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Ruth Katherine and Andrew's Beloved Hearts Memorial
Memories of Ruth Katherine and Andrew
Mom, My Life has never been the same since you left on your journey.You left me with a special gift, your strength and courage.We still share so many stories and memories of when you were here with us. Dad is hanging in there. I never knew that he would end up living with me! I finally planted flowers in your flower box outside the front door. It took me 3 1/2 years to do it.The Family is not the same without you here. You were the core. I have found out who really loves me. You were so right about so many things!Your dishes sit proud at your Granddaughters house. I know that you are happy with my decision.My Heart aches to hear you laugh and smile one more time.all my love.....karen I can hardly believe in has been four years today! I have been going though all your things. Dad's hip replacement went well and he is recovering in the house you shared. I told him he needed to face his fears and he is doing wonderful. I know that you are here with me in my heart and watching over me each day. I will never stop missing you but have accepted that we must go on as is the circle of life! You taught me well.No one can ever replace my Mother. I love u so.........karen Mom, today is my 52nd Birthday and I really miss you....Birthdays will never be the same.I know that you are shining down from the heavens.... I love you so......Merry Christmas my sweet Mother....I miss you so! Mom is five years at midnight!Like Cinderella you had to get home. I miss you everyday.Watch over your son during his surgery tomorrow.He needs your strength.Always in my heart..... hugs karen Mom, today you turned 88 and I wore your perfume so I would feel close to you. I rang the cow bell for Dad and we laughed so hard. I miss you everyday but you live within my heart.1/15/2008 I can't believe it's been 6 years tonight at midnight.I am really missing you. All My Love All My Life.....karen I can't believe that you left us 7 years ago at midnight. I feel you with me today and its really strong...I love you so and I miss Daddy too! Next month it will be One year that he left on his journey to join you in the Kingdom of heaven along with my little Katie Did and my big brother Doug. I feel you both watching over me and guiding me through the rough times.You will all live forever in my heart. I pray that you come to me in my dreams so I can hear your voice. Protect me from all the evil in this world.I Love you so....karen 2/18/2009 Daddy, today you left me a year ago...I miss you so much. It has by far been the most difficult year of my adult life..I know you are watching over me everyday...enjoy your flight with Mom I will love you both always and you will live in my heart forever...karen 1/16/2010 its been 8 years today and I miss you so....XOXO Karen 2/18/2010 Dad,I am missing so much today please watch over me I need your guidance.You would have loved Elle as I bought her just for you, but God had another plan she was actually my gift because it was your time to move on to another place and join Mom in her flight to forever....I miss you everyday and wish I could hug and kiss you one more time. I wore the earrings you gave me on our last Christmas together.The last two years have been very difficult for me. You had a great life here with me but God had another plan for you. Enjoy the flight. I will see you in my dreams....Love, Karen Another Birthday without you two in the phyical sence. I know that you are watching over me.Friday is a big day for me. Please be my angel on my shoulder so all goes well.I miss you both with all my heart....I am posting a picture of Elle on your site she is three now and just darling...Love you Both Forever,
Karen 10 years today, I can hardly believe it my eyes are filled with tears as I miss you both so much but know that you are always watching over me....I love you so..karen Dad I wondered why I woke last night and now I know it was 4 years today since you made your journey Enjoy the flight I miss you everyday!!! Always in my heart...love you Doll Elle is so big now you can watch her from Heaven,,,2/18/2015 I miss you both so much and think about you everyday! Dad its been 7 years today and your little puppy Elle is 7 now only 11 weeks old when you left us! Mom 13 years I can hardly believe it. I know you are both watching over me and help me through difficult days! My Love is always with you both and you live in my heart forever! Your Loving daughter! Karen
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