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Memories of Abby Ryckman
To those who visit Abby's Residency...a message from Abby...

My Mommy wants to thank you for being so kind & supportive. It means a lot to her, & to me, because I don't like to see her sad, so Thank You, so much. Mommy has been getting so many wonderful messages. They REALLY mean a lot to her. I'm having fun on Rainbow Bridge because I've met Mommy & Daddy's other Golden before they had me (Heidi) as well as all the other Fur Babies they've had over the years. And I've also met lots of new Fur Babies who have had to leave their Mommies & Daddies too! It's so beautiful here, & one day, when my Mommy & Daddy come to the Other Side, I will be waiting for them on Rainbow Bridge, & we'll walk across together! I miss my Mommy & Daddy so much, because they gave me so much love & took such good care of me when I was there. But I was really in pain, & I was so proud of Mommy & Daddy because they did something for me that was so unselfish. I know it wasn't easy for them, & when they walked out the door at the Vet's office, my Mommy was crying, & I wished with all my heart I could have rolled over to give her a "Huggle". (That's something I did for Mommy when she needed a hug!) But I couldn't. I know Mommy cries a lot. But after a while her tears will turn to Joy , because I'm going to look for a NEW puppy for them to love, the way they loved me. It might take a while to find the right one, but I will!! And then I will be so happy to see my Mommy & Daddy happy again. I'm watching over them every day. I had the best Mommy & Daddy a Fur Baby could ever have, & I will never leave them, because I love them very, very much. To visit a Memorial that my Mommy did for me, please copy & paste this link: http://youtu.be/lfIPIhOBK7M


It took us quite some time to adjust, after Heidi went away;
I can still feel the sadness that filled our hearts on that dreadful, morbid day.
I still feel the weight of her beautiful head; as the needle took its effect.
And the tears that flowed were filled with pain...it was the least we could expect.

But gradually, over the next 6 months our hearts began to heal,
And we found a Breeder that met our needs, it was good to once again "feel".
The day I that went to choose our puppy, four females adorned the floor;
But one little girl kept coming to me...not once, but two times more.

She looked straight up into my face, her little tail wagging so...
And on the third time coming to me, I knew all I needed to know.
I lifted her gently, up into my arms & held her close to my heart
And at that moment I definitely knew, I never wanted us to part.

I had gone to the Breeder with four names in mind, but I didn't have a clue
As to which name that I would choose for her, but holding her, I knew.
When the Breeder said, "Have you chosen her name?" "ABBY!" was all I could say,
And we've never regretted the name that we chose, right to this very day.

She was such a beautiful, loving girl, & every place we went
People would stop & talk to her, & make comments to me, or to Kent
They would say how "cute" or "adorable" she was; well trained, for being so small,
And we would smile; & our hearts would swell....& we'd both feel 10 feet tall!

And as she grew the prettier she became, & her temperament was so sweet;
Abby just had that "special way" that affected everyone she would meet.
When Abby was just a little small puppy, I bought her very first bear,
And everywhere we would take her, "Bear" always had to be there.

It sure became one of her favorite toys, which years later we had to replace
With another bear, who was just like "Bear 1", that we knew she would embrace.
But other toys were special to her, too; & whenever I travelled away,
I would never return without a new toy to assist her in her play!

We never thought, for one brief moment, that this precious life would leave
Just two days before her seventh Birthday, our hearts, we knew, would grieve.
The doctor cried, the receptionists cried, & Mommy & Daddy were crushed;
And even in that room full of people....the world, to us, had hushed.

Our beautiful memories of our darling girl will remain in our hearts forever
But learning to live without her around, is something we'll have to endeavor.
On Rainbow Bridge we will re-unite; one day, when our life is complete
And I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, our meeting will be so sweet!

