Welcome to Terryanne(Totcha) and Pixie Lee Lee's Beloved Hearts Memorial
Terryanne(Totcha) and Pixie Lee Lee's Beloved Hearts Memorial
Memories of Terryanne(Totcha) and Pixie Lee Lee
Her Mum and Dads Baby Girl, her Darling Ken and Pixie Lee Lee's Dearly Beloved Mum, a Dear Beloved Little Sister of Russ, Haydn, and Jan a Dear Beloved Aunt to her Nephew Fin, Ken's Spud (Gerard jr) and Danielle, Nanny Patty and Ged, "2nd Mum" to her friends daughter Megan, a Dearly Loved Irreplaceable Friend to all her Wonderful Friends Grid, Popsi,Tina,Mel,Jan and all at Terumo our Little Sister, Terryanne. (Totcha, Totch, Toots)
Totcha you & your beloved Pixie are with your Mum & Dad (Grandy), our Nans and Grandads, Margaret, and my Dooley, Chi Chi, Ching & Samantha Darlings and your Rocky, Bella, Spud, Buster, Frog, Oggi, Snowy, also El & Hayds, Mooey & Softy & Russ & Fin’s Jack the parrot, I know you will be looking after all the fur, feathered and scaley babies on Rainbow Bridge as they wait for their beloved to join them and you will have taken into your loving care those babies that don't have anyone because you have always been an animal angel, and for sure you had special work to do there for them, so you went on ahead of us and will wait for us all there. I know you have my Chi Chi and that you picked him up in your loving arms the second he arrived, I know he will be just loving your knee and your loving arms he can snuggle into. Your Mum is loving your beautiful Darlings you left to look after her, Your Beloved Son Ken and your girly goo Pixie who just loves your Mums knee too, just know they have carried her through her loss as you knew they would and she knows you are with your Dad and everyone. You'll always be the Birthday Girl Totcha. Be back tomorrow to write some more Your Russ, Hayd, and Jan your loving Brothers and Sister xxxxxxx
Hello again Gorgeous Sis I bet you had a glass or 3 with your Dad, Margaret, Fran, Peter Chong our Nans and Grandys and the rest of our family and friends for your Birthday a real knees up too with all our furbabies and Jack (chattering away) enjoying the get together I can almost hear Chi Chi's purrs and the barks from the boy boys and girlies, they have all been so happy to see you and look after you on your special day for your lovely Mum, Ken and your Pixie. Love and Miss you so so much Totch. Your Jan Jan xxxxxxxxx
I bet your Nan Bella has been cuddling you and combing your lovely hair, you loved her so and missed her like you missed Dad, now they have their arms around you tight big hugs always. Love you Sis XXXXXXXXX
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Beloved Son Ken, Beloved Brothers, Russ, Haydn, Sister Jan, Nephew Fin. Her wonderful friends Grid, Popsi, Tina, Mel, Janet, Megan, Rita. Ged & Nanny Patty. Also Gordon who was part of her life. So many many more friends at Freshfields Animal Rescue and her Wonderful work colleagues at Terumo she was blessed with and she blessed with her friendship. Her Cousins Aunts and Uncles who loved her very much.

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