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Memories of Abby
A kitten fell from Heaven into my arms and I named her Abby. The Angels called her back home much too soon. I long to meet her again at Rainbows Bridge. Abby came into my life when I walked out my back door one morning and saw a small, black furry kitten sitting on my wood stack crying her little heart out. She was about six weeks old and starving. She was either abandoned by her mother or had gotten lost. I called my fiancé and asked, what to do with this ball of fur. She said" take it in of course." I did bring her in and fed her until she stopped crying and went to sleep. We spent the whole weekend holding her and comforting her and feeding her. You could hold her in your arms like a baby and she has so small she fit in the palm of your hand. The second day we named her Abby and within 12 hours she knew her name and would come when you called. Over her short life of 3 years she became more than a pet but was a lovely, affectionate part of the family. She never hunted or killed anything while outside. I never even saw her climb a tree. Every morning and every evening I would make a coffee and we would go out into the courtyard and I would sit drinking my coffee and she would walk around smelling and enjoying being outside. She was a constant in my life and always showed her love for me and I for her. Four weeks ago she became ill. The Vet was unsure of the problem so I took her to Texas A&M School of Vet. Medicine. After 2 days of test that concluded she had what was basically congested heart failure. The prognosis was not good but medicine might help. I tried the drugs given me for 2 weeks, but she continued to get worse. I knew losing her would be almost unbearable to me but could not continue to see her struggle to breathe and have her lungs drained of fluid every 4-5 days. For the last 2 weeks I have cried more tears than I thought possible. Today I could no longer justify my selfishness for wanting to keep her in my life and knew I must let her have peace and comfort. She passed at 4:50pm, June 18, 2012. A part of me has died with her. I brought her home and buried her in her favorite spot in her courtyard. I would have done anything possible to have saved her and did do all I could. Sometimes there are situations beyond our control and some things just can't be fixed. Knowing this does not lessen the pain which now is all consuming. I will missed our time together and our coffee breaks more than words can say. Abby was my special part of goodness in this world and I only hope I can find a way to continue without her. I loved Abby and she loved me.

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