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Hello my sweet, sweet Taffy. Guess what? We got another puppy and she really is just like you, super sweet. Her name is Lucy. We figured Abby needed a buddy just like you and Cody need each other. It's been a lot of work with two young ones, wow! We are enjoying them, but know that you're not forgetten, okay. We have your pictures up everywhere, and the girls have been sharing your really cool outfits. They loved your hot rain coats, and we sure used them this past winter. I wish you were here still, but I know you're healthy again and running and playing up at the bridge and that makes me smile. I love baby girl. Love you lots and lots!! xoxo Mommy

7.22.18 - Hi my sweet, sweet Taffy. I can't believe it's been one year since you left to go to the Rainbow Bridge. We miss you very much. Our new little lady is very much like you. She's sweet, loving, and extra special just like you. It's almost like it's you all over again, seriously. We love you and miss you, Taffy. Abby's birthday is tomorrow; she'll be one. Can you believe she was born the very next day after you went to Heaven? I think it's magical. I really do. I think you had a paw in putting us in touch with one another because you knew how very much we loved you and how bad we were struggling without you. Thank you for talking to God and finding us the perfect little girl to bring joy to our life again. You're not forgotten, Taffy, and never will be. You mean so much to us. We hope you and your brother are playing and enjoying one another each day. We miss you both. Till next time, my sweet Taffy. I love you!! Mommy!! xoxoxoxoxo

Hello, my sweet Taffy. It's almost Christmas. I can't believe you're not with me this year. Daddy and I miss you very much. So we didn't get the two little pups; they just weren't up to par. However, we did find the sweetest little yellow lab a few weeks later. I think you and your brother must have talked to Jesus and asked him to please give us the sweetest little doggie. She's so sweet, Taffy. It's like she's you reincarnated; it's so special. Plus she has a little bit of your brother in her too, ha, ha! We named her Abigail (Abby). She's not you, but she's very sweet just like you. We are enjoying her. Thank you for helping know which doggie to pick out. Abby is going to make you and Cody very proud. I love you, Taffy. Have a Merry Christmas up at the Bridge. Love you lots and lots. Xoxo Mommy

Hi My sweet little girl. You got to the river with us and enjoy your little diva den on the boat. We took some of your ashes with us so that we could have our little girl like old times. Life is so different without out you. I still come home and think when I open the door that you're going to be there smiling at me. It's not fair that animals don't get to live as long as us humans. So Taffy, I want you to know how much you mean to me and to daddy. We just can't stand not having a dog in the house, so we are getting another one okay. Actually, two. Yikes! (Dad's idea, not mine.) You are not being replaced, nor could you be. They have big paws to fill for sure. Mommy misses having something to care for and love on, so please don't be upset with us okay. I'm hoping you will help me from the Bridge because I haven't raised a pup since you were a pup. This is going to be pretty funny, little lady. I hope you enjoy the crazy show up at the Bridge with your brother. I will tell you the reason we decided to get them is because the mama looks a lot, a lot like you. I was like, wow! Yes, if we can have anywhere near Taffy, then yes, yes, yes. I will always love you the most, Taffy. You were so sweet and so loving. I will never forget you and our wonderful moments together. I will touch base with you again soon. We don't get them until they're 8 weeks, so another week before they get to come home. Wish us luck. We're going to need it. Love you with all my heart. Hugs and sweet kisses, Mommy!

8/4/17 - Hi my precious little lady. Wow, this really is hard here at the house without you. You meant the absolute world to me. I love you so much, Taffy. You really are my best friend. I still keep coming home thinking I'm going to see your smiling face, but I'm reminded when I walk in that you've gone off to the Bridge. The best part of my life was being you and your brother's mommy, truly! You guys made life fun and exciting. Well, baby girl, I have to go for now, but I will be back soon. Have a Frosty paw with Cody tonight okay. Have a good night. Love, love, love you.

8/3/17 - Hi Taffy. I'm so sorry I didn't write to you yesterday. I worked late and when I got home I just washed my face and went to bed with daddy. Daddy came home for the first time last night with no one home, and he was so sad. He really realized the impact of you not being here. It's so sad. We miss you barking at us in the morning for your morning snackies and hearing your tail beat on the walls or the floor in the morning when it's just about time to wake up. Oh, we miss you so much. The only thing making us feel better is knowing you have full use of your legs and that you're healthy again. I hope you're giving your brother a hard time, hee, hee. We miss you both. You were such a big part of our lives. You were our children and your absence is huge, very huge. You both kept us on a schedule and made us have purpose. We are very lost, but we are trying to keep on going and find our way without you two here. Well, I have to get going and working on more transcripts. I love you and miss you like crazy. We both do. Have a good day at the Bridge. Love, love, love you!!

