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March 21, 2019

Dear Mom,

Today is the saddest day of my life, I miss you so much, wish I could talk to you once again.

I love you and miss you so much,love your son, Scott

February 11, 2019

Dear Mother,

Regrettably, another year has passed since your parting, I still see you in my mind as if I saw you today, I think of you always, and quite certain I always will. I miss coming over the house, smelling your cooking, feeling your warmth and happy attitude. I remember you and I playing cards at the dining table, laughing our butts off, and getting looks from Dad,

I cherish moments like that everyday and miss you so much, there is so many things I miss about you and Dad, things we took for granted when you were both alive and well. If only we had the knowledge then that we know now, I would have treasured you, Dad and the moments we shared at that time with much more passion and gratitude, forgive me for doing that!

I do hope you are with Dad and both are very happy, I love you both and miss you everyday, until we meet again, Love always, Scott

Good Morning Mom,

Today is Veterans Day and also the day Dad entered heaven and hopefully with you right now. It’s been 5 years since dad passed, and I think of him often and wish things could have been different in our relationship after you passed. I still do love him and hope he is at peace and spending eternity with you. We were supposed to be on a cruise this week but unfortunately, I had a severe gout attack and had to cancel at the last minute, hoping we can get some kind of refund. We moved to Myrtle Beach, SC last November after I retired, bought a nice new house and we love it, no snow, great weather and plenty to do, shows, restaurants, golfing, beach,everything we enjoy, wish you could be here with us, you and dad, but you are in our hearts, and prayers and always will be.

Love, your Son, Scott

Hello again Mom,

Well, the snow stopped late yesterday afternoon after about 5 inches fell. Today, it is all melting as usual but it was pretty while it lasted. I know you would have appreciated it. I am leaving tomorrow to go home in South Carolina, much better weather there. We are going out tonight and have some steamed crabs with friends, sure wish you were here, I miss talking to you and being with you in my life, hopefully you know that.

Dear Mom,

12 years today you passed into heaven, I miss you now as much then. This is Wierd, it is snowing hard and long today, just like you always loved it. It certainly feels like you are here and sending a message. I love you Mom, your Son Wade

I have go out but will write again tonight.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Love and miss you everyday and always will!

Love your Son, Scott

Hello Mom,

It is January 31, 2018, can you believe it, 12 years you have been gone, I miss you so much, the ache never seems to go away, it gets easier but will always stay with me. We moved to SC 2 months ago and think you would have loved this area, weather is nice, beach, etc. I know you always wanted to move at some point and unfortunately, that never happened. I still have and use the little white Xmas tree you always put up in the living room, it keeps you close to us and makes us feel as though you are still sharing the holidays with us, miss you .

I visit again on your Birthday in a few weeks, love you and miss you everyday.

Your Son


Merry Christmas Mom!

Another year gone by and Xmas is still very boring and lonely since you are no longer around to celebrate with. You know how we all loved visiting Mom and Dads house on Xmas eve, the party was always there. There has not been any party since you departed and probably never will again. I do hope Dad is there with you and you are both safe and in the hands of GOD!

I look forward to the day I hope to join you both in heaven, I miss you both very much and wish some things were different when you were alive, so many things I could have done and did not, I guess we think death will never come too soon and then it does and we missed opportunities to tell our love ones how much they really mean to us.

I am sorry if I disappointed you in anyway, I never intended to. God Bless and I love and miss you both very much, Scott


Happy Birthday Mom!

Love and miss you every day, more than you know.

Love your Son, Scott


Happy Mother's Day Mom!

Another Mothers day you are not here to celebrate with family. I really don't even acknowledge it anymore since you are gone, no need. I decided to retire this July 2016, after 32 years doing the same job and reaching 62 yrs old, I thought it was time for a change. I don't know exactly what I will do but I won't be sitting at any desk anymore, that is for sure. I may volunteer at the dog shelter or something along those lines, I would be happy with a few hrs a day just to stay engaged and socialized. I know I will enjoy having part of the summer off to enjoy the pool, which has been a great source of entertainment for us, just wish you would have been around to share it with you, have some HOT Steamed crabs and a few cold beers on the enclosed porch and then take a swim. I know you would have loved it, but for some unknown reason, it was not to be, you were called home to soon.

