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My Beloved Husband, I met you in 1956 and we were married the following year. We had our ups and downs but always solved our problems together. We had many good times together which I will always remember. You were a very good provider for me and our son. You and I took a lot of walks together which I enjoyed very much. When you got sick I did my very best to take care of you. But I could only do so much to keep you with me. Dr. Hernandez was our doctor and he did what he could to make you better. After a time though your body wouldn't heal, so GOD called you to Heaven to be with him. Now you haven't any more pain and can go for those walks with your Grandpuppy, Tucker. I miss and love you both, but some day I'll be there with you for eternity. Love you, your wife always, Shirley Hi My Love, was remembering things about our life together. Remember when we went to Va. to get married and didn't know if we were going to make it back home? We had only a few dollars for gas. I guess God was looking out for us because we made it home. One Christmas you went to the store to buy me a gift. It was a pair of gray slacks and you dropped them in the gutter and it was raining very hard.You were so upset with yourself. There wasn't any thing wrong with them, they dried and I wore them. I remember the first time I saw you. You drove this big car, it was a Hudson. But mostly you bought Oldsmobiles. Then in 1959, we had our son. He completed our lives, didn't he? Since you went to heaven, our son is still the man he was when you left. You can still be very proud of him, like I am. Jim put those pictures on the website of you. Now I can look at them every time I get on the computer. I love and miss you very much. I'm so glad that you have Tucker there in heaven with you. You two send those hugs and kisses down to us here on earth. Always love you, wife Shirley
Survived by:

Wife, Shirley and son James Jr

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