The Forever Spot Pet Bed

The Forever Spot Pet Bed

The Forever Spot by Coeio offers pet burial products that benefit the earth and are comforting to owners. The pet bed is designed to be both a bed for dying pets and a burial pod after death. The sides can be rolled up and closed with a drawstring to make it easy to bury your furry friend after death.

The cloth of the pet bed is infused with a biomix, made of mushrooms and other microorganisms, that remove toxins found in the body and help the soil and plants grow better. It is also 100% biodegradable and made with no harsh chemicals or processing.

By burying your pet with The Forever Spot, you are using the most environmentally friendly and affordable way to renew life around your pet’s grave and return your pet to the ongoing cycle of life.

The pet bed has an infinite shelf life as long as it is stored in a cool, dry location. However if you choose, Coeio will refresh the biomix every 5 years after your purchase date for no additional charge but shipping the product back to you.

Sizing Your Pet Bed:

  • Small Pet Bed: most cats, small dog, large rabbit
  • Medium Pet Bed: medium sized dog, large cat
  • Large Pet Bed: large dogs like Great Danes

The Forever Spot Pet Bed

Price: $200.00 - $325.00 Free Standard Shipping

Bed Size:

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Vendor: Coieo

Average shipping time for orders is 7 - 14 days.

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