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2/2/11 Hi Daddy, I love you and miss you so much! I'm sorry this is so overdue. I didn't know about Beloved Hearts until I discovered Rainbows Bridge for Tori. As I'm sure you know, Tori passed away in June so, I don't know what I was waiting for. I guess I wasn't ready to do this until now. I wish you were still here to tell me things, hug me and make everything alright, and to keep you-know-who in line!!!! I'm so sorry you got sick. You passed away entirely too young! Just like Tori and Karen. I miss Tori so much, Dad, and I know you knew how much she meant to me! I have a picture of you and her at her Rainbows Bridge residency. You are the only person, besides me, that she let hold her like that!! I know I've told you this a million times before but, I need to tell you here again so it's in writing forever. I know what you said, Daddy! I'm so sorry that I didn't understand before when you were so sick and dying. You tried so hard 4 times. You were so weak by then, using all of your energy to tell me and I couldn't understand you. After about 2 minutes, you were exhausted and went back to sleep. Mom was out talking to the Dr. and you woke up just for me and held my hand. I really regret that you weren't able to know before you died that I knew what you were trying to tell me! I know now, and I always knew!!! I love you and I'm so proud of you, too!! I'm crying so hard right now-it still hurts so much to be without you. It helps to know that you and Tori are together and I'll see you both again one day! I know you are watching over me and still protecting me. I have so many stories and memories of you that I want to write here. I'll be back soon to write more. I love you, D.D.!!!!! Love always, your daughter Roberta 2/5/11 Hi Dad, I love you and miss you so much!!! I am remembering today all of the hockey games we went to together, whether they were Flyers or Phantoms games. You were such a big hockey fan!!! You had season tickets all the way back to the time when the Flyers were called The Broad Street Bullies. It was so exciting going to those games with you when I was around 11 yrs. old. The Flyers won two Stanley Cup championships in a row back then! Remember how I was so in love with Bobby Clarke!!!! He was my favorite player. At every game, in between the 1st and 2nd periods, you would get me a hot chocolate and a box of Cracker Jacks!! That is how we got the "baseball boys" as prizes and started our game of hiding them through the years! You know I kept one for myself after you died and the rest are now with you! When we meet again some day, the game will resume! Anyway, I always felt so special going to those games with you! Around the mid to late 90's, you gave up your tickets because the games weren't the same for you-you always said that hockey had turned into the Ice Capades and the game wasn't as exciting. We certainly saw alot of hard hitting games when they were the Broad St. Bullies!!!!! Then for several Christmas', I got you tickets for two Phantoms games that we went to together!! They were like watching the old time Flyers-lots of hustle, fighting, and slamming against the boards! I treasure those times with you, Dad, and so many more! I love you so much!! Love, Roberta 2/10/11 Hi Daddy, I love you and I know you are sending your love down to me! I've been feeling pretty lousy the last few days. I feel very sad and lonely. I've been wondering why life has to hurt so much sometimes and why I am so critical about myself. You always told me at times that I was my own worse enemy! I reach out to people because I genuinely care. Then when they reach back, I get scared and pull away! I'm so afraid they'll see the real me! Sometimes I think that is a really awful person that no one would want to be around. I guess I'm just having a hard time right now. I feel alone and heartbroken over Tori. Her death was like the last straw for me. I wish I could feel your arms hugging me and you telling me that I'm your Bunny! I just need you to come a little closer, dad, if you can. I love you and miss you so much! I miss your laugh and the way we could read each other's minds on occasion! I miss your funny little sayings! I miss how we could just look at each others expressions and know what the other was thinking, without saying a word! I miss seeing you through the window at Gerry's, getting your haircut! I miss YOU!! Love always, Bunny 2/14/11 Happy Valentine's Day, Daddy!!!! I love you so much! Thank you for all those years you were my Valentine when someone had broken my heart! You always got me roses on this day. I still have the card you gave me with the bunny on it-it's hanging up in my bedroom. I am sending you all my love and tons of kisses!!! I miss you! Love, Roberta 2/25/11 Hi Dad, I love you! Things feel kind of crazy lately but, I'm trying really hard to get it together. Peaks and valleys, as you would say, peaks and valleys. I was finally able to ride Secret yesterday in the park after 2 months! We had a blast and he was really full of himself! He was galloping fast a few times-I feel such freedom when