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There are no words to describe the terrible feelings of loss and loneliness I feel since your departure. We always planned so many adventures for the future which won't happen now, except in my dreams. My retirement plans always included you and the location of my dream retirement home was always contingent upon your approval. Just want to let you know how much you are loved and missed. Eddie and I talk about you daily. I have a special corner filled with your photos and a few small things that were special to you. Every night before I go to bed, I light the scented candles and incense you loved in your special corner and play a special group of songs (from your funeral and other special tunes I associate with you). Eddie and I have identified one especially bright star as your star and when we see it, we hope it means that you are watching over us from on high.

You have now been gone for almost five months and I'm still disappointed when there is no cheery message from you when I turn on my cell phone after work. I am very depressed when It is cloudy or raining and your special star is not visible. Love & miss you lots.

It will be 6 months this coming week since you left us. Eddie and I talk almost every day. We both miss you so much. Your name is on the stone now, finally.

Eddie, Michael and I decorated your trees (the one Eddie bought and the one John bought). The tree Eddie bought has silver and turquoise blue metallic balls and blue lights. It is so pretty. It seemed weird to be in Boston and not be hanging out with you, shopping, going out to dinner or just staying up all night talking and watching movies. Miss you lots.

Christmas is rapidly approaching and will not be the same without you. The childlike enthusiasm with which you "attacked" your gifts and your generous gifts to others will not be forgotten. Eddie and I talk frequently and miss you very much.

Today is your 45th birthday. I hope that all of the angels in heaven are throwing you the grandest party imaginable. Eddie and I are wishing you were still here with us so that we could do it.

I have completed 2 pieces of stained glass in your memory and mounted them in the window in the memory corner. I hope you would approve of them, a winged heart which symbolizes someone that you loved who is in heaven and a celestial piece with the sun, moon and stars like you used to decorate your room. Missing you lots and doing what I can to keep the memories alive.

It will be 11 months since you left us on Sunday. You always wanted to go to Women's Wellness with me. You will be joining me in spirit. I am bringing your framed portrait, incense, candles and the IPod with me. I wish that you were going to be there in body as well. Missing you lots.

Today you have been gone a year. Sometimes it feels like you have been gone forever and other times it seems like we were talking & laughing together just yesterday. Love & miss you lots!

You have now been gone for just over 15 months. I am missing you terribly, as is Eddie.

Yesterday was 16 months since you left us. Missing you a lot.

Preparing for Thanksgiving without you and Kayla is not the same. You are not there to help me and keep me on task, making sure I clean up as I cook and KK is not there begging for turkey skin. Missing you lots.

It is 18 months since we lost you. Headed to Boston tomorrow after work. Meeting Eddie on Saturday to decorate your tree. Missing you lots.

You have been gone 2 years today (6/4/2015) and not a day goes by when you are out of our thoughts and prayers. Missing you lots.

It has been a bit over 2 years and 3 months since you departed and not a day goes by that I don't think of you and miss you. I still play your special playlist before I go to bed each night.

I am listening to your special playlist in the new house. You would have loved the house. I have been putting a bigger and better Memory Corner together here. You still hold a large piece of my heart. Missing my BFF.

We lost you 3 years ago and you are still alive in my heart and thoughts. I go to bed each night listening to your special playlist and add frequently to the memory corner. Love & miss you lots.

I was devastated when I went to post on your birthday and the page was gone. I sent an email and did not receive a response, making me think restoration was impossible. Then I called to renew Kayla's page this morning and the person I spoke to had your page restored within seconds. Missing you lots and thinking about you always.

Survived by:

Edward Norton, Jr.(husband)
Peggy McSweeney (mother)
John McSweeney (brother), Kathleen McSweeney Lanoie (sister)
Nieces and nephews: Kaitlyn Lanoie, Colin Lanoie, Jeffrey Lanoie, Michael Ponn, Luke Boudreau, Ethan Boudreau & Rachel Boudreau, and a great-nephew, Troy Ponn
and many friends


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