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Memories of Abby
11/08/13 : My dearest sweet Abby, I hope you are happy in your new home. it has been almost a week since mommy and I ended your pain. My heart is in pieces without you. Your struggle to walk and move around has ended and I am so happy for you but I cannot stop thinking that we made that choice for you and that you were not ready to leave us. I know you could not tell us how much pain you were in and you refused to show us because you were always so stubborn. You did it to keep us happy for so long. We could tell that you were masking the discomfort you were in so we would not be sad for you. You were the most caring and giving little girl. You would always sit by us when we were sad and lay your head on our laps. I truly miss you lying by my feet and in between mommy and me on the bed at night. Your sister Hannah is lost without you. We are doing our best to comfort her and make the adjustment easier for her. I hope you can forgive us for our decision we made to end your suffering and give you a pain free home. I love you always and forever. Daddy

01/06/14 : Yesterday was your birthday and I thought about you all day. I did not come here to leave you a birthday wish because I because I just couldn't. Mommy, Hannah and I miss you so much. Hannah does not seem as lost with out you there and is doing her thing to comfort us as we comfort her. It is so cold out and we have a lot of snow. You would have a VERY hard time outside and I am glad you do not have to experience it. I hope you are meeting new friends and are with Shadow Onyx and Daisy. I will write again soon. Love you. Daddy.

11/02/14 : Hi honey It's been a year since you have been gone and I'm sorry I have not visited sooner. It is still so painful when I think about you and even harder to come here and see all the posts from strangers giving condolences to mommy and me. I hope you have made lots of friends and are playing with them every day. Hannah is not looking for you anymore but I am sure she still misses you with all her heart. She wants to play more with mommy and me but we cannot play with her the way you did and I think she stops so quickly when we do play with her because she wants us to chase her like you did but we cannot. We are kind of starting to talk about getting her a play mate but I am not 100% sure she wants another brother or sister. She LOVES being the center of attention now and I do not want to take that away from her training and taking care of a new puppy/dog. mommy wants to say something now. I love you always and will never forget you. Daddy

11/02/14 : My precious sweet pea.....I can't believe that it's been an entire year since I've seen that adorable face of yours. There is never a day that goes by when I don't think of you. I believe that you taught Hannah well.....she looked up to her older sister and took over the role of taking care of us the best way that she knows how. She knows when I am sad by staying close to me but doesn't snuggle up to me the way you used to. When I would cry for whatever reason, I always knew in my heart that you would do anything to make me feel better. You always gave me as much comfort as I needed, whether it was 10 minutes or 2 hours by laying next to me and resting your head in my lap. You helped me get thru some of my most difficult times and as you know, there were many. Yes, I am still sleeping diagonally sometimes but since the first night I invited Hannah to sleep next to me, she has done so every single night and I love her for that. You and I have a very special bond and I will never, ever forget the immense joy that you brought to my life. From the moment I saw you for the very first time until the moment I hugged for the very last time, I knew that you would always be a part of me. There is a space in my heart that will always be reserved for you and I pray that you always know that. Love you to the moon and back!!! Mommy

01/07/15: Hey Baby,Happy belated birthday. I am sorry I did not stop by here on your birthday. I went back to work that day after being sick for a month. We miss you so much and truly hope you are happy there. It is SO cold again and I am glad you do not have to be out in it. Mommy and I found out recently that Hannah is
crying/howling when we are gone and bothering the neighbors who called the police. She is so lonely when we are gone, we had no idea that she was still missing you that much. I bring her to grandma and grandpas now when I go to work. We hope this helps her. Take care and talk to you later. Love always. Daddy

11/01/15: Oh my it will be 2 LONG years since you have been gone tomorrow and the pain has not subsided at all! I am sorry I do not visit more but I just can't. I am sitting here crying just as hard as I did when we ended your pain. Now I have the pain instead and that is how it should be Mommies and daddies are the ones who take they pain for their children. Daddy had a few operations this year. Mommy and I are now dog sitting and we are doing it to give Hannah the chance to meet and play with other doggies. She even stayed at two homes to meet new friends. The second one we feel she had a better time with that family and their doggies. Hannah still howls but not as much. We do not know why she does because it is only every once in a while. I think maybe she is thinking about you when she is alone in the kitchen when we are not home. She did something last night that she has only done once before. She slept in your spot in the middle. It made me really think of you even though I think about you EVERY day. I want to believe you were with us last night and that you asked Hannah to sleep there to feel us. Thank you for being there last night. I love you and always will. I will keep thinking about you every day and never stop. bye for now my sweet loving little girl. Daddy.