I am on him. I think of you and miss you every day. Love you always, Roberta xo 3/7/11 Hi Dad, Spring will be here soon and the flowers are starting to come up. I can't wait to see all of the beautiful colors and for this horrible winter to be over! I miss you so much! I'm thinking about past Christmas' and how much you loved that time of year. Remember how we would go to grandmom and grandpop's graves to put a blanket and flowers on them? Then, we would always go to Wawa and get a coffee and TastyKake before we met mom at grandop's grave to decorate there. Then, from there, we would go to Solly's and get our Christmas tree. I was the size that we used as our guide to how big the tree would be. We always got the perfect tree every year! When we got home, you would put the tree in the stand, after many tries at getting it straight and the 3 of us "arguing" about which side was the best! Mom and I knew to leave you alone while you put the lights on! No matter how neatly you had put them away the year before, they somehow managed to get completely tangled together!! I remember years you would run out for lights when strands weren't cooperating!! When the lights were done, mom and I would put the balls and ornaments on as you handed them to us. Then, I would give you both the new ornament I bought every year and you would give me my pin! I still have all those pins, Daddy, and treasure them. Finally, you would lift me up to put the angel on the top every year! I love those traditions we had and miss them very much! I want you to know that I still go to your parents graves and put flowers there for Christmas. I have not forgotten and will go every year,as long as I am physically able. Now, you are all together again, smiling down on me. I know when you got sick that it was important that you celebrated one more Christmas with your family. I'm so happy you were able to!!!! I'm crying so hard now! I still need you so much sometimes, Daddy! I feel you all around me, protecting and loving me, letting me know that I am strong and that I can do it! I love you so much! Love forever, Roberta P.S. Remember the years we took Bonnie with us to get the tree? She loved going in the car for a ride! She was a sweet girl and the best dog ever! I know she is at your side once again. I miss her and still put flowers on her grave at Christmas, too. 3/14/11 Hi Daddy, I love you! I know today is Grandmom's birthday and I'm sure you are together celebrating! Grandmom always loved a big party with a cast of thousands!! Remember how we used to joke that the table went all the way out onto Cottman Ave. to accomodate everyone?!? Give her a big kiss for me and tell her I love & miss her! Things are better with Secret now. I really worked with him yesterday on softening his mouth & dropping his head to receive the bit. He took it after 3 tries!! He's such a good boy and I love him so much! We had an awesome ride together! I always knew how proud of me you were when I started riding and when I got Silk, T., and now Secret! You are the reason I was able to start riding in the first place. You arranged for me to meet Donna and she taught me how to ride on her horse, Pretty Boy Floyd, in PennyPack Park. I thought I was the luckiest little girl ever!!! And I've been horse crazy ever since! You are with me everywhere I go and I hear your voice and advice helping me. I miss you so so much & wish you were still here!! Tears are rolling down my face right now. You deserved more time to enjoy all of the rewards of your hard work! You getting sick was so unfair. We had really gotten close and I treasure all of things we did together! My heart broke when you died and I was really pissed!!!! It is so true that sometimes you don't really know what you have until it's gone. I hope you know how much you mean to me and that everything you did and said is inside of me. I still need you so much! I'm so sorry! I have the cross that you wore everyday and I wear it alot, very proudly. I love you forever and ever! Love, Roberta xoxoxo 3/21/11 Hi Dad, I hope you, Bonnie, and Tori are together! Wonderful, wonderful Bonnie. We all love her so much! She was the sweetest and best dog ever! She is pictured with you on your headstone and in the photo gallery. There are so many treasured memories I have of her. Remember pretzel lips?!! Remember how she would pretend she had to go to the bathroom because she knew when she came in, she would get treats?!! How about the times you would walk her in Tyler park and meet me when I was riding Secret? She had a bandana in almost every color and for every holiday! I remember all the times she would eat peoples napkins off their laps or pull mom's socks off her feet! And the time at the old house when she ate my pack of Black Jack gum and acted all sheepish about it! She was given to you for Christmas and she was your buddy! I know how sad you were when she got cancer in her leg and eventually needed to be euthanized at 12 years old. I know it was a comfort to her that you & mom & I were with her when she went to Rainbow Bridge. I now know how difficult it is to make that decision because of