just wanted to drop you a line, and let you know that I'm a lot better. The cloud is starting to lift, and I am starting to function normally again. It still pains me when I think about losing you, but my thoughts are turning more towards the awesome times we had, and the love that we shared. People are right when they say, "Out of all the animals to love, you picked me". I am thankful that I was able to care for you and understand you, and you understood me. I'm glad it was us that got to care for you at the end, and put your best interests first. You couldn't of found two people who loved you more. I will always treasure the memories and pictures we have. You even have your own folder on my yahoo email so I can reference them anytime I want. I also of course have this memorial too, and all the awesome people on it. A song popped in my head that conveys my feelings today. It was very healing to listen to. It's called "A Place in the Sun" by Stevie Wonder. You can go listen to it on YouTube if you like, the link is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W8lVPMWLCBQ . I have things to take care of today that I have been putting off, but as always, I wanted to visit with you first, and let you know we'll be okay, and that we love you dearly. Love daddy and mommy
12/02/16 - Mom and I have really been missing you this past week. I walked by the office and glanced in to see you sitting in the basket. I had to stop and go back, but you were gone. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Mom and I miss you the most at feeding time. You were always the first in line to eat. Thoughts about special moments the three of us shared have been overwhelming. I have cried several times this past week longing to hold you again and smother you with kisses. Abby, why did God give us such a special cat. We miss you so much! I always worried that you would outlive us, and wondered who could give you the love you deserved. FYI - Shyann has started sleeping by my legs at night. Momma calls her Gizmo because of the sounds she makes (lol). I'm glad she's there, it helps fill the void you left and she reminds me of you. Good night sweet Abby and hope you have a Merry Christmas. We'll always love you. Stay sweet in God's arms until we meet again.
12/22/16 - Abby you did it to me again. I was dreaming about you, and in my dream you let me know that when you lifted your head up that last time on the emergency room table, that you were trying to tell me goodbye one last time. I instantly woke up at 4 am, and cried like a baby. My heart still aches for you. I miss you so much, but am thankful for your sister and brother who help me fill that big void that you left in our hearts. I am putting the angel back by your tombstone, because your mom loves angels and would want you to have it.
02/24/17 - Abby I am heartbroken. ShyAnn the baby cat we adopted before you died has also died. After you passed we smothered her with love because your death made us realize how fast life can be cut short. She got the worst type of leukemia and had to be put down before the suffering set in. Abby please tell God to send an angel to our house to protect us. Losing you both 3 months apart is almost unbearable. Keegan and Missy seem so much more lonely without you two. We miss you baby girl! Take care of Shyann for us, and show her around until we arrive. We love you! Dad and mom.
07/25/18 - Miss you every day baby girl. We now have 4 cats with beautiful personalities that we have adopted from shelters. They are all very special. You made this all possible because of what a sweet cat you were. We think of you almost every day and still miss you a bunch. No cat we have compares to you and probably never will. Still get a little teary eyed when we think of you, but know we'll be reunited some day. Love Mom & Dad Keegan, Missy, Apollo & Becca.

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