Tashi's Rainbow Bridge Guest Book

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From: Susanne
On: 12/7/22
Gone but not forgot remembered always enjoy your forever you and your loved ones will one day be together and on that happy day all sorrows shall have fled away forever enjoy the friends you’ve made at rainbow bridge while waiting for the day you’ll have all your loved ones together have fun don’t be sad one day you’ll be back together of that you can be glad
From: Michele
On: 10/4/20
What a beautiful tribute. She is a gorgeous girl.
From: Laura. LeRoy
On: 6/18/20
Hello Dearest Beautiful Tadhi I can't help it I'm a massive Tortie lover!! Your mommies sure do miss and love you. Would you plz tell Muffy Bubba BooBear Sissy Chelsea Sniffer Muss Kitty And my one and only Socks Cookie Monster girl hello and I miss and love them. Thank You Laura
From: Clare and Martha
On: 6/14/20
Tashi, I have learned that today is a special celebration of your life--seven years since you started this journey. Wow, what an amazing path you are traveling. Seven is a meaningful number for me, and I am thrilled to honor you on this special anniversary. The memories you have created continue to bless your moms, Clare and Martha, as well as Jackie. Thank you for gifting them with your essence in countless ways. Namaste. Valerie
From: Doris Draper
On: 6/13/20
Tashi, I never met you but from what your mommies tell me you were the best little girl ever. Remember you are loved always and missed. Watch over your mommies, they miss and love you,
From: Kim & Bob
On: 6/13/20
Precious Tashi, thank you to the wonderful years you gave to your humum's! On this 7th anniversary we want to celebrate what a wonderful kitty you were here and the very healthy, pain free, happy girl you are now. You are loved and will never be forgotten!!!
From: Mackenzie millar
On: 2/26/20
Tashi was such a sweet kitty and you can tell Tashi was well loved. Tashi is waiting at the Rainbow Bridge and anxiously awaits the day they will be reunited with you. If you would like to visit my hamsters page Snow white you can visit it here .https://www.rainbowsbridge.com/Guest_Book_View.aspx?DN=SNOWW002
From: Heather Nelson
On: 2/26/20
Here is an angel for you, Tashi. What a beloved cat you are.
From: Kathy (Oreo,Ralph,Eva)
On: 11/6/19
Clare/Martha...Tashi is a beautiful girl...never forget her...
From: Barbara and Missy
On: 10/21/19
Clare and Martha. Thank you for your kind words. My heart is with you for your losses. I like what you said about leaving peacefully. Missy never liked going to the vet but this time she was so very calm. We talked and she asked me to let her go home. I will walk every day with her beside me and will wait for my time to see her again.
From: Diane Stanton
On: 10/15/19
What a beautiful fur baby. Losing your best buddy is not easy. Our fur babies hold a special place in our hearts for eternity, as we are in theirs. Although our furry companions are gone, their memory will always live on.
From: Graham
On: 10/13/19
Hello Dear Tashi this is Chilly's Dad hoping you have have found & made friends with my beautiful Chilly & you are both playing together and having lots of fun.xx PS I have left you some Tuna for you to share with Chilly
From: Candace
On: 10/6/19
Thank you for visiting my precious Star’s memorial page. I love how you gave Tashi a wonderful tribute by providing an image of how Tashi’s experience must have been while crossing to the Rainbow Bridge. I pray for our little fur babies and I know my Star and your Tashi are crossing paths where kitties and doggies go to be forever friends while waiting for their forever family to arrive. Reading what others have said about their own furry babies has been such a treasure and so therapeutic for me as I grieve the loss of my baby girl Star. Continue to hold Tashi close to your heart and I will do the same for Star. ⭐️ 🌟 🌈
From: Carolyn
On: 10/5/19
Tashi, you were obviously loved by many and missed by all that knew you. God Bless your parents and tell Maximus his mommy misses him like crazy. Clare and Martha, thanks for signing Maximus's guest book.
From: Kimberly D Kerschner
On: 9/23/19
Dear Tashi, You seem like a wonderful kitty! I hope you got a chance to see my Honey when she crossed the rainbow bridge. She was a wonderful loving dog. If you miss your mommy please turn to Honey because she will give you a sweet kiss to make you feel the same type of love your mommy gave you. My baby always made me feel happy whenever I was sad or lonely.
From: Joe, Celia & Sandy
On: 9/22/19
What a BEAUTIFUL baby she is. She was a fat cat like mine :-). You can tell you guys loved and spoiled her rotten just like ours (Baby Cain). I am so sorry for your loss. I know exactly what you must be feeling now. Does it EVER get easier? I searched the question of will my Baby go to heaven? Will I see him again? There are many passages in the Bible that talk about that subject and mention all of Gods creations being present in heaven. Also, comments about God wanting our every wish to be fulfilled in heaven. I pray that this is true. It will be a glorious day when we met the again. God Bless you!
From: Truc Linh
On: 8/28/19
Dear Clarie & Martha, Dear Tashi you so beautiful baby, i like to introduce my baby name Lulu to you maybe you will meet her one day, i hope you have so much fun at rainbow 🌈 and play together, Dear Clarie & Martha I visit Tashi memorial she is so beautiful i know how much you love her like i love my baby LuLu,wish you have best...!
From: maryellen
On: 8/27/19
Tashi, you are so beautiful! You made your mommies so, so happy. I know you look down on them and send them all the love from your heart. They took such good, loving care of you. No mommies could have loved you more. I hope you are enjoying your beautiful rainbow home and I hope you have met my Mia. She is sweet and loving too. Claire and Martha, I wish you peace in your hearts and knowing that your Tashi is bound to you forever with the Golden Cord. Tashi is purrrfectly gorgeous. Your love will bind you forever to precious Tashi. I love the pride flag! I have to put one on Mia's memorial too! Thank you for visiting Mia's memorial.
From: Marjorie Stein
On: 8/26/19
Dear Clare and Martha, What a beautiful tribute to your darling Tashi..she was truly gorgeous!! You have my heartfelt condolences and may all your wonderful memories bring you much peace and comfort! Marjorie
From: Lezahn Meiring
On: 8/20/19
Dear Clare, Martha and Tashi. Thank you for your beautiful words for Simba. He loved kitty cats, so I believe you are great friends now while waiting for us to meet you. May your parents find solace in your presence in their hearts, as we find solace in Simba's presence in our hearts and home. When we miss him extra much, we light the candles encircled by his collar, to remind us of the light he has created within us. We hope you have the best time while waiting for your parents; playing with lots of friends, sleeping a bunch and feeling fantastic everyday. Your soul was clearly to pure and beautiful for our earthly world, and heaven needed you home. I wish strength and peace upon your parents.

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