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From: Debbie Lucky Girl, Princess and the 8 others' mom
On: 6/5/19
Hello there Teddy, I was just visiting some of my babies here at the bridge and came across your residency. I see that you recently celebrated your 16th year in heaven. I hope you have met up with all my babies and the others and are having a grand time up there enjoying all the beautiful sites and perfect health. Don't forget every now and again to climb high to the tips of the night stars to send your humans a very special bright and shining light from heaven above to let them know you are with them always just inside their hearts.
From: Wendy Lee Taylor
On: 4/29/18
Hello there Teddy boy, I know you have welcomed Milo and you are all showing sweet Milo all the wonderful things there at the bridge. Remember that your mommy and daddy miss all of you and would love to see a sign from each one of you from time to time. All of you had special traits that they remember and cherish. They will know which one of you left a sign. Know that all of you are still very much loved and touched their hearts in your own special ways.
From: Kathy (Oreo,Ralph,Eva)
On: 12/27/17
Carol/Marc..Teddy is a beautiful boy...he always came around for he knew how much you loved him...take care...
From: robert
On: 5/26/10
teddy has went to rainbow bridge to be with and to welcome some of the to the bridge.so he resting now.carol and marc sorry about teddy.
From: Sasha's mom
On: 1/28/10
Hi Teddy, What big eyes you have.You are so loved and what a pretty picture of you. Your family has created a beautiful memorial in your honor. The unconditional love that is between our 4 pawed family members and ourselves can never be broken. My beloved Sasha is now a resident of Rainbow Bridge, please keep her company sweet one until the day we are joined again. http://rainbowsbridge.com/residents/SASHA150/Resident.htm Everyone's pet is the most outstanding. This begets mutual blindness. Jean Cocteau
From: Remy (Wilbur's Dad)
On: 8/19/08
Hi Teddy,You look a lot like Wilbur's Aunt Karen's Charlie. I am sure you are playing a game of chase with my boy Wilbur. He loved that game. His Aunt Karen is playing along with you. Visit your family and send them your love.
From: Betty Hanson
On: 9/9/07
Teddy - Your picture looks like you have something to say and you are looking very stately. Don't forget to send mom and dad signs and messages that you are fine and will be waiting on them someday.
From: Dusty's mommy
On: 6/10/07
Teddy, how sweet to know you've been reunited with Cyrus, Caleb, and Misty. I'm sure the very moment you crossed over, Misty came running over--nose in air--tail wagging--to greet you at the Rainbow Gate! And, just think, although Carol and Marc, even to this day, may miss rubbing the bridge of your nose, and hearing you purr, may they find comfort knowing that the very Hand of God now rubs your nose...What more could they have possibly wished for their special miracle kitty? Many Rainbow blessings are wished for your entire family....from Dusty's Mommy
From: Pressy's Family
On: 6/10/07
Hello, handsome Teddy. We've learned about you and your wonderful meadow fur family Cyrus, Caleb, and Misty from our Pressy, the little old gray lady kitty who chases rainbows and shares kitty headbump kisses with you. She tells us how much fun she has playing with all the kitties in your fur family...chasing butterflies and crickets and then curling up for a nap together in the forever sunshine. She says you all love to run together through the lush green grass of the bright Paradise meadow and then go to the sparkling river to listen to the beautiful musical sounds of the flowing water. Play happily with your fur family but all stop often to send love signs to Mommy and Daddy just as Pressy taught you so they know you love and miss them and all their furbabies are watching over them from Paradise. Soar up high with your kitty brothers and sisters among the clouds on your angel wings to send your love forever to Mommy and Daddy, beloved Teddy Bear. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Joan
On: 5/11/07
I stumbled onto this site by accident. I simply love cats. I can't imagine my life without at least one in my family to love. I'm sorry you lost your boy. I understand how difficult that can be. I lost my best friend, Kittles, 10 years ago and still think of him daily. He was very special. I know that it is hard to be without your Teddy boy. One thing that helped me was knowing Kittles wasn't in pain anymore and now he is happy.
From: Teresa
On: 4/4/07
I have visited all of your babies residencies. Your babies are absolutely adorable. Please know that I will always keep you and ALL of your babies in my thoughts and prayers.
From: Chris
On: 3/28/07
Teddy, I am happy that you had such a wonderful family who misses you so much! They are right, you are truly beautiful and I hope your forever is filled with sunshine always!
From: charlie : calebs dad
On: 12/25/06
Good Morning Teddy-- i stopped by to wish you a Merry Christmas from my furbaby Caleb and myself. May Peace, Hope and Joy be yours and your family this Holiday Season.
From: Carol McLoughlin
On: 10/3/06
May Cyrus have many days to play, with warm,cozy beds as he lay, and his dreams be filled with thoughts of Mom and Dad who love him.
From: Cheryl
On: 9/28/06
Good Morning Teddy, You have quite a family there. You have been at the bridge for a little time now, and probably know everyone. Look for my special guy Cyrano, he is relatively new there, about 6 months. Let your family know just how much you love them, smile down on them, and they will know. Now, run fast, play hard, and love always. Cheryl aka Cyrano's mom

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