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From: Gerald
On: 8/28/21
Tobey, you have been for 14 years at your new home, restored or even reborn. I hope and wish that your new life in safety is full of lighthearted joy and enriched by your friends. Feel and enjoy the pleasant light of love and harmony, shining very bright this day. It also comes from those pepole here on earth who will never forget you and have been loving you for more than a decade with many tears in their eyes. Now they are not able to hold you, beloved friend, in their arms, but those wonderful moments will come. God bless the people who loved and took care of you, when you were on earth, and god bless especially you Tobey, little friend.
From: Gerald
On: 8/28/20
You are not forgotten, Tobey. Wish I could hold you in my arms or watching you playing with your friends, beloved little puppy. May your soul find peace and may you being well protected from harm by the warm light of eternal life.
From: Gerald
On: 8/28/19
Hello, beloved Tobey, your 13th year at rainbowbridge has just begun and your friends and fellows will enrich it with love, friendship, jokes and games as they used to do all the years before. Enjoy your time at rainbowbridge. When the sunbeams wake you up, try to catch and chase them or walk into a creek, watch the fishes swimming in the water and take a refreshing bath, just for fun. When you are resting in a meadow, in the shade of large trees, listen to the singing of the birds before you fall asleep and when walking through the woods, try digging a hole into the ground. Would you like performing a funrace with your friends to find out who is the fastest and then celebrate all night with them? And do always remember: The day will come when you will be reunited with your closests human friends. I send you hundreds of lovingly hugs. May you never be forgotten, Tobey, precious little friend.
From: Sandy Mariucci
On: 8/29/18
Hi sweet baby boy! Today is your 10th Anniversary at Rainbow Bridge! You are a veteran now. I am so happy that people are still visiting your RB residency page and express so much love for you still after 10 years of knowing you. Happy 10th Anniversary, little angel! You are embedded in the hearts of many who love you and would have done anything to save you from your horrific short life here on earth. Until we meet, many hugs and much love to you, my special boy! Please give my love to my boys Jake and Codee! Sleep dreams, precious!
From: Gerald
On: 8/28/18
Life in eternity, free from care, shall be your reward, dear Tobey, as well as flawless beauty and neverending youth. Enjoy the companionship of all your mates and explore with them the realms of eternity. Keep lying in the meadows, listening to the sound of the bees and relax in the shadow of the trees. Be yourself and if you like digging a hole into the soil, don't hesistate, but do it. Do you like the sweet scent of an appricot, of an apple or the fragrance of a rose? There is enough of all of them. Or do you prefer visiting the deer in the forest? Surley, you are always welcome. And be always eager, whenever your friends invite you playing with them, so never miss the opportunity.... May you stay forever in the hearts of those who love you. God bless you Tobey, beloved little friend.
From: Gerald
On: 8/28/17
One year is follwed by another one; now a decade, 3653 days...... Dear Tobey, we wish that you have a pleasant time with all your friends and mates in the place which some of us here on earth call rainbowbridge. Play with all your friends and have much fun in the sunlight. Explore the forests and valleys, walk along the beaches and swim in the lakes. And whenever you look into the nightly sky and see all the stars twinkling, then you know that you are not forgotten. May you stay forever in the hearts of those who love you. Another 1000 kisses and hugs for you Tobey. God bless you.
From: Gerald
On: 8/28/16
Even as time continues to pass us by, there are many people who will always care for you and will never allow your memory to fade. Sweet Tobey I am so sorry that you were so betrayed and did not find the love and happiness you deserved so much here on earth. Another 1000 kisses and hugs for you Tobey, precious little angel and beloved friend. May your soul live forever and may you enjoy a new life in that place called rainbowbridge. God Bless you Tobey.
