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Dear Abbey, It has been a week since you were suddenly taken from me on Friday, January 29, just hours from your 15th birthday, but the pain and the emptiness that I feel seems to get worse with each passing day. I am sorry that you had difficulty breathing in the last moments of your life and that there was nothing that I could do for you. Oh how I wish that we could go back in time. You were the most perfect car companion thru our cross-country travels and were always by my side when we were home. You gave me a reason to get out of bed and go for walks. I would rush home when I was out just to be with you. These days, I do not leave the house much because it is too painful to return and you are not there to greet me. You are/were my world!

We first met on March 19, 2006 and you came home to us on March 24, 2006. I can still see your scared, sweet tiny face looking up at me, not knowing who I was. I had no idea what to do with you as I had never had a dog before but you made it easy for me to learn quickly. You were just perfect from day one. You were my world, my life and my one and only furry baby. You were loved by everyone that we met on our daily walks from KS to TX and because of you I met our neighbors in the three homes we shared. Thank you my sweet, precious baby girl for almost 15 years of pure joy, companionship, unconditional love, loyalty, wet kisses, and all that you brought into my life. YOU ARE IRREPLACEABLE and I am lost without you. I hope that you have reunited with Suzie Woo and that you have introduced her to Rambo and Sawyer as you navigate thru your new surroundings. You are missed every second of the day and I cannot wait until we reunite forever in eternity! Love, mama

Feb 10 - Oh baby girl, it's been difficulty to be without you. It's a cold day in Frisco but I wish you were here so that we could go for our walk.

Feb 12 - My precious baby girl, today marks two weeks since you left me and I miss you immensely. I hope that you are not sad that I am not there with you. I pray that you like your new surroundings and that you are playing and running freely with SuzieWoo, Sawyer, Rambo, Sophie and all the other furry angels. I Love you baby girl! :-(

Feb 16 - Another difficult day without you, my precious baby girl :-(

Feb 19 - Today marks three weeks since you left me, baby. Fridays between now and 2 pm are extremely difficult as I cannot stop recalling those last moments of panic on my part. I know in my heart that I had to let you go as your quality of life would not have been a good one. It is just difficult to accept because of the normal morning that we had enjoyed. You seemed so healthy and happy. I am so sorry if I let you down, my precious baby girl. Yesterday Penelope lost her battle with neuroblastoma. At only 32 months old, she never did get to have a puppy. I pray that she is in your company along with all the other furangels, and many other children that were taken too soon. My sweet baby girl, my grief for you runs as deep as my love, and I cannot wait until our happy reunion!

Feb 24 - I am so sorry my Sweet Baby Girl! I miss you so much.

Feb 26 - My Precious Baby Girl, today marks four weeks since you left and it has not gotten any easier. I keep replaying that dreadful afternoon in my head and I'm having a difficult time accepting that it was obviously your time to go on Jan 29, 2021 and that our time together here on earth had come to an end. Oh, how I wish that was not so. I LOVE and MISS you immensely. Not a second goes by that you are not on my mind. You are my life, my world, and things are just not the same without you by my side. THANK YOU my Sweet Abbey, for always being my JOY, my SHADOW, my COMPANION, my reason for getting up every morning to walk even when I did not want to go and for LOVING me even when I was unlovable. I am sorry for the times that I rushed our walking time together and I am sorry if you were in any pain or discomfort and I just did not know it. You seemed so perfect and healthy but I should have known that at your age, you were fragile. My heart hurts immensely and longs for you to be here. The loneliness is difficult to scape because no one or nothing can fill the void that you have left in my life.

February 28 - My Precious Abbey today marks Day 30 without you. You are completely irreplaceable and there are no words that can capture what your loss has done to me. Words are just inadequate and I will never ever be the same without you my Babygirl. I posted a video on FB of you and Suzie Woo chasing each other back in Olathe on 09/09/09. This is how I envision you and her, along with Sawyer, Rambo, Lilly, and all other furangels spending your time while you patiently wait for me. I LOVE and miss you immensely!

Mar 1 - Day 31 - I love my precious baby girl!

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