©eryckman 2013

On Jan. 3rd Abby was very lethargic, & on the 4th, even more so. I had a very bad feeling that something was seriously wrong, as for several weeks now when I would cuddle her at night, I felt that her tummy was protruded & very hard. We put it down to her getting that "middle age spread". I left for the Vet's around 10 am that morning. The first discovery was her gums; they were almost white; which meant that she was very anemic. When the doctor examined her, he decided that it would be necessary to do an ultrasound, so we were able to get that done immediately. She was so good; she didn't make any attempts to wriggle out of the cradle, & didn't flinch whatsoever when he had to shave her belly. The ultrasound showed a large mass on her spleen, & a lot of fluid was noticeable around her abdomen, so they had to put a needle into her abdomen to see what it was, & it was blood; Abby was bleeding internally. It was evident that it needed to be looked into with more up-to-date equipment as they only have a small ultrasound machine at our Veterinary in Barrie. So they called the Veterinary Hospital in Toronto & arranged for Abby to go there as an emergency patient. I called my husband Kent, & he was close by the Vet's office so he came right away, & we went to Toronto with our beloved Abby.

To make a long story short, after doing an ultrasound on her abdomen they discovered that she had more than one mass on her spleen, as well as her liver. There was nothing they could do for her. So we asked if we could take her to our own Vet as there were too many memories there at the Toronto Veterinary Emergency Hospital....having our previous beautiful Angel, Heidi, euthanized 8 years ago. We called our Vet & the Doctor spoke with him & arranged for us to be there for 6:45. So we headed back up the highway; the longest drive ever, & arrived at our Vet's around 6:15. They took us into a room where they had placed a beautiful dog blanket on the floor, & on the table was a bag of dog biscuits. The lady who brought us into the room said "You give Abby as MANY as she wants; it doesn't matter anymore." She placed a pile of biscuits in my hand. Abby got so excited & wagged her tail & went from Kent to myself getting treats as she was so hungry, not having had anything to eat since early morning. And each time she came to me she would lick my face like crazy & we were actually laughing at first to see her so happy. Then I started to panic & the tears came again; what are we doing???? She's FINE!!! But Kent said "no Em...she isn't fine...she's just showing us how happy she is to have some treats. It's for us that she is doing this." I said we were doing the wrong thing, to which he replied, "We are doing the most unselfish thing we have ever done for Abby."

When the doctor came in he asked if we needed more time, but I told him it wouldn't matter if we had 5 minutes, or 5 hours, the pain of losing her would be the same...so he may as well stay & do what had to be done. So with us on the floor by her side, & me telling her what I told her every night before she went to sleep: "Abby, have a good sleepy, baby girl. Dream sweet dreams, dream about puppy dogs & kitty cats & chipmunks & squirrels & froggies & turtles & butterflies & birdies & teddy bears...& little children playing with Abby; & remember how much you are loved"....he drifted into a deep sleep & within minutes her beautiful, loving, gentle heart stopped. She was so peaceful, & so beautiful. We stayed with her for a few minutes & hugged her & gave her kisses, & left. HEARTBROKEN.

And here we are today; all alone without our beloved friend. The pain is overwhelming & unbearable. We both walk each day, a walk that we took with Abby so many times since moving to Midhurst. And we will continue to walk every day we can, for Abby. But it hurts. We both know she is still walking right beside us; just not in the flesh. Time heals & it will definitely take a LOT of time, as we've just lost the most beautiful Soul in the world; to us. For me, this hurt is so much deeper without taking away any grief from Kent; but losing Abby was like losing one of my children all over again, as 3 of my 4 children (ages 8, 10, & 15) were killed in a helicopter crash with my brother, who was the owner & pilot, back in 1981; just 2 years after their Dad, my first husband, died from massive heart attacks. So Abby was, in every sense of the word; our "child". If we don't see our pets as our children, then we don't deserve to have them, because they require the same love & care as our children require.

The shock has now turned into disbelief, & the numbness is wearing off & reality is setting in. Just 2 days after she had her final sleep, Abby would have had her 7th Birthday. The house is so lonely. So empty. My world revolved around her. It was no different than having a small child for 7 years. You always do for them because they can't do for themselves. Everytime it snows, I feel so sad, as Abby loved the snow. She would be in & out so many times throughout the day & I would LOVINGLY pick out the snowballs between her toes & in the middle of her "paw-paws" each time with complete Joy. I didn't care how many times I had to towel the snow off her back & head & legs. I'd be kissing her on her head as I was doing it, talking to her; asking her if she had fun, did she roll in the snow, did she see any other doggies outside, any bunnies. My day was her day, & her day was my day. And I was blessed to have a husband who was never jealous of all the attention I was giving to her, as he knew the special bond that Abby & I had.