Tori! Her grave is still in the back yard with the metal dog that we put one of her bandanas on. I love and miss her along with Shannon and Mackenzie! I'm sure you and Bonnie are taking long walks together again! Some day we will all be reunited! Until then, I love you always and forever. Love, Roberta 3/29/11 Hi, Dad-Baseball season starts this Friday. I can't wait & I hope the Phillies kick butt again this year!! I've had a pretty trying last day and a half. I could really use one of your awesome hugs! J. P. drives me crazy-I don't know how you stood it for so long. I really think she gets some sort of twisted pleasure out of baiting me and saying hurtful things! Also, according to RAS, I am overbearing-maybe he just needs another beer!! Ha Ha! Christina's dad just passed way so, things are sad and unsettled right now. When you see him, welcome and take care of him. I thought Secret was getting over his bit problem but, today was a nightmare. I tried for 45 mins. to no avail. I finally gave up & came home. I don't know what to do. I've tried pretty much eveything. I feel like the one thing I had left that was good is now all screwed up! I'm really tired of crying! I miss you so much and think of you everyday! I love you always and forever! Thanks for listening! Love, Roberta xoxo 4/7/11 Hi Daddy, Just wanted you to know how much I love and miss you!! I'm still not talking to JP and don't really care if I ever do again. I won't tolerate her mean & disrespectful behavior towards me and my "children". I don't get her at all!!! I think of you everyday and remember you with love and smiles!! I love you, Roberta xoxoxo 4/17/11 Hi Daddy, I love you! It's going to be Easter next Sunday. Remember the saga of the melted chocolate bunnies in the glove compartment?? What a mess that was! I still think it was Scott that put them there! We all laugh about it now but, it wasn't so funny at the time. All the flowers are starting to bloom and it looks so beautiful. I remember how you always bought me a plant at Easter and now those planted bulbs come up every year! Secret is doing much better and I think in a week or so his issue with the bit will be resolved. I finally rode him bareback yesterday after a long time. It was so fun!! J.P. finally apologized but, I still don't feel so great about her. Oh well, I'll just keep going & focus on the good things. I miss Tori so much. Please give her a kiss for me! You are always on my mind and in my heart! Love always, Roberta xoxoxoxoxo 4/24/11 Happy Easter, Daddy! He is Risen! One day when I have eternal life, I will see you again. I miss and love you so very much! Have a fun day & watch out for those melted chocolate bunnies!!!! Love, your special Bunny, Roberta xoxoxo 5/3/11 Hi Dad, Can you believe it is May already? The weather has been warmer and all the flowers are in bloom. Secret continues to be taking the bit and the issue seems to be resolved!! However, now he is having a problem with his left hind hoof. The vet was out to see him yesterday and thinks he has either a bruise or an abcess. If it is an abcess, please pray that it breaks below and not through his coronet band! That would really create an even bigger problem. I am worried about him but, I am doing what the vet told me and think he will be okay! I am wrapping his hoof with epsom salts and just giving it time to heal. Hopefully, I will be back riding him in a week or so! I miss you so much! I love you so much!! The Flyers are not doing so well in the series with the Bruins-they have lost the first 2 games. I hope they get it together soon!! It is a great time of justice for America since the military found and killed Osama bin Ladin!!! I pray for those who lost loved ones on 9/11 and hope that this helps to give them some closure!! I love you always, Roberta xoxo 5/15/11 Hi Daddy, I'm sorry it's been awhile. I wrote something the other day but, then the computer went on the fritz!! Secret is all better now (knock wood!) and I have been riding him & having lots of fun!! I love you so much and really miss you lots and lots! I am thinking about the time you and I took Tori and Murphy to church for the Blessing of the Animals. I don't think Tori was too thrilled with the whole idea!! She did okay, though. Of course, Murphy loved every second of it and acted like a typical Golden!!! We had a fun day but, I think Tori was glad to eventually go home!!! It's too bad that Mom couldn't keep Murphy but, he is with a great family now! It's too bad that the blessing didn't work too long for Tori but, she is with you now! I miss you both terribly but, know one day we will all be together again! Thank you for being such a great dad!