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From: Charlotte Bishop
On: 2/3/19
I am so sorry for your losses of your furbabies over the years. I believe we will join them again.I can see your love of them,Cocoa, MollyMay Tramp and Tiki. God bless you and your babies
From: Wycleff and Mom
On: 12/26/15
Dear Miss Vicki - what a perfect tribute to sweet Tramp. We know he is with you in your heart and is taking good care of all your furbabies. 💙💜
From: Yvonne schwartz
On: 12/26/15
I am so very sorry Rip Very Beautiful Tribute Huge Hugs w
On: 12/30/12
From: Mom
On: 12/27/12
Vicki, I know how you must miss your ktties that have gone on to kitty heaven but you have many more to love and care for. You are such a loving mama person to all of your kitties. I love you so much for that.
On: 12/24/11
From: robert
On: 5/28/10
vicki so sad when you losse\ such a sweet furbaby as tramp.he will be watching for you as the other also.
From: Theresa Anders
On: 2/5/10
sorry about your loss such a cute cat enclosing a gift
From: Sasha'a mom
On: 1/29/10
Tramp, What a beautiful picture of you, Your mom have created a special memorial in your honor. Rainbow Bridge, where there is only happiness and joy and you wait till the day you are reunited for all of eternity. My little Sasha has just entered your Rainbow Bridge, I do hope you become friends, you can visit her at: An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language. ~Martin Buber
From: Pat Lively
On: 7/28/09
Tramp, you Tiko and Molly May are all together. Remember you are all loved and missed every day.
From: Diane
On: 7/26/09
Beautiful Tramp I am sorry that I have not visited sooner...I didn't know about you. I am sure you have met my Zander please give him a big kiss for me, run and play and have great fun at the bridge; but please remember to send your mommy a special sign so that she knows that you are ok. Love Diane
From: Clare and Martha
On: 7/26/09
Tramp, you are such a handsome boy! Please take Tiko and Molly by the paws and send your love purring down the Rainbow straight into the heart of your mommy who misses you all so much. Molly is just new to the Bridge, so please show her all the wonders of Paradise. Vicki, be assured that you will be with your beloveds again in God's time, and there will never be another separation. God bless you. Clare & Martha
From: Pressy's Family
On: 9/20/07
Hello, handsome Tramp. We're sorry we've not visited sooner...we didn't know about you. The little old gray lady kitty who helped you welcome Tiko to the bright Paradise meadow is our Pressy. Pressy said she is sad her family has not visited her special kitty playmate Tramp. She told us she naps with you, shares kitty headbumps, and taught you to send love signs on the wind so Mommy will hear your sweet purrs and feel your kitty soft headbumps when gentle evening breezes blow. Pressy said you sent a sign to tell Mommy precious Tiko arrived in Paradise and is waiting with you until she comes to cross the Bridge one day to all be together again forever. Play happily in beautiful Paradise with Tiko and the other furbabies but join together often to smile down on Mommy from the edge of the meadow so she'll know you are watching over her and are with her always. Soar up high with Tiko on your silvery angel wings to watch over Mommy with your love, beloved Trampy. Pressy's Grandpa
From: Betty Hanson
On: 8/31/07
Tramp - You are a good looking guy and your mom is missing you so much for all this time. Please find Tiko, take care of him and show him around the Bridge. Send mom some signs that you are safe and doing fine and that you and Tiko will be waiting on her to cross the Bridge one day.
From: Dusty's mommy
On: 8/31/07
Little kitty Tramp, you've been at the Rainbow a while now, and I'm sure you've learned all about the "special magic" there, haven't you! Blowing kisses back to Vicki on the gentle Rainbow's evening breezes, kisses that she feels as a little breeze caresses her cheek here, well, that is one of those little magical things you furbaby's do there, isn't it! I know, for I've felt my very own Dusty's kisses myself on my cheek. So now that you are reunited with Tiko, may Vicki know she now has (2) furry Guardian Angels watching over her from the beautiful Rainbow. Tramp, you take care of Tiko, and teach Tiko all the magic you've learned, okay sweetie! As I learned from a dear on-line Rainbow friend here, Charlie, may you and Tiko go to the very "edge" of the Rainbow, peak over, and lovingly watch over your mommy and send her love signs often that you both still think of her with love...

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