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I was surprised to received the reminder in my email today, reminding me that it was 3 years ago today that you decided to take your life. I'm still saddened by what happened and I still miss you. I'm sure we would have continued to be friends.

I'm thinking of your sister today, wondering how she is and knowing that this day must be so hard for her. I hope you send her a sign - you were the Queen of signs after all.

Bless you, Rose. I wish I could have known you longer.

Your friend, Sharon


I have a reminder in my email which I will receive once every year on this day to remind me of the day that you left. When I checked my email today and saw the notification that it was 2 years since you decided to go, I felt the pain of the loss all over again.

You helped me so much when I went through the loss of Kirby. It was such a horrible time in my life. I had dreaded his loss for so many years and when we met about a week after he died, those daily emails - several times a day - helped me so much. I hope they helped you too. I wish they could have helped more. I really feel that you and I would have continued our friendship and would have shared a strong bond for many years.

As you know, I lost Sydney in June. Losing him, of course, was just horrible. I loved him so much, more than I could ever communicate to anyone. I try not to think about it too much because the pain just runs too deep.

I hope that you now know that you were loved and cared about by many people here. I hope that you are with Sammy and Kirby and Sydney that you are happy. Please send a sign to let me know that you are thinking of me too.

Hugs, always, dear friend.



Dear Rose,

It was one year ago today that you decided to leave this world. I've been thinking of you today and missing you and wishing you were still around and we were still talking. Maybe we would have found a way to meet in person by now.

I'm sorry that you went through so much pain, enough pain to end it all. How desperately unhappy you must have been.

Please send me some signs. It's been so long since I got one from you. The last one was that rainbow, the two rainbows from you and Kirby.

Take good care and I'll see you one day. Thanks for helping us to get a good report for Sydney at the vet's office today. It means so much to me that he's doing well.

Love and Hugs, Sharon


A friend of mine sent me a picture of some dogs made out of flowers and they reminded me of your Sammy and then of you. I told my friend your story and you've been on my mind.

I still miss you and wish that you were still around. I hope that wherever you are, that you are happy and peaceful. Send me a sign now and then.

Take care of yourself, my dear friend.



Today is your Sammy's 3-month marker. I feel that it's a very appropriate day for me to be creating your memorial site.

I miss you terribly. You and I only corresponded for about 7 weeks via email, but I felt that we became quite close. I believe you felt that way too because you said we were kindred spirits. I wish our friendship could have gone on longer. I feel sad when I go to my email box after work and I don't see some emails from you that you sent throughout the day. I was devasted when I found out that you had gone. I wish you would have decided to stay.

Thank you for the gifts that you gave me. I'm glad that I have something to remember you by. I am playing the IZ cd right now. I wear the ribbon pin that you gave me and it helps me feel closer to you. I carry the keychain with the Kirby pics on it everywhere I go.

I'm glad that we were there for each other after you lost your Sammy and I lost my sweet Kirby. It would have been so much harder for me to go through without you. But now that you are gone, there is a great sadness again.

I really appreciate the signs that you sent. They helped comfort me. I thought the rainbow was wonderful. I really felt that I was in your presence. Please continue to send them.

I will always remember you and miss you, my dear friend. I hope you are at peace now and that you are with Sam again and my Kirby too. Please take care of him for me until I can be with him again. I look forward to meeting you someday when I reach the place that you are at.



I forgot to mention why I put the things I did around Rose's tombstone. I put the gardening tools there because she used to do a lot of gardening. I put some books there because she read a lot of books. The palm tree was because she loved Hawaii so much. The daffodils because she had daffodils in her backyard.

5/26/08 Memorial Day


I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you as are Deb and Gabby. We miss you. We hope that you are happy and peaceful and with Sam.

I can't believe that you have been gone for 6 weeks already.


Survived by:

A sister and many friends from Rainbow Bridge

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