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxo 5/23/11 Hi Daddy, I was just thinking about you and Mr. Reilly. I know the two of you are together again. You and he have been best friends ever since highschool. You worked together for many years and then, when the company you worked for was bought out, you both got a part time job at Prudential. After work, one of you would go to the others house and hang out, drinking Manhattans!!!!! I think that really drove mom crazy! I think it is so special and important that you had a good friend in one another! When you died, Mr. Reilly was so sad and devastated! He was not really the same after that! He spoke at your memorial service and nearly broke down. We wrote to one another a few times-those cards and words of support meant alot to us. He passed away about a year ago & mom and I went to the funeral. I know you two have been reunited and are happy, no longer feeling sick or in pain!!!!!! I can hear the two of you laughing and I am comforted knowing that you are together once more!!!!! I love you and think of you everyday!! I am so proud that I was named after you!!!!!!!!!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxo 6/2/11 Hi Daddy, I can't believe it is June already! It has been so hot the last few days & I've been swimming in Rob's pool! I remember all the fun times we had around the pool at the old house!! This is a tough time for me, Dad. This time last year was when Tori was sick and it will be a year since she died on June 12th. I got a memorial stone and a lilac bush for her which will be put outside on that day. Father's Day is coming soon, also. I see commercials and ads for gifts and wish you were still here!!!!! I went to Hallmark the other day and the Father's Day cards were out. How I wish I could send you one!!! Karen's birthday is tomorrow-tell her I said Happy Birthday!! I love you and think of you everyday!!! You are the best D.D.!!!! Love, Roberta <3 xoxo <3 6/7/11 Hi Daddy, I love you and think of you all the time!!! I came across the poem you wrote when Shannon died. It made me cry, thinking about her and you! I'll never forget the day you came to West to tell me she didn't survive the operation. I think that was the first time I ever saw you cry & it broke my heart!!!! She was such a sweet and loving dog & friend!! Her cremains are still buried under the decorative water pump in the back yard. We certainly love our dog babies and mourn their loss to this day!!! I've been really sad lately, thinking about Tori. This time last year was when she was really sick! I know you are with her and that you are both waiting for me! Keep each other safe until I get there!! I miss our talks together and the way we would people watch! You used to swear that some people didn't own a mirror!!! I miss your funny sayings and your dry sense of humor! I miss you so much, Dad! I love you forever and always, Roberta xoxo 6/13/11 Hi Dad, Yesterday was a really sad day! It was the 1 year anniversary of Tori's passing. I planted a lilac bush in her memory and placed a memorial stone beneath it. I cried pretty much all day! Today didn't go so well either with K.C. I was unable to catch him & he bit me so hard on my thumb. I guess better luck next time!!! It's hard to believe you've been gone for so long-almost four and a half years now! Remember the time you, mom, and I went away to Ocean City, Maryland with the Carter clan? We all had so much fun!! I think that was the best vacation I ever had! On the first night we all sat out back by the bay and had crabs & wings for dinner. It was delicious but, very messy!! I remember sitting outside with you, talking and feeding the ducks, hanging our feet over the dock. I miss our talks and spending time with you!! I love you so much and think about you every day! I know one day we will be joyously reunited! Until then, I love you always, Roberta xoxo 6/19/11 Happy Father's Day, Daddy!! I wish you were here! I got you some flowers and placed them next to you. I hope you like them! I am going to see Sade tonight in concert but, will be thinking about you the whole time. You are the moon and the stars to me!!!! I am remembering how when Scott & I were little we always used to go to Wildwood for vacation in the summer. We used to stay at Mr. Fisher's every year. I remember going to the boardwalk at night and getting waffles and iceceam-Yummy!! Then, we would go on the rides together and Scott went with mom. One of my favorite pictures from then is me on the beach with that huge orange sweatshirt on, playing in the sand!! You and I would build a castle on the beach and find those little crabs in the sand!!!! I always thought they were so cool and made sure that we dumped them out of my bucket before we left. I always felt so special and safe when I was with you!! Happy Father's Day to the best dad ever!! I love and miss you so much! Always, Roberta xoxoxo 6/30/11 Hi D.D., Sorry it's been a little while since I've written. I am always thinking of you, though! I love you so much!!! My birthday is this Sat.