We moved here when Abby was 7 months old. She left us at 7 years old.

Kent & I are asking for your prayers. Not just for us, but for our beautiful Abby as well, & for the many people whose lives she touched. Thank you.

February 20 2013 Sweet girl, when I first placed you in Residency on Rainbow Bridge, I chose a different song for you. But a couple days ago, while Daddy & I were at a cottage with Uncle Chris & Auntie Mary, I decided to make some changes to the inscriptions on the photos. I also started going through the songs & as I got down to "You Are So Beautiful"....I realized that's what I would sing to you sometimes; & so the decision was made to have THAT song playing for you. For some unknown reason, when I saved the changes, everything in the "Special Mmeories" disappeared. I didn't know what to do; I was so upset. I left the room & went upstairs to the bedroom & cried. I know now that it was silly, because really, the only thing that I didn't have saved at home were all the messages I left here for you. Everything else I had on my computer. But that's Mommy; always so emotional; especially when it came to you. So now I have everything put back on here, & I will create NEW messages here for you, & I will come here every few days & put another one on. Because, you see, I believe that as I type them, you can see them. You may not be here with me in the Physical, but you are always in my Heart & we're connected Spiritually. So that's why I know you see the words as I type them. I love you so much Pumpkin, & miss you more & more each day. I will love you forever, & that's a PROMISE that I will never break. I keep asking why this had to happen; you were my everything, & I'm lost without you. Your Mommy Forever xoxoxo

"Come, sweet Abby, lay your head on my lap
And I will protect you, as you take a nap
Don't think of tomorrow; only today.
For tomorrow won't come, & I want you to stay.
Our memories our forever, they'll never leave,
Please lay on my lap....so I won't have to grieve."

©eryckman 2013

Feb. 22/13 Dearest, beautiful Soul, at 7 years of age, you left us. Today is 7 weeks since that dreadful day that broke our hearts. The last day I held you...the last day I kissed you....the last day I made your breakfast....the last day I gave you treats...the last day I woke up with you beside me.....& the first day I felt like dying with you. Not a day....an hour goes by that you're not in my thoughts, & not a second will go by without you being inside my heart. Mommy was going through some poems that I wrote & came across the poem that I wrote for Heidi, after she had her final sleep, so I thought I would leave it here so that you can read it to Heidi.

Ode To Our Beloved Heidi

I remember when we got her, a little Golden ball of fur;
Within my lap she safely slept & didn't even stir.
So many nights I went to her as her Mommy she did miss;
I'd cradle her & hold her close...there was nothing quite like this!

We had to force her feedings when she was just a little pup;
We even fed her with a spoon...determined not to give up.
We trained her how to walk with us, to heel right by our side;
Sometimes it wasn't easy, but we took it all in stride!

As time went by she listened & learned her manners well;
Eventually she learned some tricks...with those she did excel!
Her favorite place was Noganosh. & "Brooks' Cottage by the lake;
She'd wear you out with Frisbees & balls; as much as you could take!

She was the "apple of my eye", I had "fallen in love" with her;
And suddenly at the age of 11; her health became a blur.
She was so lethargic, so we took her to a hospital for pets.
She wasn't eating anything; she needed care from vets.

The news was very hard to take; the next day we went to her side
Her final sleep just moments away; we held her, with tears in our eyes.
The doctor came, I held her head, she lay there on the floor;
Our beloved pet had gone to sleep, we said "I love you" once more.

Now Heidi plays in Heaven each day & will always live in our heart
She has no pain, & she runs all day, & our love will never part.
And one day, when it's time for us, we will be together once more,
She will lick our faces as we embrace on the beautiful Heavenly Shore.