8/1/17 - Oh, Taffy, how we miss you. It's just so crazy how life continues on after someone special passes on. I don't like that part of life. You were and are too important to us to just keep on going about our day like gee, this a normal because it's not normal. We miss you so very much. It was always nice to come home to your warm smiling face and wiggle butt. I miss our daily walks. I miss everything. We both do. Oh, this is so hard her without you. We love you baby girl. Miss and love you very much. Love Mommy and Daddy. Kisses and hugs. Night night.

7/31/2017 - Hi cutie pie. We did a candlelight vigil for you and your brother tonight. It was very nice and special. We miss you so much, little lady. Your cute little face and smile greeting us at the door is missed deeply. I know Daddy misses you going out to his truck to escort him in from work every day. It's all so different without you. This was your Queendom, and we miss our little Queen ordering us around and keeping us on a schedule. I wish you could see the memorial we've done for you. I think you would approve. It's fit for a Queen for sure. I'm glad you're healthy and running and playing with your friends up at the Bridge. I know you and your brother are still catching up and loving on each other and that makes me smile. I love you, Taffy. Night, night. Hugs and kisses, Mommy and Daddy.

7/30/17 - Oh, Taffy, it's Mommy's birthday today, and it's just not right without you here. The best part of my day has been Daddy hanging the cool coat rack he built, and we have hung up all of your cute coats and sweaters. It's such an art piece. It brings a smile to our faces just remembering you wearing them with pride and shaking your cute little tushy a little extra because you knew you were dressed up. Oh, the memories we have of you Taffy, they are so priceless. Daddy did the best he could to make my birthday special, and he gets an A for effort and an A for execution, but it still wasn't the same without out your sweet face. I would rather be with my baby than anything else. I hope you and Cody had an ice cream today to celebrate, though. If you did, that makes me happy. If you haven't had an ice cream yet, go get one...stat and enjoy! I love you and miss you. Talk to you soon, sweetie. Love Mommy and Daddy.

7/29/17 - Hi baby girl. We have been busy little beavers working on some custom memorials here for you at the house. Daddy built a really cool wood coat rack so we can hang all of your custom outfits on so we can still enjoy them and remember you strutting your stuff. Gee, Taffy, this is so hard. We miss you like crazy. Mommy is working on a little special memorial for you too. I think you would really like it. It's got all your favorite colors, and it has all your nicknames, a photo of you, along with a clay dog paw print of yours. I love you.

7/28/17 - Hi my sweet little love bug. We are still trying to adapt to life after you, sweet Taffy. I gotta say, I don't much like this at all. Life was much better with you here every day. I miss hearing you snore while I'm working and going on our regular Friday evening walk over in the harbor. Daddy wanted me to tell you how much he misses you too, and he truly does, little lady. You did it! You made Daddy become a love bug too. I'm so proud of you. I hope you and Cody are enjoying one another again. It is helping us to envision the two of you playing again without any pain or health issues. Time just went by too fast. I loved every moment being your dog momma. Love and miss you, sweetie. Talk to you soon. Night, night. Love Mommy and Daddy.

7/27/17 - Oh, Miss Taffy, Mommy had a rough day today. It's just so hard adjusting to not having you here to love on, walk, feed, bathe, smooch on, give you your cookies, everything is just gone. I don't really like it, but I know you're in a better place and have your legs and health back. I went through a lot of pictures and videos today, and it made me smile, especially the videos of the river. You loved swimming and running on the shore and splish-splashin' with your brother. You used to be so swift on your feet, you little cutie. Gee whiz, where did the time go? Blink of an eye and poof, it's all over just like that. Daddy is going to help me build a custom coat rack this weekend so we can showcase all of your handmade outfits that Grandma Josie custom made for you. They are just too precious to pack away, plus you totally enjoyed wearing them. I could always tell because you would walk with a little strut and shake your bottie a little bit more than normal. It was always so fun dressing you up. I love you my sweet, loving angel. I hope you and Cody are enjoying each other once again. That makes me and Daddy happy knowing that you two are back together again.