-the big 47!!! Yikes! I wish I could share a piece of bithday cake with you! I have alot planned for my birthday and the 4th of July. I wish you were here to be a part of it all! Remember how we used to go see fireworks every year at a local school when Scott and I were little? All the neighborhood kids would pile into the stationwagon and off we'd go!! It was always so exciting and fun! When I see all of those beautiful colors in the sky this year, I'll imagine it is you and Tori saying hello! I love you always, Roberta( D.D. jr.!) 7/13/11 Hi Dad, I love & miss you very much!!!! I think of you every day and night! The All Star baseball game was on last night. There were 5 Phillies on the team!!! The National League won so, when the Phillies are in the World Series, they will have the home field advantage!!! I would really love to go to a game!!! I know you & Tori are together and that makes me happy! You are both happy and healthy again-no longer sick or in pain. Everything is beautiful where you are and I know you are waiting for me!!! My birthday was fun but, it would have been better with you here! Remember how we would celebrate your birthday on Halloween since you were born on Oct. 30th? I would come to the house to see the trick-or-treaters and bring a Halloween birthday cake or cupcakes. We always would say that it was so appropriate that you were born on mischief night-you could be devilish and naughty, at times! I miss buying you books for your bday and picking out the perfect father-daughter card to send! You always made me smile and feel good about myself. I miss our talks and spending times with you. I love you always, Bunny xoxo 7/23/11 Hi Daddy, I miss you! I love you!! I am everything I am because you loved me!! Thank you for always being there for me. I know we had our problems and differences when I was growing up. I am alot like you, some bad but mostly good!!!!!!! It took some time but, we really got it together. I am so happy we got so close and that we both got the help we needed. I love you so much!!! Love, Roberta xoxoxo 7/29/11 Hi Dad, I just wanted to tell you how much I love & miss you!!!!! I just got tickets to see Tori Amos on Dec. 1st and I am so excited!!! You know how she is my favorite! I am going with Rob, Scott, & Christina!!! I can't wait!! Remember how I gave you a copy of her song "Winter" because the words reminded me of us? I know you really liked it and I was going to use it to dance with you if I ever got married. I was really thinking about you alot today because there was a show on about anorexia. The fathers were so sad and felt responsible. I remember how worried you were about me when I had my serious bouts with the illness. Well, we both survived it all and I've been healthy since my last episode( thanks to you & Tori!!!!). I'm never going there again!!! I think about you all of the time! I love you, Roberta xoxo 8/10/11 Good Morning, Daddy-I just wanted to stop by and say hello & tell you how much I love you!!!! Today is Rob's birthday so I am making a special dinner for him. I, also, got him some gifts & an icecream cake!! I hope my cooking isn't too horrible-ha! ha! Moving out of my apartment is going to be sad(I have so many wonderful memories there) but, it will also be a good change! I have 17 years worth of stuff there so, the task of cleaning/throwing things out is quite daunting!! Oh well, somehow it will get done. I miss you so much and wish I could see & talk to you again!!! Always, Roberta <3 xoxo 8/23/11 Hi Dad, I love you! I can't believe Labor Day is only a week and a half away already. And it will be the start of Fall in a month. Where does the time go? This summer has been terrible with the intense heat and now so much rain. I love Fall and look forward to it, especially riding Secret in the park and watching the leaves change color! Fall also brings your birthday and Halloween!! I put a computer mouse with you since you were the Vice President of data processing at your job and you were a computer whiz!!! Plus, you had your infamous computer room that you loved to be in. I think sometimes you went in there just to get away from Mom, too!!!! Remember the funny joke I gave you about a dad being on the computer? You taped it to the computer desk and laughed every time you read it. I miss you but, know you are free of pain and happy now! Love always, Roberta xoxo 9/2/11 Hi Daddy, I can't believe it will be the 10 yr. anniversary of 9/11 soon! There are lots of special ceremonies and memorials planned. What an awful day in the history of America!! I have been feeling pretty blah lately and just don't know what to do anymore. Sometimes I wish this was all over with so I can see you and Tori again! I think of you all the time and love you so much!! Always, Roberta xo 9/11/11 Hi Dad, Today marks the 10 yr. anniversary of Sept. 11th. So many memories come flooding back and along with them sadness and tears! I will never forget that day, where I was, how scared & sad I felt, and how awful it was. There are lots of special ceremonies today and the unveiling of memorials in N.Y., Pa., & D.C. I will watch some things on T.V. and probably bawl my eyes out!! I am thinking of you and all of the people who tragically lost their lives that day. I love and miss you so deeply. Love, Roberta xo 9/28/11 Hi Dad, I'm sorry it's been awhile since I've written. I haven't been feeling so great. I gave you a bowling ball and a deck of cards because I know you liked to play those things. I know you were in a bowling league when you were younger and I, also, remember the family going bowling throughout the years. We used to have alot of fun!!!! We enjoyed playing cards