Heidi's Mommy....2007

Well my darling girl; now you know more about Heidi & can tell her how much we love her too. You never ever took the place of Heidi, & no one will EVER take YOUR place. Each of you brought something very Special to Mommy & Daddy, & these things can never be duplicated. One day, when the time is right, we will have another puppy, but you will ALWAYS by my "Angel with paw-paws" & I will love you FOREVER & EVER & EVER. I miss you so much Abby, I grieve for you every day & I expect I will grieve for a very long time. I had a special bond with Heidi, but what I had with you was beyond anything I had ever experienced before. It was a Spiritual connection; as if we'd travelled together before; & that made our bond together that much deeper. I am so grateful that I had the PRIVILEDGE of having you in my life. I must be very Blessed to have had that. Thank you, my beautiful girl, for giving me such Joy & Love. Your Mommy Forever xoxoxo p.s. I'm placing Heidi's photo here so that people can see her too.

March 2 2013 It's been a few days since Mommy has come here to leave a message for you my precious Angel, but you know that I talk to you every night & every morning & even through the day. I miss you as much now as I did the day you went to Raindow Bridge. Mommy got a 20 x 30 canvas print done of your photo that I took of you in the snow. It hangs on my bedroom wall so that I can kiss your "paw-paws" each night before I go to bed, & talk to you whenever I feel lonely. But you already know that, don't you, my precious darling. You see Mommy's tears & you hear Mommy talking to you. You watch over me as I lay in bed, cuddled into your "Bear" & "White Doggie", wishing that you were lying beside us. You know the struggle I've been having each & every day, trying to learn to live without your physical presence. We went to Uncle Chris & Auntie Mary's last night, & would you believe, Kingston, Auntie Mary's beautiful cat, came down the stairs to the door to greet me? He's NEVER done that before. Did you ask him to do that?? Because it sure made Mommy feel good! I love you so much; my love for you will never change, as you are inside my heart forever. Have fun my darling; greet new Fur Babies as they come over & please make sure you visit Barry & Joanne & Bobby as I know they will love you as much as I do. Tell them I love them with all my heart & I still miss them after 31 years. They will always be "children" to me....in my mind they have never grown up. Give them licks each time you play with them. I just love you so much, baby girl. Mommy xoxoxo

March 14 2013 - 12 days since I've been here to visit you, but you know that I talk to you every morning & every night & kiss your beautiful picture on my wall. It's been 2 months & 10 days since we gave you your final sleep, baby girl, & I miss you as much now as I did the moment you slipped away so peacefully at the Vet's Office. The tears still come daily. I miss you so much that sometimes my heart feels as though it's going to break in two. I miss having a Fur Baby to pour my love onto, & I want you to know that we will look at getting another Fur Baby as soon as we can. No Fur Baby will ever replace you, but you already know that, sweet one. But we will love another Fur Baby like we loved you, & will provide a caring home for her, once we get the Fur Baby that I KNOW you are going to find for us! Mommy & Daddy are going to Elliot Lake next week for 4 nights to visit Uncle Mike & Auntie Cindy...& to see Uncle Ron & dear Leanne. She will be 13 on the 28th of March so we will celebrate her Birthday early. I will wish her "Happy Birthday" from you. It won't be the same being in Elliot Lake without you. Do you remember all the walks we did by the water? And sometimes Auntie Cindy would take you early on her own! They have a Fur Baby too now! Although Auntie Cindy says that we should have her because she's "my kind of dog; always wanting to be near me" & you know Auntie Cindy....she's not that kind of a Fur Baby person! Uncle Mike rescued this Fur Baby when one of his patients died. This man was blind, & while he was at Uncle Mike's hospital the Fur Baby was allowed to be there. After his Daddy passed away, the Fur Baby continued to be there as there was no one to take her, so Uncle Mike brought her home to look after her. Wasn't that nice of him?? I'm really looking forward to meeting her & telling her all about OUR beautiful Fur Baby....YOU! Oh Abby.....I long to cuddle you & kiss you on your nose & your paw-paws. I long to stroke your beautiful fur & give "crazy kisses" on your belly like I used to do. I still hear from other Mommys & Daddys here on Rainbow Bridge, & it is so heartwarming as I know they understand how I feel. Be a good girl & mind your manners & have fun with all the other Fur Babies on the Bridge, sweetheart. I love you & miss you more than words could ever express. Hugs & kisses & love from Daddy & Mommy, always. xoxoxo

