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Mike and Elizabeth's Beloved Hearts Memorial
Memories of Mike and Elizabeth
My grandma died when I was very young but I do have some good memories of her, her favoreite flowers where lilacs and I always picked them for her, and when my dad would picked me up I would stay the weekend then before I would go home, I would take her favorite flowers to her grave and say a prayer. My grandpa moved to Florida after my grandma died, I always use to write him . Mom told one time when I was young in a crib she went to check me and I was not there, sshe found my grandpa holding me. His favorite things do do was play golf he lived to be in his 80s, I will get ther birthdays and years they died soon.They are my grandparents on my dads side, and when I was young I spent alot of time with them, grandparents are so much more involved with there grandchildren today before my grandfather died, I would visit him at the hospital, the nurse told me the last thing to go is the hearing, she said you can talk to him he will hear you, I grab his hand and told him I loved and was sorry when he got older I didnt spend as much as I should have,and that I am going to miss him he grab my hand slighly. He was a good man, and my grandmother died so young she was a good woman and I know they loved me and I mis them alot .I know they are watching over me, to be honest till this day, I still have a dream about my grandfather sitting in his chair and healthy as always

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