You are always in my thoughts, love you! Scott


Dear Mom,

Today marks the 10 year anniversary that you entered heaven; not a day goes by that you are not in my thoughts. This day is always a hard day to get through; it seems like yesterday, and then it seems so long ago that we could take to each other, I miss you so much. I still get anxiety thinking about this day back in 2006; that call at 4.30 in the morning from the Hospital, advising you had passed, I still have a difficult time thinking about that moment, our whole family structure changed in that moment. Dad was never the same, he grew even more angry and lost, I am surprised he lived for another 5 years but; hopefully he has found you in heaven and you both are happy and together again. I do miss him as well, he had some very good characteristics, but he was just a hard person to be around most of the time. I remember visiting you on Saturday or Sunday before you passed and you looked so good and appeared to be getting better; I was supposed to come back on Tuesday night to visit you again but; that is the day you passed early in the morning. I felt so bad that you departed in the hospital by yourself and we never got a chance to tell you good-bye and how much we loved you, that bothers still to this day. I love you Mom, always and forever, your son, Scott


Dear Mom,

Another year has come and gone since you passed away. Funny, it was snowing here today, reminded me of you, you loved it when it snowed. I continue to think of you often; hoping you are safe and secure; and if Dad is with you there. I have several pictures of the two of you in my office; and I am looking at them now. Its hard to believe you are both gone from this world as we know it. When I look at the pictures, it's as though I could call you up and say, "Hi, I am going to stop over after work, maybe have dinner with you all, and then reality sets in, and it becomes very depressing. Laurie and I are doing well, she is not feeling too great today, just a cold, but we will have a quiet evening and hopefully the weekend will be nice. I swear, it seems as though you were just here yesterday. If Dad is there with you, please let him know that I have forgiven him for turning his back on Laurie and I, I never understood him in a lot of ways; and I guess I never really understood what he was going through when you passed away. I just wanted him to be strong and realize; his son was only trying to help him the only way I knew how. I wanted him to be happy, and feel loved by his family; but I guess my patience wore thin pretty quickly at times. You know how stubborn he was, he never tried to make amends with anyone and that's how it ended, him in a rehab center alone. I never realized just how much he truly loved you; I am not sure he even knew how much until 3/21/2006 @ 4.30 am; when the angels came and took you away. His life was void after that time, existing but not living. We tried, we really did, but he was a very difficult person to be around for any length of time, more so after you passed. Hopefully, he has found you again, and is finally happy and at peace with you.

I truly hope so, we love you both very much!!!

Your Son, Scott


Dear Mom,

Writing to wish you a very Happy 85th Birthday!

Wow, I cannot believe you have been in heaven for 9 years; I miss you everyday and think of you always! I know you are in a good place but I would rather you be here with us, so we could continue to share your wonderful personality and our love for you. That cold winter day in 2006 was a day I wish I could take back over and over, I never got to tell you good-bye or how much I love and miss you. You know how it always seemed to snow on your birthday, not so much once you were gone, I look forward to it every Feb 11, and nothing. Even today, Feb 11, 2015, it is cold, but sunny and no snow. I believe the angels know how much you loved snow and so they are keeping it all in heaven with you; and that's okay with us.

I miss you Mom, love always,
your loving Son,


Dear Mom,

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!!

You have no idea how much we miss and love you. I know its been a while since I wrote, life just gets so busy sometimes, you fail to keep in touch with loved ones. Our day was pretty quiet, we use to have you and Dad over for Turkey, watch football and converse but that has stopped for many years now, it is just another very quiet day. Laurie still fixes a big meal for us but it is still very quiet. We decorated for Xmas a little and Laurie bought and put up a new artificial tree the day after, looks really nice. I have not been over to the neighborhood since Dad sold the house; can't stand to think of anyone else living in except our family, especially you. You always made Xmas and the Holidays cheerful and fun.