Dearest Angel, It's been a while since I've left a message for you, but I talk to you every day, several times throughout the day, & I know you hear me. Today is a GOOD day; but also a SAD day. The puppies were born last night, as I'm sure you already know because you were no doubt there...all boys. 5....plus one little boy Soul who was already on Rainbow Bridge before he came into the world. And one little girl puppy was also stillborn; the only girl. I know you & all the other Fur Babies met them. The dilemma is that I don't know how your Daddy is going to react when I tell him that there are only boy puppies . I don't care if it's a girl or a boy, because I will love the puppy & be happy to have whatever I feel God planned for us. We could turn to another breeder, but I believe with all my heart that you led us to Nancy because her dogs are healthy & are not bred frequently. You know that means a lot to Mommy because I don't want to see another Fur Baby go through what you went through at such an early age. I believe that we are meant to have one of Pride & Delight's puppies...whether it is a boy or a girl puppy. I connected so much with Pride, & he felt my pain of losing you. So please, Abby.....send encouraging messages to Daddy so that he will accept a boy puppy. I know you will be watching over him & helping him with his training because you were so easy to train & you were such a good girl. I need a Fur Baby to love, my precious Abby. To give the kind of love that I gave to you. Please continue to comfort me, as it means so much to me. I love you.....to eternity. Mommy xoxoxo

My Beautiful Angel....I may not come her as often as I did in the beginning, but you know that I talk to you every morning, every evening, & several times throughout the day. I love you as much now as I did the moment I held you in my arms for the first time. And I will love you to Eternity, & you know that's a FOREVER! You sure must have sent those encouraging messages to your Daddy about getting a boy puppy, because by the time he got back from Noganosh....he was excited to have a little boy! We go to visit them almost every week Abby. I wish we could have had that kind of connection with you from the beginning, but this breeder is a very Special lady whose heart is only in the right place. The boys are a month old now, & they're so cute! But you already know that, don't you? I know you're watching over all of them & no doubt know which one will have his Forever home with us....& after he is here, I know you will continue to watch over him, just as you watch over us. Oh Abby, my darling, I miss you so much. You see Mommy's tears. You know what I am feeling. Even knowing that we will soon have a new puppy in our life, my thoughts are always with you because I love you so deeply. I will come back when we get the puppy here & tell you how happy we are to have him in our home; YOUR home. I love you, baby girl. Always & forever. Your Mommy xoxoxo

Sunday, June 23 2013. It's been 5 months & 19 days since you closed your eyes for the final time my beautiful Angel. And I still cry for you. Just writing to you today....the tears are falling. I miss you with every beat of my heart. The new puppy will be here on Friday. I brought up your cage to set up in my bedroom so that I can ease the loneliness for his siblings & his Mommy when we go to bed. It will be right below your picture on the wall, so that you can watch over him & comfort him should he whimper. I will fondly remember comforting you when you first came to live with us at just 8 weeks old. This little puppy will be 9 weeks old, & his human Mommy has already begun to train him & his 4 brothers to potty outside. Do you remember Friday & his human Mommy Sandy? She brought me an incredible gift for the new puppy....a puppy stroller! It's so cute....but I don't think he will use it for long as he will quickly grow too big for it. She even put a beautiful Golden Retriever blanket inside for us.....a Mommy & Daddy Golden with their little one. So sweet, Abby. People are so kind, aren't they? Everyone misses you....but NO ONE more than me. I try to be happy about the new puppy, & in a way I am....but I'm missing you so much that it hurts like crazy. I may not come here every day, but I talk to you every day & every night. We spent 4 nights in Ottawa with Keith & Jeannie, & even thought I'm sure you were "there" with us...I missed you so much. I wish I could understand why all this had to happen....but I don't. Yes, I'm so blessed to have had almost 7 wonderful years with you....but it should have been double that. But you were "silently" in pain, & I couldn't watch you suffer any longer. I knew....when no one else did....because your heart & mine are connected...FOREVER. I love you. I have to go because I can't see the keys because of the tears....forgive me, my beautiful baby girl.....Mommy xoxoxo

