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Memories of Ellenmarie
If I knew the place where wishes come true,
That’s where I would go for my wish for you.
And I’d wish you all that you’re wishing for,
For no sister on earth deserves it more.

But trials and troubles come to us all,
For that’s the way we grow “Heaven Tall”,
And my prayer to our Father above
Is to keep you safe in His infinite love.
And we both know that gifts don’t mean much
Compared to “our love” and God’s blessed touch!

Helen Steiner Rice

7/25/2014 Visiting with you today and remembering the great times!

4-13-12 Little Kitty went to Rainbow Bridge this afternoon - purring and sweet and so happy to shed this earthly raiment and be with you. I know it was a joyous reunion and she and you and Ling are walking the streets of gold every morn and eve. Still miss you and will always love you. BTW - Mags is very much like you! You will always live on in our hearts!
January 2012 Happy New Year! Wanted to visit "formally" and let you know you are still alive in our hearts! 2011 was less than wonderful - but we have all survived and are healing. Have kept that last Christmas bow you did for me - and will cherish it forever. Sat in the living room, gazed at the tree and wondered what you would think! It's no longer a theme tree ... just one that kids enjoy! And I know you approve! Will get back to the theme thing when they are older! I enjoyed that special time you and I always had, sitting in front of the tree and reminiscing - and know you were there with me. Still miss you - still love you - and STILL have some of those memories!! Am so happy you are singing in Heaven's choir with Marlene - and am sure your singing voice has improved! Love ya - Elaine
2009 Hi, Sis! Wanted to let you kow that we have FINALLY replaced the kitchen floor (as well as the laundry room & den) and have actually replaced some of that old furniture! Although I am going to keep a pillow or two from the old sectional you and I slept on during Hurricane Ivan. It's really been hard parting with it because everytime I sit on it, I remember you. Anyhow - Wendy's son is taking it to his home, so it is remaining "in the family"!

I have visited this site many times since I posted it - but rarely update it on-line. I think those conversations we have at your final resting place pretty much cover everything, hmm??? Anyhow - tonight I was asked who I missed the most, and I answered "my sister" before I even thought about it. And I really do miss you. There just hasn't been anyone nearly like you ... And I am not going to let myself get maudlin! So, let's just say I REALLY miss our shopping trips! 'Nuff said, already! Damn, but I do miss all of the fun times - and even the not-so-fun ones! Sigh! But, I know we will get together again one day - and I hope you now know that you didn't do anything terribly wrong about anything - you tried your best to be fair & honest - and that is all one can do. Thanx for being my sister and being here when I needed you. And I know you will be with me in spirit if I need someone again. Love ya always & forever - your "little" sister - Elaine

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