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Memories of Abby
April 12, 2015
As I sit here and remember you I find it hard to believe so much time has passed.
In April of 2006 we got transferred to Oregon through my husband's job. We had moved with my old lady kitty Jacy. In my plight to hold on to Jacy forever I convinced my husband that she needed a play mate to keep her healthy. In May of that year we found Abby. With the other cats we have found in various shelters I knew they were the fit for our family and they came along willingly. Abby was different from the very start but she fit in well.
It didn't take long for her to realize that Jacy got special wet food and they became fast friends. Jacy died in July and Abby was sad right along with me. It didn't take long for me to see that Abby was a social cat that needed other cats around so we found Maggie in a shelter and Hollie also to complete our family.
We never knew if it was Maggie or Hollie but one was weaned too soon and Abby started making milk for both of them. I was still in a heavy mourning of Jacy, but I would watch Abby with these two rowdy kittens and marvel her strength and ability to be a mom.
In January of 2007, Maggie died suddenly leaving all of us in shock, she was less than a year old. Momma Abby rolled with the punches though and welcomed Ari into our home. We thought that when Ari moved in Abby would quit making milk. But no that wasn't the case, she continued milking for Hollie and Ari for years.
Then one day I noticed a shift in her, all of the sudden she no longer made milk and the other two cats were on their own. It must have been about five years she let them nurse.
When I would get migraines Abby was my go to cat. She would sit on my stomach in a dark room purring quietly and kneading. This helped me relax enough to manage through the migraine.
In March of 2015 we noticed that Abby had lost a lot of weight quickly so I took her in for a check -up. We learned that she had Hyperthyroidism and that her pulse was a little high. We got her on a plan and thought she was doing well until the day came that she wasn't feeling well. Abby died the next day of congestive heart failure.
I held Abby as she took her last labored breath and sent her to Jacy who I am sure was waiting for her at the bridge.
March 19, 2016 Abby - It has been almost a year and I still miss you so much. Just know that I love you and look for you in my dreams nightly. Come for a visit my sweet Abigail.
March 6, 2017 I am a little early this year my friend. In my heart I know you have not left my side, but I am having trouble seeing you these days. As I struggle through life I find strength in knowing you are there. We have a new kitten Rhaquie (Rocky) that you would just adore. She is 11 months old now and fighting Ari for the queen of the castle honor. She just may make it! Life is just not the same without you my friend. Enjoy the everlasting sunshine.
April 5, 2018 Hello my momma kitty. Just a quick check in to let you know I love you. I see you once in a while in my dreams, thank you for that. Our kitty family is still the same with Rhaquie being youngest and Ari being oldest. Sit under the rainbow for me my kitty.
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