July 6th 2013 6 months ago, on the 4th, you went to your home on Rainbow Bridge. You know how many tears have flowed since that day....as you felt every one of them. A week ago today we brought your little "brother", AARON home to join our family. And just as I promised, the first thing I did when we got home was to show him your picture on my wall. I told him that you are his Soul Sister, & that you would watch over him every day & every night. I know that you have already been doing that from the moment Delight was impregnated. I also believe that we were meant to have a boy, as I didn't know how I would be able to deal with another little girl, knowing that you would ALWAYS be "my little girl". That will never change, & Aaron will always be "my little boy". I'm going to try to add his photo here with yours, baby girl. Today we start training with him, with Nancy, the breeder. We've become so close, Abby. Unlike the breeder where we got you. Nancy has been here every step of the way in this journey, & I've grown to love her so much. I can't wait to show her how big Aaron has gotten in just 1 week. I know you play with him because he looks like he is playing with another dog! Thank you for loving him, Abby. You've taught me to be able to give HIM the same love that I gave YOU. I'm so grateful for that. I hope you have been meeting new animals as they cross over, baby-girl. Remember what Mommy used to tell you....don't chase bunnies or squirrels as they are just as special as every other living thing on this earth. Greet them with love and make them feel welcome on Rainbow Bridge. You will always be in my heart, FOREVER. All my love, Mommy & Daddy & your new "Brother", Aaron xoxoxo

September 25th 2013 I've discovered that I don't need to be here all the time to feel you around me, my sweet Abby. I talk to you each night as our little Aaron now lies beside me in the bed, just as you did. Many nights as I talk to you, the tears come, as I still miss you & will ALWAYS miss you. I know Aaron understands, because I believe he sees you. He's so good when we have to go out for a couple hours....when we come back...he simply saunters down the stairs as if to say "Oh, you're back! OK!" Sometimes he doesn't even get up from his sleep behind the sofa, & I know, it's because you've been with him while we've been gone. He's a wonderful little boy Abby. So much like you, and yet, so different. Today as I was talking to him, his eyes; they were yours. And I remembered talking to you and watching your eyes, so expressive, just like his was today. Mommy slipped on wet grass less than a week after we brought Aaron home, & I ended up with a small fracture as well as a chipped bone in my ankle. So the summer has been rather difficult as I couldn't walk Aaron; but you know how much Daddy loved walking with you...& he's the same with Aaron. During the whole summer we had constant company here; people excited for us to have a new Fur Baby in our lives, with many staying overnight. So it's been a busy time for Mommy & Daddy. Uncle Ron is not doing well, baby girl. He will probably see you very soon. We are going to Elliot Lake just prior to Thanksgiving; but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we have to change our plans and go earlier. You know that Uncle Ron doesn't believe in God or anything after here, so please, baby girl, make sure you meet him when he crosses over. Then he will know that there is Life beyond the veil. I love you forever, to Eternity. But, you know that already, don't you, my darling Angel? xoxoxo

November 19 2013 Hello darling girl. It's been a while since I've been to your Residency, but I came today because....remember the sweet, caring Vet who looked after you at VEC that fateful day? She was so kind to Mommy & Daddy & had tears in her eyes when she walked in the room to tell us that there was nothing they could do for you.....she saw the pain we were going through, & the tears fell down her face. Today Dr. Erin came to visit us & to meet Aaron. We talked about you so much....I know you heard us. She was so happy that we got another Fur Baby; she said if anyone deserved a Fur Baby we did because she could see what loving parents we were. We had a wonderful time together, & after lunch, I showed her your Residency here on Rainbow Bridge, & copied the link so that she could come here to visit you. I showed her that beautiful photo of you on the bedroom wall. She said you were such a beautiful girl & so gentle and loving. But I already knew that, didn't I my pet! So here we are, in November, & on the 30th, Mommy & Daddy are bringing Aaron to stay with Uncle Scott & Aunt Wendy while we go on a Caribbean Cruise. Will you stay with Aaron as well please? He's so used to you "being" here in the house that I know he will miss you if you're not there with him. I will miss him very much, just as I always missed you, and still do. Baby Girl, Uncle Ron is not doing well. I think you need to watch for him as he may be crossing over in the next few days. I haven't been able to talk to him for 2 days now because his breathing is so labored. The nurse told me this morning when I called that he has "pauses" now between his breaths every so often. Aunt Mary explained to me that this is like an apnea, and is usually a sign that he is close to dying. I pray for him every day and ask God to let him go in his sleep; not awake gasping for a breath. Leanne will be so sad. She cries a lot I think, but Aunt Cindy & Uncle Mike are wonderful caregivers and will take good care of her. And we will visit often & look after her any time they want to go away for a break. So please watch for him, my beautiful darling. Meet him as he crosses over & show him what a wonderful place he is in! I love you with all my heart, & always will. If I don't come here before the cruise, I will visit when we get back. Daddy loves you & misses you very much too. xoxoxo