together, too! You played a mean gin rummy!!! I miss doing these things with you and so much more!! I love you so much! The Phillies won the division championship about 2 weeks ago which was exciting. Then they had a 7 game losing streak but, have won the last 3! I was starting to get nervous!! The playoffs will be starting soon and I am hoping for a World Series win again this year. Go Phils!!!! It is now Fall and the weather is starting to finally get cooler. I love seeing the Fall colors and riding Secret this time of year! I think of you every day and miss you so much!!! Love always, Roberta xoxoxoxo 10/12/11 Hi Daddy, The Phillies are out of the playoffs. They lost the last game with the Cardinals. I'm kinda bummed-they had so much going for them!! I'm a little worried about myself. I've been behaving in excess with some stuff and need to cool it. Can you help me? You were always strong for me when I couldn't be! Was, also, wondering what you thought about me taking Frankie? I'm torn and don't want Tori to be mad at me even though she said she wouldn't!!!! I love you and miss you very much!!!! I know that one day we will be together again! Love always, Roberta xo 10/25/11 Hi Daddy, Just stopping by to tell you I love you! I know this past Sat. was yours and mom's anniversary. And, next Sun. would have been your 74th Birthday. I wish you were here to celebrate!!! I'm going to get flowers and put them next to you. I gave you a birthday cake in honor of your special day & changed your music to Happy Birthday. Frankie is still adjusting to his new home but, seems to be doing okay. I love him so much already! I still miss & love Tori like crazy but, know she approves and wants me to be happy! She is forever my special little girl and I am forever your special little girl!! I love you always, Roberta xoxo 10/30/11 Dear Dad, Happy Birthday!!!! Try not to be too mischievous today-ha ha! You would have been 74 today! You left way too soon! I miss you and our special times together! I hope you have a joyous birthday and feel my love being sent to you in Heaven!! Happy Birthday, D.D.!!!! I love you so much!! Hugs and kisses, Roberta xoxo P.S. Happy Halloween for tomorrow!!!! Boo! 11/15/11 Hi Dad, I love you so much! I can't believe that it will be Thanksgiving in 9 days, it's 16 days until the Tori concert and it's 40 days until Christmas( UGH!!) I really feel like sleeping thru Christmas this year! It's not the same without you and Tori!!! Tori's 8th birthday is on Sunday so make sure you two party together! I miss you and her so very much!! I love you always, Roberta xoxo 11/27/11 Dear Daddy, Another Thanksgiving come & gone without you. I love and miss you!!! The Eagles continue to lose which I love because I can't stand Vick! What a scumbag!!!! Christmas is coming and I really don't want to celebrate without you and Tori! It's just not much fun anymore. Can you tell JP to knock it off again? She said some stupid things about Thanksgiving. Please guide me through the situation I am going through-I need your help. I think of you with love all of the time! Love, Roberta xo 12/18/11 Hi Daddy, I'm so sorry it's been so long since I've written. I feel terrible and don't want you to think I've forgotten about you! That could never happen. Things aren't so great lately. Christmas is a week away and I really don't care at all!! The only thing that is good is R.M. That makes me smile and laugh and feel loved!! Just like thoughts of you and Tori!! J.P. is her usual selfish self and I think she gets off on trying to make me feel guilty-Whatever!!! I am not buying gifts this year and will only be getting flowers for you and Tor.I have been sick the last few days, went to the Dr., who told me it was stress and depression related. Ya think?? I wish I was somewhere else, like downunder, where someone seems to really want me!! I love and need you so much, Daddy. Christmas really sucks without you! Love always, Roberta xoxo 12/25/11 Hi Daddy, Merry Christmas!!! I miss you being here, opening presents, listening to Christmas music and drinking eggnog!!! I love you so incredibly much and the holidays just make your absence even more obvious! Love, Roberta xo 2/12/16 Hi Daddy, I love and miss you so much!! I am so sorry but, I let your residency expire! Money is really tight right now and I am about to give up!! I so wanted to write you a note on your guestbook but, I can't right now! I hope to get this straightened out and then will write a proper note there! Until then, I will wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day here!!! You were my first Valentine and always will be my best Valentine!! I love you always and forever!! Love, Roberta(Your extremely D.D.!!!)xoxoxoxoxo P.S. If I could, I would give you roses as your "gift"!!!
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Judy Peirce: Wife
Scott Peirce: Son
Roberta Peirce: Daughter
Richard Peirce: Brother
Pat Peirce: Sister-in-law
Carol Muschert: Sister
Robert Muschert: Brother-in-law
Many nieces and nephews and their children

Robert Walter Peirce 10/30/37-1/26/07

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