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From: chelsea
On: 3/16/19
Hi tojam (bubbie) and scooter i bet you two are having a lot of fun with the other angles that are at the rainbow Bridge. Keep sending hellos and your love to your family that misses you and please don't feel sad your family will one day be with the two of you again. Dear Family of Scooter and Tojam (bubbie) your love for these precious souls wil never be forgotten and will live on. Please remeber that you gave them the best life any furbaby could ask for and that they were very happy to be with you. They will always be there in your heart a part of them will always be there with you and they will be so happy to see you again at the rainbow bridge. Take care
On: 10/21/12
From: Charma
On: 11/15/10
I enjoyed reading all your entries about Tojam. I remember Tojam fondly. I hope Chelsi is greeted by Tojam in heaven. No more pain on the other side.
From: robert
On: 7/27/10
judy and dean such a pretty furboy you have here i know the loss is still felt even after 5 years and my prayer out to you
From: Sasha's mom
On: 1/29/10
Tojam, What a beautiful pictures of you, Your family have created a special memorial in your honor. Rainbow Bridge, where there is only happiness and joy and you wait till the day you are reunited for all of eternity. My little Sasha has just entered your Rainbow Bridge, I do hope you become friends, you can visit her at: An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language. ~Martin Buber
From: JIM
On: 9/8/09
tojam, guess it never occured to me to get on here and tell you what a wonderful doggie you were.i will always rember you and the way you would bark at me when i first came to visit and how you would get under the table at dinners and beg me for food.r.i.p. little one
From: Kelly Pettit
On: 5/14/09
Thinking of You
From: Dusty's mommy
On: 11/15/07
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened" -Anatole France - I have found such profound truth in that statement.... I believe in my heart, that is why we never forget the joy, the love, the very presence of our babies even after they've gone. You see, the part of us they've awoken simply never again falls asleep inside us. Instead, the cherished memories of their love, their presence in our lives, keeps their flame eternally glowing in our hearts, no matter how little...or how long of a time has gone by since they've left our side.... As you've just passed his 2 years being at the bridge last month, I hope your Bubbie's flame will continue to burn brightly and shine eternally in your hearts....Your writings of his birthday...seem to indicate his love is still with you..... With wishes of sunshine to your family, from the Rainbow and beyond......God Bless......Karen (Dusty's mommy).......
From: DEAN
On: 10/12/07
Happy birthday Bubbie. Miss you verymuch.Bailey plays ball with me every night and sometimes he hits your picture with his ball.He cant take your place,but he sure gives us some happy times just like you did.Miss you a bunch, I still love you and miss you.
From: Brandon
On: 10/12/07
Happy birthday Tojam! No amount of time away from you would ever make us forget the special times we shared with you. We miss you and hope to see you again someday. You will never be replaced.
From: brandon penrod
On: 6/8/07
I would not hesitate to say this was the best dog to ever grace the presence of a family. Tojam was the best pet a person could hope for. I regret not being there by his side in his final moments, but i think he would understand. I didnt want my last memories of him to be of him in pain. I said goodbye to him the last time i was home before he died.... it was a very hard thing to do. Tojam lived a full life and was a very happy dog. I looked at his death as an end to his suffering, the only real postive way a person can think of death. As a young puppy, he liked to drag his own blanket behind me as i would carry mine through the house. He loved his ball, and his monkey, and his plastic foot. He hated the black glove and the words "you're not supposed to have that." Sometimes i wondered if he could understand everything we would say to him. I will always remember tojam as my first dog. Someday my children will have a dog too, and i can only hope its half as great as Tojam. We miss you!
From: Betty Hanson
On: 5/6/07
Bubbie - What a great guy you were to the family, and you left such great memories. Look for Scooter and join him to show him around the Bridge. You and Scooter have been appointed by God to be the guardian, protectors of the family now. Send mom and dad some kisses and let them know you love them and are waiting on them to come to see you one day. I hope you have met my Brande by now and tell her I love her when you see her.
From: Pat Lively
On: 5/4/07
You and scooter have fun playing and being pain free , young and healty. Pat Lively
From: Kathe Bennett
On: 3/27/07
I'm sure you miss Tojam alot. I miss Bandit from time to time but she was not a house dog so not the same as the one I have now my htoughts are with you.

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