From: Carl A. Nylund
On: 9/26/15
Found a comment I shared on face book 5 years ago and since I have pets her I came back for a visit. Carl
From: Gerald
On: 8/28/15
A lot of people feel at these days with beloved Tobey and his parent people. Many of us bear Tobey in their minds and in their hearts. So, you are not forgotten. We are convinced that your soul is immortal, enyoing a peaceful, comfortable and loving life. May you be like a brightley shining star and may your soul get one day a strong and awesome body. Nevertheless - this hopeful thoughts and wishes are no true relief and quiet grief still remain in our hearts. Another 1000 kisses and hugs for you Tobey, and greetings to to all, whose lifes you have been able to enrich during a far too short time. I think of you every single day, Tobey. Gerald
From: Margaret
On: 6/6/15
June 6, 2015 - I have been thinking of you quite bit Tobey. I hope you are having lots of fun at Rainbow Bridge with all the other animals. Sandy, your residency guardian, is a very special person for keeping this memorial for you Tobey. Thank you so much Sandy xo. Tobey you will never be forgotten. Margaret xoxo
From: Gerald
On: 8/28/14
Another year has passed and Tobey has been a resident in the Garden of God at the rainbowbridge for 7 years now, 2557 days. Is he still the five month young puppy he was, when a merciless fate forced him to leave the earthly sphere? Or is Tobey grown up now, but never getting weak? Surely Tobey is beautiful, strong, gentle, caring, smart, awesome, playful, wonderful. Surely he is enjoying the true and eternal life in a place, which some of us call rainbowbridge, brightening the new life of his mates and all the beeings around him. And surely Tobey feels that there is still a strong ribbon, connecting his soul with the hopes and wishes and thoughts of those people on earth, who bear him forever in their minds. May all the people, who will never forget Tobey, meet him on their journey into the eternal surroundings. Another 1000 kisses and hugs for you Tobey, precious little angel and beloved friend.
From: Gerald
On: 12/24/13
Hallo cherished Tobey! May you celebrate another Christmas Eve with all your friends, mates and guardians. Time may have no special meaning in eternity, but this day is, as you know, an extraordinary one. Be also assured, that a lot of people are on earth who remember you with tears in their eyes, but this day is an opportunity for them to be glad, because they know you spend your new and true life in a heavenly garden, free from pain and anger, but enriched with affection, peace and comfort. Maybe you are able to feel all the good wishes and thoughts full of love they send to you these days? So I wish, you will enjoy all the forthcoming days ...I hope, that we all, who bear you in our minds, will meet you, Tobey. What joyful days this will be! Gerald
From: Kathy R
On: 8/30/13
Tobey, I think of you every day. I'm sorry I forgot to sign your guestbook on Wednesday, but you know I think of you every day, and I post a memorial tribute for you each week. Run and play at the Rainbow Bridge, safe from pain and fear.
From: gerald
On: 8/28/13
Tobey has been a resident in the Garden of God for 6 years, 2192 days. A chance to remember the five month young puppy Tobey, and also a chance to celebrate his true life now: Tobey was reborn and now he is able to spend his life, the true life, in eternal surroundings. May his personal guardianangel tell Tobey, when he is asleep and having a dream, that one day he will be reunited with his people parent once again for all time and never be separated again. Then Tobey will know, that the walk over the rainbow in the loving arms of his special people parent into the House of God is granted. May Tobey also know, that he is loved by so many people and may be his time at rainbowbridge a marvellous experience with his new mates and friends who take care of each other and especially of him. I am sure, his immortal soul is blessed with beauty and happiness. 1000 kisses and hugs for you Tobey, great boy and, although you don't know me, cherished friend. I think of you every day.
On: 8/27/13
From: Gerald
On: 5/10/13
Hi Tobey! Never had the opportunity to meet you here on earth. But I am sure, the day will come and an meeting is arranged, so that I can look into your gentle eyes and call you "My cherished friend". And then you may offer me your friendship. May you be happy at rainbowbridge, walking on the meadows and through the forests and enjoy playing with your friends. Gerald
From: Lisa
On: 3/3/13
What a special tribute to a precious little soul, may he be free from memory or pain. I felt so sad reading what happened to this poor baby. I couldn't bring myself to follow the link, it is unbearable to think this cruelty exists in our world. I hope Tobey is at peace in Rainbow Bridge. You can visit my Millie at
From: R0BERT
On: 8/27/12
From: Fabien Lee Macenzie
On: 8/26/12
I have just seen little Tobey on the Candlelight tribute. I want to express to you how very sorry i am for your loss and for the suffering poor little Tobey endured.I have been crying and have signed our petition and will try to do more.Tobey is at peace now his suffering is over and he is healed and whole again and waiting for you on the Bridge.Please feel free to visit my Sidney Moonlight.He too endured a lot of pain in his life.I am so so sorry and i hope these'things'that hurt Tobey will be brought to justice. God Bless You. XX
From: Tom & Marcieann
On: 5/28/12
Tobey,you are in our thoughts and prayers forever.You are now painfree young and healthy forever.You will only experience love and be young and healthy forever.I know you have greeted Nalla as she entered rainbows bridge on 10/5/11.She was my loving furbaby kitty.You and Nalla are now friends forever.When my time comes to be reunited with all my furbaby loved ones who have all arrived at rainbows bridge after leaving there lives here on earth i will look for you to give you kisses and hugs.

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