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From: Mommy
On: 1/19/21
Thinking of you today with a heavy heart. I love you and miss you and your sisters and brother fur babies more than anyone could imagine. This has been such a tough year. I could have used your cuddles and kisses many times this year. Sweet girl I just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you today on this sad anniversary and you will forever be in my heart, Love forever, Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 1/19/20
Thinking of you today and missing you more than ever. I am now truly alone . Bella passed on Oct 18 . She was a sweet soul like you. Hopefully you ,Missy,Maxi, and Bella are together keeping each other company free from the illnesses that took you from us. I loved you all so very much. Hopefully some day I will be able to again snuggle you I’m my arms. Always how much you were loved . Forever, Mommy
From: Debbie Lucky Girl, Princess and others mom
On: 9/3/19
Hello sweet baby, the words may be few but the meaning of each of them sure does ring true for all of us here that have loved and lost a sweet angel. You are a beautiful soul, don't forget sweet one to send your Maxine a sign every now and again in the bright shining night stars to let her know that you are with her always just inside her heart.
From: Mommy
On: 1/23/19
Hi, Precious Girl! It has been a couple of years since I last wrote to you, and for the I am so ashamed. Life these past few years has had its share of tribulations, but know that I still think of you often and miss you. I still shed tears of sorrow every time I visit your memorial. You will always hold a special place in my heart. By now I hope that you have united with your sweet brother, Maxi. Take care of each other and know I am always with you. Love,Mommy
From: Mommy
On: 4/14/16
I am thinking of you today as I often do with sadness. I love you so. Your brother left us last year too on May 11 th. He was a dear, sweet little boy just like you, but not as independent. Please take good care of him as he will need your love. I am now alone. There will be no other fur babies. I will miss you both until the day I die. Thank you for all the years of joy you brought our family, but especially me. I will be eternally grateful. Love now and forever, Mommy
On: 1/18/14
From: Mommy
On: 1/21/13
My dearest 'Sweetie. It's that time of year again, and as usual, when I enter your residency and see that sweet little face, I always get weepy. The pain is as deep as the day we had to drive you to the vet for the very last time. I love you my sweetie and I always will. While I may only write to you once a year, you are always in my mind. We continue to watch you human niece, MIa, and of course your fur baby brother, Maximillian, and sister Bella. It's hard to believe they will be 8 next month. Millian has developed a kidney condition, so I don't know that he will live to the ripe old age of 15 as you did. I dread the day we will have to say good-bye to him too, but I know that when the time comes, you will be there to meet and care for him. So, until next time, my dear baby, rest in peace. Love always, Mommy
On: 1/18/13
From: Mommy
On: 1/21/12
Precious Sweetie, I'm sorry that I didn't get to you sooner. I have thought of you everyday this week, but as you know your daddy and I watch your human baby sister everyday and don't have much free time. I know you would love her as we do. Precious girl, I miss you and love you as much as ever. You are very special and I hope over the bridge you can eat everything you want and that you can run and play with other furry friends. You deserve the very best. Until we meet again, remember you will always be my dear fur baby. Mommy
On: 1/12/12
From: Mommy
On: 3/30/11
Hi, my little sweet pea. I renewed your residency today, Every time I look at your sweet little face, I feel the sadness that I felt the day you left us. My dear, Too Sweet, I love your brother so much, but he will never replace you in my heart. You were a special little girl and I love you so much.You would be an auntie now. Your human brother, Jeffrey had a baby girl. Her name is Mia and she is sweet just like you. Maybe you live within her, baby girl. I can only hope.
From: Mommy
On: 1/21/11
My forever dearest, TooSweet, another year has passed and I miss you as much as ever. You were sent a guardian angel this year,baby. Grandmas Mears should have met you over the bridge last January, Take care of each other and know how much you are both loved and missed.
From: robert
On: 7/20/10
maxine so sorry and those 15 years went fast i know i had one for 14 years and it just seem like yesterday my father in law brought the little fox terrier to me.too sweet hope you have met her.he rname is trixie fay.
From: Sasha's mom
On: 1/28/10
Too Sweet You are so loved and what a pretty picture of you. Your Mommy has created a beautiful memorial in your honor. The unconditional love that is between our 4 pawed family members and ourselves can never be broken. My beloved Sasha is now a resident of Rainbow Bridge, please keep her company sweet one until the day we are joined again. An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language. Martin Buber
From: Mommy
On: 1/19/10
Thinking of you and missing you on this special day. I'll always love you my little sweet pea. If only your new brother could know you. We'll all meet someday. Have fun til then, baby. Always, Mommy
From: patt
On: 12/24/09
Merry Christmas little one.
From: Patti
On: 1/7/08
What a beautiful little girl. My Simba is with her.
From: Dusty's mommy (Karen)
On: 11/5/07
To Maxine....if I could bring your baby back to you for even just a day, I'd bring Sweet to your doorstep...if I could find a way...written by Karen....Just know : "Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -Anatole France - I have found such profound truth in that statement....I believe in my heart, that is why we never forget the joy, the love, the very presence of our babies even after they've gone. You see, the part of us they've awoken simply never again falls asleep inside us. Instead, the cherished memories of their love, their very presence in our lives, keeps their flame eternally glowing in our hearts, no matter how little...or how long of a time has gone by since they've left our side.... May Too Sweet's flame continue to burn brightly and shine eternally in your heart... With wishes of sunshine to you, from the Rainbow and beyond......God Bless......Karen (Dusty's mommy) .......
From: Puppy's Dad and Mom Kent and FLo
On: 4/20/07
We are so sorry for your loss. We know your pain so well, as we lost our Sweet SHih Tzu named PUPPY in January. Dear Too Sweet, There are many wonderful Tzu's that will show you around the bridge..Puppy, Taxxi, Ralphie, Trixie, Lacy, and a little guy with big ears named Caleb to name a few. Run fast, play hard, and sleep sweet little one until you meet your Family again..

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