Welcome to Rainbow Bridge Pet Loss Grief Center. We at Rainbow Bridge take the death of a pet very seriously. You are not alone with your grief. You will share a bond with those who have also lost a loved pet.

Though we can not bring back our loved ones, we do have comfort in knowing they are waiting for us to join them once again at Rainbow Bridge.

Pet Loss Forum
The Pet Loss Forum is here for you to discuss the devastation of your loss and the eventual understanding of how your beloved Baby affected your life. Enter the Pet Loss Forum.
Pet Loss Chat
The Pet Loss Chat Room allows a more personal contact with others who have felt the loss of a precious friend. The room is open 24 hours a day and between 8-12 pm EST has caring volunteers waiting to help. Enter the Pet Loss Chat Room.
Grieving the loss of a pet - Tips on how to cope
Your looking for answers and feel lost. Click Here for help.
When Empty Nesters Experience the Passing of a Beloved Pet
Your baby just passed and you are once agin alone in the house Click Here for caring answers.
Coping Suggestions for Someone Who is Grieving.
Your Fur Baby has left your life and changed it. However much you may wish otherwise, you will never be the same. Click Here for help.
Frequently Asked Questions about the grief we must journey through.
How long does grief last? Is it normal to feel like you're going crazy? and other questions you may have during this time. Click Here for caring answers.
Memorialize your Furbaby
For thoughts on ways to Memorialize your baby click here
Pet Loss Hotlines
For a list of Pet Loss Hotlines, click here
Making The Decision
Your decision to have your pet euthanatized is a serious one and seldom easy to make. Click here for some insightful thoughts.
Helping children cope with the loss of a pet.
For guidelines on helping a child through the loss of a pet, click here
Providing Pet Loss Grief Support
A guide to providing Pet Loss Grief Support to others.
Do Pets Grieve?
For thoughts on the subject, click here
Will we see our pets again? Do animals have a soul? A spirit?
Click here for some respected thoughts on the subject.
Adopting A New Pet
How soon should you adopt another pet? Click here for an informative article.
Grieving During The Holidays
Having to suffer a loss during the holidays is compounded by the usual emotions of the season. Here you will find suggestions to help you.
Signs you are Ready to Adopt a new Pet
Are you ready for the responsibility? Click here to make sure.
Tips for Parents Helping a Child Cope with a Pets Passing
Children need tender care and love understanding the loss of a beloved pet. Click here for some helpful tips.

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