01/5/16: Happy birthday honey! I am at a loss for words right now. Gizmo passed a few days ago and I hope he found you. Show him around and take care of him his family misses him so much. You were such a loving and caring little girl. It is very cold here now that winter has arrived. I hate it. Hannah is still howling at times but it is only once in a while. I know she still misses you and always will. Mommy and and I Love you and I will talk to you later. Bye for now pumpkin! XOXO Daddy

11/2/16: Hi honey it's 3 years now since your passing and I am still missing you every day. mommy and I had to stop watching doggies because we messed up one day and left before a dog named Prezi was calmed down and he jumped the gate and barked all day making Hannah howl and the police came. So we had to stop. Hannah really liked Prezi so now she lost another friend. Hopefully we can watch him on the weekend when we are home. I got a new job. I am a CSO again, this time for Morton Grove. I hope you and Gizmo are with each other and playing each day! I need to go sweetie, I love you and always will!! XXXOOO Daddy.

1/5/17: Happy birthday my sweet girl! I can't believe it's been another year. I still think about you everyday and will try to continue to think about you every day! We watched Prezi agin and Hannah was so happy to see him. She is more playful than she was just a few months ago the surgery was so good for her. She still cry's a lot and mommy and I do not understand why. Have a wonderful day and remember we love and miss you so so much! XXXOO Daddy.

2/9/17: Hi baby did you find Hannah? she came to you on Tuesday (2/7/17). She was very sick and we wanted her to be with you. Please show her around and take care of her there like you did when you were with mommy and daddy. I know she missed you so much since you left. Now you will be with her forever. We love you and will always be thinking about you two. Talk to you later. XOOXX Daddy.

3/12/17: HI Abby, I just spoke with Hannah and told her about Lucy, I know you two would like her. She has traits from both of you. Belle is now with you guys. Her being your life long friend she is in good hands.. Her mommy is happy she can now be with you two and play like you used to.. Her arthritis got g=the best of her like it got you. You know mommy and I think about you everyday and us adopting Lucy was so we can pass on the love you and Hannah showed and and gave us.. She is sweet and like I said has a few of your traits. Never ending kisses, laying on us and running in circles in the living room. She has Hannah's not wanting her feet touched her white eye lashes and running up the stairs not getting her harness taken off. Take care of Belle and you three have fun.. Love you!!! XOXOXOX Daddy..

11/4/17 Hi Baby I cannot believe it has bee FOUR years since your passing. I still miss and think of you everyday. Mommy and I see more of you and Hannah in Lucy each day. She has your desire to cuddle and give kisses and plays the way you did with your toys. She likes to rip them open and you like to tear the eyes out. Thank you again for sending her to us. We know you and Hannah wanted us to love her. I'll talk to you soon my sweet sweet girl. XOXOX Daddy

01/05/18 HAPPY BIRTHDAY my little one!! I see that In my last post in November I said it was five years since your passing.. Well It has been FOUR but it seems longer because we still miss you so much and always will. I hope you and Hannah are having fun with Belle and Gizmo. It is SO cold here Lucy hates going out.. She is so much like you and your sister :) I know it is not cold where you are but always just right for you. Also Merry Christmas and Happy new year. Lets hope this is a better one for mommy and me. Love you Honey XOXOX. Daddy.

11/2/18 Hey Honey five years since you have gone, and yes Mommy and I still miss you every day. We take comfort in knowing that you and Hannah are together and playing with all the friends you had here and the new ones you have made. Keep having fun and I will be back to talk to you again soon. Love you XOXOX Daddy.

11/5/19 HAPPY BIRTHDAY beautiful! I cannot believe you would have been 17 years old today. Shika is now 18 and that is amazing for her. Mommy and I still miss you and will never forget you. You were our first little one together and that is very special. It is a warm day today even though it is winter. Last year it was so cold Lucy would not go out remember I told you that. We actually went for a walk around the block. It was good to go for a walk. Have not done it with her in like 2 months because of the cold. Have fun with Hannah today and enjoy your special day. Love you!! XOXOXOXO Daddy

1/20/19 Hi baby don't forget to wish your sister a happy birthday today.. Love and miss you as always. Love Daddy XOXOXXXXOOX

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