I know its been 1 year on 11 November that Dad passed, I hope he finds the peace he deserves, he always seemed upset or mad at something or someone. I know his last years on earth were difficult for him, missing you and having to do for himself was hard, he did the best he could and I only wish our relationship had not been strained, but you know how he was, very difficult to deal with at times. Hopefully, he is with you in the comfort of the lord and all is well.

Love you and Merry Xmas, will write again soon, Love always your Son, Scott


Happy Birthday Mom!
I have been thinking about you most of the day, I can't believe you have been gone for 8 years.....I still see you in my mind and heart just as though it was yesterday...I miss you so much, so many times i wish I could just talk to you again, hear your voice, your laugh, your smell. Life has never been the same since March 21, 2006 and never will...You were the glue that held all of us together, no doubt! I sometimes sit and think about you and that horrible day you departed, it still seems like a bad dream, and yet it is real. Oh how I wish I could come over the house and wish you happy birthday, give you my standard card, with a hug and kiss, those little things that we often take for granted, would mean the world to me now!

I truly hope you and Dad are finally together and are comforting to each other, you both deserve that very much. I have to stop now, i am getting emotional just writing to you.

I love Mom, Scott

Dear Mom,

I guess you know by now that Dad passed away on Novemeber 11, 2013, I hope you are with him and he with you. My relationship with Dad over the last 2-1/2 years was not very good, we never spoke again once he moved in with April. I think he was more than happy about that anyway, actually, he never spoke to any of his sons except Steve. Regardless, I am sorry for the way things went after you passed away, Dad was just very angry, depressed, and became more extreme as the days and months went by. I tried to visit him every week, take him out for something to eat, take him places, but he eventually became more and more distant,and then April moved him in with her and that was that, he never tried to contact anyone of his children. I wish I had taken the time to go see him whether he wanted me to or not, but I know he is much happier now that he is back with you, that is all he wanted. Xmas just passed and I always get very depressed at that time, you always had such a nice Xmas eve gathering, cooking, and presnts, that is all gone and only the memories remain. I will drop you a line soon, I love you Mom, and miss you everyday.

Your Son, Scott

Dear Mom,
Well, it is just about summertime; we opened our pool 2 weeks ago and it has been too cold to get in yet but supposed to hit the 90's this week. Hoping we can enjoy it this weekend. I think about you often; really miss seeing you, talking to you and just speeding time with you.

I hear Dad's is still doing ok, not sure how his health is, being just about 87 yrs old has to have it's problems, and lord he has many. Laurie and I are thinking of moving to Charleston S.C. when I retire in another year or two. We visited there before and it is such a nice location, very charming and a much slower pace. I haven't been by the house for a very long time; I think once since it was sold; it reminds me of too many memories when we all shared holidays and family outings together, too painful knowing those memories will never be repeated. Steve and I visited Branden in Florida this past month; he and the family look really good, they live in a very nice area. unfortunately, it rained the whole time we were there; but we still enjoyed seeing them and sharing a few days. You did a great job of raising him during my separation and divorce, he turned out to be a very fine young man! He always talks about you, he really enjoyed staying there. Well, I will be thinking of you this summer, wish you could have spent some time with us in our pool, I know you would have loved and enjoyed it, especially while washing down some of those HOT Steamed Crabs!
Love you Mom, Scott

Dear Mom,

This is a very sad day for me; today 7 years ago you departed this life in a hospital room at 4:30 am all by yourself! I rememeber that morning as if it were yesterday; the Dr calling that early, we knew before we answered the phone that something very bad was happening. Laurie answered the call; she was just listening, I kept saying who is it, is it the hospital? She would not say anything, and then she said ok, thank you and hung up. I knew in my heart what was happening, she said "Hon", that was the hospital, your Mom passed away a few minutes ago......I cannot tell you how that hit me like a ton of bricks! I burst into tears; and became extremely upset. I could not truly believe what I had just heard, that moment in time will stay with me forever. The (hospital) told us we could come up and say our goodbyes. We arrived a few hours later as we needed to gather the family, when I walked into that room; my heart just fell, you looked as though you were just sleeping, yet you had this wonderful glow of total peace and happiness about you. I have to say; that made me feel somewhat at peace as well, you looked happy and I pray to the lord above that you are, I miss you so much, our lives have changed so much in the last 7 years without you here. Our family, what is left of it, rarely talks or visits anymore. I often think how things were when you were alive, holidays celebrated together, cookouts, etc, that has all stopped, I think everyone realizes you were the glue that held us all togther. I can't wait to see you again; in alot of ways, I am thankful sometimes that you left when you did, Dad's health and his mine are extremely bad and I do not think you could have managed with him; and so glad you did not have to deal with that.

