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What do you say about a person who made this world a better place? I have never encountered a person in my life whose heart was filled with so much compassion and love as my mother's. She always cared so much for the people and animals that she loved. No matter how many times her heart was broken by the loss of those that she loved, she always had so much love to give. My mother was never afraid to die. In fact, she wanted to leave this earth believing her mission in life was completed. My mother always said that you have to love someone enough to let them go. The selfish side of me wants her back here. The logical side of me realizes that she is far better off now and never has to hurt again. My mother was my best friend. She would listen to me rant about life and provide me with such good advice. She was always there for me and my brother. My mother believed so much in right and wrong. She was a lady in the truest sense. I just cannot imagine the rest of my life without her being a part of it. Mom I just wish you could know how much you are loved and how much you will be missed. Mom we talked so much about life and death. I hope Heaven is everything you wanted it to be. I hope Poochie, Lady, Prince, Ms. Kitty Kitty, "My Puppy" and the hundreds of other dogs and cats and other animals you touched in your life are all there with you. I hope you are with your father and brothers and your dear friend Dean. While you are enjoying Heaven, I sure hope you look in on us from time to time. I will miss your smile, your warmth, your compassion, your love and even your disapproving looks you would give me from time to time, more than you will ever know. I am honored to call you my mother. You were truly one of God's earthly angels. Until the day that I hope God will enable me to see you again, mom I love you and I miss you more than you know.

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