The Eternal Frame

The Eternal Frame
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The Eternal Frame is an elegant, memorial picture frame that honors a lost loved one. A safe, beautiful tribute to the dearly departed, The Eternal Frame is made of quality brushed metal decorated with the heartfelt words: Always Remembered, Forever Loved. It has a built-in easel to be placed on a tabletop or shelf, or can be hung on the wall.

No need to worry about broken glass or replacing candles, dripping wax, or the fire hazards of a real candle. Just turn on the votive candle and allow the warm, soft, flickering glow to light up the image of your loved one, and you will be filled with a sense of peace and joy knowing that their spirit and memory lives on.

The Eternal Frame:

  • Holds an 8x10 photo of your loved one

  • Is a high quality brushed metal frame

  • Features a flip down candle holder

  • Built-in Easel or can be Wall hung

  • Includes a 2in. LED battery operated votive candle

  • Features shatterproof, high-grade Acrylic glazing

  • Honors your loved one with the words Always Remembered, Forever Loved


The Eternal Frame

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Vendor: DCR Supply

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