Always remember Mom, I love you and will always, you fullfilled your responsibilites here on earth, now it is your time to take it easy, rest and be happy. I have to go now, I am getting upset..XXOOO

Dear Mom,

Wanted to let you know we are heading out for a 2 week cruise and we will be gone during your birthday, so I wanted to wish you "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and send our love! We have had no snow this year, ol, we are in the Superbowl this year!!!!! I know you would have loved to be here for that, no betting though!!!! Dad is still living with April and doing fairly well from I hear, I know he misses you dearly.....as we all do, the family sort of fell apart once you were called home. That is not really surprising though, you were th glue that held us together. I so wish you were here, just to talk and laugh like we use to; you always seemed to find the funnyside in everything.

Xmas has never been the same; I sometimes just sit back and remember every Xmas eve at the house, everyone came to your house to celebrate, why? because of you!!!! You had that personaility that was warm, inviting and loving, and I wish we could have shared more time together. I wil be thinking of you on 11 Feb, as i know it will most likely be snowing, it always does on your Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday with much Love,
your Son, Scott


Good Morning Mom!
Well, here comes another summer you will not be sharing with us! As much as we all love the summer coming, we cannot help but be reminded how much we love and miss you everyday. How you loved to have hot steamed crabs and enjoy the pool (when we had the townhouse); I wish you had the opportunity to enjoy our new in-ground pool, I think you would have always wanted to come over as you loved to float around and relax. We just opened it and have been working really hard to get it ready for the memorial day weekend, it is pretty close to that point now. I hope you know how much we all love and miss your warm and happy spirit (especially when Dad wasn't P.O.), but even when he was; you always put up with it.

Miss and love you forever!
Your loving Son!

Dearest Mom,
Today marks the 6th anniversary of your passing into heaven! I can't tell you how much I have missed you over those years. I think of you often and wish so many things could have been better, I somtimes feel like you were lacking the attention and appreciation you certainly deserved.

I know Dad loved you very much, but he never expressed much love and appreciation, never did the little things that most men would do for their wife. I regret you never got to travel very much, there are so many things you would have enjoyed, and never got the chance. I truly miss talking with you, enjoying the holidays with you there, and your great sense of humor!! You always seemed to keep that fresh, regardless.

I haven't seen or talked to Dad since August 15, 2010, the day he decided to live with April on the Eastern shore, but I hear he is still in fairly good health, he will be 86 this year, hard to believe. This winter has had absolutely no snow; none, I can't believe it, I am hoping the summer will be hot hot, since I have the pool, the hotter the better. I wish I had the pool while you were here, I know you would have really enjoyed it, floating around sipping ice tea, your favorite!!!

Steve is in Colorado this week skiing, said they were having a great time. Branden and the family are flying to Hawaii April 16th thru the 23rd, they are excited, Taj's first visit there.

I still play the lottery every week and still no hits, sad I know. I really hope you met Jimmy Francis in heaven, you was a great friend and hopefully, you two are having a great time together. I know he was like a father figure to you and you really enjoyed his company and freindhship and he yours. I remember you saying when he would go to the store with you, he would go sit somewhere and tell you, take all the time you need, don't worry about me, and he meant it. He would sit for hours just waiting; and funny, my god, he was the most funny and freindlest person I have ever met even to this day.

He really deserved happiness in life, he had a very hard life but seemded to enjoy everyday. He is definitely someone I have admired my entire life. Give him my best, and that I miss him too!

Well, work is ending now, so I must sign off, I love you Mom, take care and I'll be visiting again very soon.