7/26/17 - Taffy, we are so happy to have you back home in your beautiful urn. It's bringing us a little bit of peace just knowing you're back home here at the house with us. It's still very, very weird around here. It's way too quiet and the usual schedule is just way off course. We've been going through photos, and it is helping because you put such a smile on our face. We are so thankful for you and very grateful to have been your dog parents. You taught us how to be so super loving, and we thank you for that. You are the No. 1 love bug, little lady. Well, mommy still finds herself at a loss for words, shocker, I know, but know that you are and always will be very special and important to both me and papa and forever in our hearts. Love you. We'll be back soon to check on you. Hugs and extra kisses today. Glad you're back home. Have a good night at the Bridge. Mommy and Daddy

7/25/17 - Taffy, I miss my little assistant. Today was so hard to go back to work and not come home to your smiling face. Daddy and I are really struggling with your passing. You made every day worth it, and now we just don't know what the point is. We've been going through photos and videos, and you're just so freaking cute! Your love comes through in every photo and video. You're the sweetest, most loving doggie. You rescued us! It's now 4:00 p.m., walk time, and my baby girl isn't here. Mommy has no schedule to follow anymore. You always kept me in line, little lady. Oh, this is so hard. I know we are being selfish because you gave us 13 1/2 years, and I know that's amazing, and we enjoyed every minute. I just wish we could turn back time and do the whole 13 1/2 years all over again. We loved you each and every one of those days over the past 13 1/2 years, and we will continue to love you forever and ever. We get to pick up your ashes tomorrow, Taffy. We got you the same awesome doggie house urn as Cody for you to reside in here at the house, so, technically, you will be back in the house tomorrow, and we do find some comfort in that. We're going to paint your name on it with hot pink paint to match your wagon (nothing but the best for my baby). Pink was definitely your color. I'm going to miss dressing you up with your flowers during the summer and your cute custom outfits in the winter. My little beauty, we will be back to visit you soon. We love and miss you very, very, very much. Have a good evening at the Bridge. Give your brother Cody a big smooch for us too. Hugs and kisses. Mommy and Daddy

7/24/17 - Taffy, so we are two days in to you being gone, and it's just so sad and lonely here at the house. We both miss you terribly. This is mommy's first day working from the house without you, my little assistant. It's just not the same. I miss your snoring already while I work. You made every day worth getting up for and powering through. It's just far too quiet and lonely without my Taffy girl. I just can't believe my little love bug isn't here to tell us what to do anymore. You kept both of us on a schedule and gave us purpose. We are so incredibly lost without you. You were here for us when we had to send your brother Cody to the Bridge, and it was so nice having you to guide us through a dark time. We have been going through pictures and videos of our good times together, and it's just so awesome that we were able to include you in everything we did. The river pictures of you splashing through the water are just priceless, and, of course, you dressed up in your cute little sweaters that Grandma Josie custom made for you have been helping us cope. You were such the little super model. I loved dressing you up with your flowers and sweaters and bandannas. You are the definition of Love. You had the best heart and soul and it showed every day. There isn't one picture of you and me that I'm not smiling. You brought love to this home and to our hearts. You made us better people because of how loving you are each and every day. We are both so devastated, but we are forever grateful for the many years of happiness you gave us, Taffy. Wow, I just can't believe it's all over. You are our sunshine!! I will be back to write soon. Love you, Taffy!!

7/22/17 - Taffy, you mean the world to me and daddy. We are so lost without you, seriously. The house is not the same without you and your smiling face here. We are so happy that we got to love you for 13 1/2 wonderful years. We enjoyed every minute of every day with you. You brought so much love into this house. Your smile, your personality, you being you just touched our hearts. You brought out the best in both of us and put a smile on our face each and every day. It's so hard without you here, but we know you're in heaven with your brother now and your legs and health are restored. We went on our regular Sunday morning walk in your honor this morning, but it just wasn't the same. We miss you so, so, so much. You made this house a home, and we are so grateful to have been your parents. We have so much more to say, but right now the words just aren't coming through, so we will be back soon to write. We love you, baby girl. You're our pride and joy! Love you, miss you, cherish you. Hugs and lots and lots of kisses, my sweet angel. Love Mommy and Daddy.

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Mommy and Daddy (Dawn and Jason Rowe)


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