Beautiful Angel Girl......1 year ago today I looked into your eyes & felt you say to me, "Mommy take me, please." The trip to the Vet just minutes after that revealed internal bleeding & my heart cried. Daddy came to meet us & together we brought you to VEC in Toronto. The beautiful doctor who looked after you was so caring & kind. I knew the minute she walked through the door after doing some tests, that your time with us was coming to an end. There were tears in her eyes, & as I said..."No, PLEASE, NO!" those tears fell down her cheeks. We drove back up the long road to our own Vet's office & sat on the floor with you giving you treat after treat that the staff had kindly provided for us. As the doctor injected the liquid I asked you to look at me, and you did. I said..."You have a good sleepy, baby girl. Dream sweet dreams, and know that Mommy & Daddy love you with all our hearts." And you softly & quietly slipped into a Peaceful Sleep that took you to Rainbow Bridge. I will miss you all the days of my life. Aaron knows you, I can tell, because when I say your name, he looks at me. Last night when we went to bed I looked at your beautiful picture on the wall and said..."Aaron, look at your Soul Sister Abby". He did, and kept staring at you as if you were talking to him. Then he nuzzled his head into my neck as if to say, "Don't cry Mommy. She's always here with us, and I love you so much." I'm so grateful for him, dear Abby. He has brought Joy back into our home. I love you, FOREVER. Mommy xoxo

Sweet Angel Girl, today as you celebrate your Birthday in Heaven on Rainbow Bridge, your Mommy will be sending Love & Hugs to you remembering the last time we celebrated your Birthday 2 years ago, with a Venison Birthday Cake. I miss you so much, and I will always miss you. I hope Barry, Joanne & Bobby are there with you today, playing & celebrating your Birthday with you. Next month will be Barry's Birthday....he would be 47....but was 15 when he left me. But I know that you & Barry & Joanne & Bobby & their Daddy will always be here with me in Spirit, as well as my sister Betty and my brothers Allan & Ed & my Mom & Dad & Deuty. I love you with all my heart, & Aaron loves you too & sends you a big slurp. I promise I will give him a special treat in honor of his Soul Sister's Birthday. "You're Just A Breath Away....." Mommy xoxoxo

Darling Abby, it's been so long since I've come here to place a message, but you can read my heart every hour of every day. Today is Friday. August 29th. This is the Labor Day weekend at Noganosh. I know how much you loved being there, and now, your Soul brother, Aaron, will be making his first trip into the camp on the back of your Daddy's ATV in the "Abby" box. We will now start calling it the "Aaron" Box just as we did with you after our dear Heidi passed. I know you will be right there beside him protecting him throughout the whole journey. He's a good boy, Abby. We're so proud of him and we know that you had a hand in choosing him for us. He's gentle, loving, affectionate, and has so many friends here in Midhurst. All the dogs you knew have accepted him like he was your brother, which in a Soul way, he is. Be with him at the camp, sweet Abby. He's still nervous about swimming (which was not at ALL like you! so please guide him into the lake and show him that he's safe there. He's 16 months old now.....oh how time flies my darling. Mommy and Daddy love you very much and will love you to Eternity. Keep a watch for sear little Friday....he hasn't been well and they almost had to give him his final sleep, but the dear Vet told them no....take him home and enjoy him....he wasn't ready. How I wish we could have had that Vet when we had you, but he's Aaron's Vet now, thanks to Sandi. Have fun every moment, give licks to Barry and Joanne and Bobby for me. Kisses and Hugs my darling girl....Mommy, Daddy, and Aaron xoxo