Hello Mother,
It's been a few months since my last visit here, I apologize for that; seems I always intend too and then forget or put it off for whatever reason. I think sometimes it just makes me depressed as I still miss you very much; but hopefully, you are safe and happy. I finally took apart that card table Dad made ( wow, some wild card games we had over there!!!). Many very fun; others, not so much. I hated to get rid of it as he did a great job building it; it just was taking up too much room in the basement and I have stopped playing cards for a long time now. Also, I guess I never told you we got another german shepherd puppy not long after Shelby passed, it was just too lonely around the house.

We named her Sophia (Sofie-for short); she is 8 months old now and what a sweetie she is; still very much a puppy with jumping and those puppy bites, but very loving. Funny though; I still miss my dear Shelby, she was such a good girl!!! I haven't seen or talked to Dad since he moved out of the senior living center and moved in with April. I hear he is doing fairly well, I am sure he is taken good care of, and considering he is 85 now, he can be a real task to care for. Laurie and I took a 7 day carribean cruise in January 2012; it was awesome; something you would have loved to do; unfortunately, you never had the opportunity. We made several island stops; food was great; snorkeling, boating, and took a catamaran around St. Thomas and the water is so cool looking and clean. I often think of you when we go on our vacations; how much you liked to go to new places and shop, and I often feel you were short changed in life and I think you know what I mean, I just won't say it. It is only 13 days from the date you entered Heaven, I will come back on that day and say hello and pray you are safe and happy.

I think of you often Mom, your upbeat attitude, and your beautiful smiling face when we would visit you, God Bless, as always with Love, Scott

Dear Mom,
Wanted to let you know that my beloved Shelby(Dog)passed away on 5 July 2011. She was diagnosed with throat cancer back in late 2010 and they (Vet and Specialist) indicated it was terminal and nothing could be done, surgery or other radical treatments would only prolong the outcome. We treated her with medication and she did really well for several months, longer than anyone anticipated. Unfortunately, it became harder and harder for her to swallow or eat, she was avoiding eating or even drinking her water. We tried spoon feeding; but it was evident she was losing weight, not acting herself anymore and was basically refusing to open her mouth, her jaw became swelled and drooling was getting worse, so we helped her go to heaven with you.
We were there with her through all of it, holding and talking to her while laying on the floor; we were all crying and telling her how much we loved her, she slowly went to sleep and stopped breathing. I have to admit, I was a basket case right then and there; the vet (she was even crying). We had her cremated and she now sits upon our fireplace in her own doggie house urn, with a picture and name plate on the front. We miss her very very much, and it has been a very rough two weeks, but I know she is safe and without pain now, I hope you see her and take care of her for me until I get there.
Love Scott

Hello Mom, Thought I would drop you line and say Hi, today is the first day of summer 2011, I cannot believe how quickly time has passed, I feel like I was just talking to you yesterday sitting at the dining room table where I took this picture of you. I really miss talking to you and visiting. Dad moved out of the house last year into a senior living facility but didn't stay there very long, you know he never liked to socialize, anyway he is now living with April on the eastern shore and appears to be doing okay, I haven't talked to him since August of 2010 but Steve has.

Everyone else appears to be doing okay as well, Steve and Janell are coming home for a visit in July, staying with us for 1 week. Intend to have a cookout with all the brothers and play golf a couple times. Sure wish you were there, we will be playing bag toss and I know you would have loved to be part of that. Oh yeah, we had an in ground pool put in back in 2008 and sure wish you could be here; you would love swimming in it. Another item that you always liked; the lottery, I hit the three didgit a few times this year, once on 223 and another on 348. I will keep you up to date on things, take care and love you as always! Scott


Dear Mom, It's been 5 long years since you entered Heaven. I hope you have found peace and a loving partner in God!! You certainly did your fair share of spreading love and taking care of your family, it took a toll on you but you never complained.

I wish I was there when you departed; I never got a chance to tell you just how much you were loved and admired, hopefully, you knew it. I sometimes still have a hard time believing it really happened; I guess all things do come to and end at some point.

Your Loving Son, Scott

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