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Sgt. John Charles's Beloved Hearts Memorial
Memories of Sgt. John Charles
in Heaven ...my Dad..I miss you so much...Today in church the pastor talked about HONORING our Dad's...How I wish you were here with me now so I could tell you how I Honor you and all you are.. I would tell you all the things I never got a chance to say. Listen for me talking to you.. OK??

What would you have thought of the wars today? Of cowarldy men blowing themselves up,using women and children, hiding in caves. Have things changed or is it really the same? The loss is the same, the pain is the same. We pray for World Peace..

..after all these years, thinking of you I am reduced to a little girl again. I miss you still so very much.Take care of my Fifi and our beloved Mother.

Daddy, how I miss you after all these years. You were my hero, my Prince. I searched for you my entire adult life to no avail.

What would you have thought when the terrorist drove the planes into the WTC. You were a true soldier, you fought the enemy face to face.You wore your scars proudly for the USA and for our freedom.

There was only one special "You". Your legacy lives on.

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DADDY DID YOU FIND HER..Did you find my Fifi

I told her if she needed to go on she could, but oh how I would miss her. I told her you would be waiting for her. She never met you but she knew what to look for because she and I had so many conversations about you Daddy. I know that once you spoke she would recognize the warmth in your voice, the warmth I miss after all these years...
I know she would have appeared lost when she got there Daddy. She would look like a little kitten when she wasn't sure what was going on.She would waddle back and forth her tail way up high.. but you would see her big green eyes, you could never miss that beauty. I'm sure when she saw you she ran to you. She loves hugs and kisses and you'll soon find out when she whimpers, she is not in distress....she wants her belly rubbed.

Daddy,I trust you found her. I love you.

Survived by:

Sgt.John Ventura Brancato-son
Annette Attanasio- Daughter
Ginny Brancato-Daughter

Lisa Lynne
Dominick James
Scott Attanasio
Richard Attanasio
Kimberly Ann Brancato
Dena Marie Brancato

Great Grandchildren

David Guerard
Dominick Degasperi
Gianna Degasperi

Scotti Attanasio
Stephen Attanasio
Alexa Attanasio

Bella Vargas
EJ Vargas
Angelina Vargas

Brianna Brancato
Selena Brancato

Cheyenne Attanasio

Great Great Grandson
Giavanni Attanasio

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