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Margaret Virginia Anderson Kempa
My sister Virginia, died at her home on Wednesday February 24, 2010 in Macon Georgia at the age of 85. Virginia was born in Benton Harbor Michigan. The family moved to Cedar Falls Iowa where she graduated from of Iowa State Teachers College High School. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nutrition from Kansas State University and did her her Dietetics internship at Oklahoma State University. From there she earned her Master of Medical Science from Emory University in Georgia.
Virginia worked in the Dietetic departments of various hospitals in Oklahoma and Georgia. She retired from the State of Georgia, Department of Allied Health. She loved her job and worked long beyond the time she could have retired. Virginia was a Registered Dietitian with the American Dietetics Association since 1949. Virginia belonged to the PEO Sisterhood since 1945 and was a member of St. Andrews Presbyterian Church in Macon, Georgia. Virginia loved to travel, knit, cook, entertain and visit family and friends. That is my sister.
(I believe this history was compiled by Virginia's son David, and I hope he does not mind me borrowing it)



The Little Angel cried that night as she'd worked so hard to make things right, and tried to help her through her fight. Her friend loved to travel and be on the go. China, Russia and the Berlin Wall, France and Scotland, she had seen them all. Arizona, Yellowstone and the Black hills too, there was always so much to do. So many places her friend had been, and always returned with a new best friend.
In her younger days, she cooked and baked and beautiful crafts she would always make. Never a holiday came or went that a wonderful card she always sent. Then came the day the news was bad. I am sure that she was very sad, but never complained or
said a word. She knew, I think, the end was near. "I have lived my life to the fullest and have no regrets and have always done my very best." She did not complain, but she had always hoped to walk again.
Then came the night I took her hand, and said "God is calling, and we must go." She took my hand and together we went. We climbed the stairs and to Heaven we went. I left her there at the
Golden Gate. She was met by family she had missed for so long.
"Little Angel, you can't come in. I must send you back as there are more who need you to guide them home." "That may be true" the angel said, "but she was so special and kind to me. I
too have lost a good friend you see." The angel bowed down and said Goodbye. Her tears fell like rain down below, the night her friend was chosen to go.
The Night The Angel Cried.

This is a poem I have written for my sister ~ see picture below of the Little Angel.
Written By: Gloria Jean Childers
March 3, 2010
picture by : triciamary@JPG (with permission)

Survived by:

Virginia M. Anderson married Loddie Paul Kempa of Bartlesville,Oklahoma on January 24th 1948. Loddie was a golf professional and won National Left Handed Championship in 1948 at French Lick, IN. Loddie died in April 1979 in Macon, GA. after 31 years of marriage.

Paul Joseph Kempa ~ Son
Terri James Kempa ~ Daughter in law
Molly Kate Kempa ~ Grand Daughter

JoAnne Kempa Usery ~ Daughter
George Basil Usery ~ Son in law
Kelly Elizabeth Usery ~ Grand Daughter
Sophia Belle Usery Liriano ~ Great Grand Daughter

David Paul Kempa ~ Son

Robert Faner Anderson ~ Brother
Margaret Lee Anderson ~ Sister in law and children

John Howard Anderson ~ Brother (RIP 1938-2012) ~ and children
Janie Gusman Anderson ~ Sister in law ~ and children

Gloria Jean Anderson Childers ~ Sister ~ and children

Our Mother ~ Margaret H Lash Anderson 1901-1991 RIP

Memories of your Leaving......February 19th

Candle candle burning bright,
How your flicker lights the night.
It burns for those no longer here.
The special ones, so near, so dear.
It lights my heart as I recall,
The special memories of all.
How can it be that they are gone,
To leave me here so very long.
A memory of days gone by.
A hope that if I really try,
They will return - no need to cry.
I wonder why they had to die.
There presence I will hope to feel,
Knowing though, it is not real.
It is but a dream I see,
To have those loved ones next to me.
A dream I share with only you,
And knowing that it won't come true.
Candle candle burning bright,
How your flicker lights the night.

By : Gloria Jean Childers
February 4th, 2008

February 24th, 2011
Do know you are remembered this day. One year ago you left us.
I hope the journey was not long and the days since you arrived have been good. You are missed here below by many. You are not forgotten. Love, Gloria

Feb 24,2012
Our Brother joined you February 7th of this year. Let him know
he will be missed and our love is with him.

January 16th, 2013
Its hard to think My Mother, my Sister and my Brother are gone. Why was I such a hurry to grow up. Why was I in such a hurry to leave the farm? Little did I know those were to be the best years of my life and full of memories I would never forget. Oh, if only I could go back.

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