January 4 2015: Two years ago today you slipped away from us as the Vet placed a needle in your stint. I still feel the pain of losing you & will until the day I get to meet you once again on the other side. I am so grateful for our sweet Aaron....you did good Abby....you knew that we needed a gentle Soul, & you chose the best for us. The only time he barks is if he needs to go out or come in. He's friends with everyone he meets, & especially looks out for little Ryley up the street. You know that he sleeps with me every night, because you're there too, watching over both of us. as well as your Daddy. We love you more than words could ever express, my darling girl. I still cry for you, but Aaron is there to lick away the tears. He knows when I feel sad, & I get extra cuddles. I know now that my children were there to greet you when you crossed over; especially Joanne. She says that you are always with her.....please tell her how much I love her; as well as Barry and Bobby. I miss them so much Abby, but knowing that you are there with them is so comforting. Thank you for choosing me to be your Mommy, & for choosing AARON to be our first BOY Golden Retriever. I love you with all my heart & always will. Aaron loves you, his Soul Sister, very much & wants you to know how happy he is to be here with us. Little does he know just how much it means to us to have him here. You know that Mommy is happy as she doesn't come here as often....that's because I know now that you are always with me. I will come back again one day when you least expect it, but until then, know that you are LOVED so very, very much; & always will be. Hugging you my darling girl.....Mommy xoxo

January 4, 2016: It's been 3 years since we had to kiss you "goodbye" amongst tears. But I know you are always here with us. Your beautiful photo still hangs on my bedroom wall, where I still talk to you and tell you how much you're loved. I feel you around our wonderful Aaron, and when I say your name....his ears "perk up" because I KNOIW he met you on the Other Side before coming here to be with us....I believe you chose him for us because he's such a gentle boy and so loving. I don't come to Rainbow Bridge that often any more.....and that's a good thing sweet Angel. It means that I am healing but NEVER FORGET YOU. I've had so many losses in my life darling.....I sometimes wonder what my purpose must have been before I came to Earth. First my sister Betty when I was only 8 years old, then my Mom while baby-sitting for us, then my dear husband Bill, then 2 years later.....3 of my 4 darling children and a brother, then 2 years later my Dad, and then a few years later my last sibling, brother Alan. Many pets throughout the years....then Golden Retrievers after I married Kent; Penny, Heidi, then you, my darling. I could NEVER forget ANY of you, my pets were my children as much as my 2 legged children were, and I will love each of you FOREVER. I know the support you have around you there today will be tremendous, and the support you will have here will be NEVER-ENDING. We love you....FOREVER. Mommy and Daddy xoxo

January 6, 2016: Happy Birthday in Heaven dear precious Abby. We are holding you close to our heart today remembering all the beautiful times we shared together. I even gave Aaron a teaspoon of peanut butter this morning in honor of your Birthday...telling him to "enjoy it, for YOU"! I'm sure there are MANY celebrations on Rainbow Bridge every day....and today, it's YOUR celebration, my sweet girl. Mommy and Daddy and your "Soul Brother, Aaron, wish you a Beautiful Day, and send our LOVE to you. I miss you so......

January 4, 2017: Dear Angel..this is always a difficult day for Mommy, more so than your Daddy....because I've not only had to say "farewell" to you and other pets, but to 3 of my human children as well. You will never be forgotten, sweet Angel; especially when I look into the beautiful Soul of our Aaron; because he has a personality so similar to yours. I know that you're happy to know that we filled the void of having you beside us by getting him that following July. He's the Love of my Life....just like you were and still are. He's such a gentle Soul....but I don't need to tell you that because you knew him on the Other Side before he came to be with your Mommy and Daddy....and probably even chose him for us. Our love is always with you and all our other pets in the past, and my children whom I miss so much. But life goes on, and I thank God for giving me the strength and the courage to move forward....and not live in the past. One of my favorite sayings has always been: "Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift....that's why we call it the "Present" Because the Present is the only place we should be in order to live life to the fullest. I love you, my Angel, and I always will. And one day....we will ALL be together again, and will meet on Rainbow Bridge! Kisses from Mommy and Daddy, and licks from your "Brother" Aaron.xoxo

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