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From: Cindy Peters
On: 2/4/19
Just stopping by to let you know I visited Sweetheart's Rainbow Bridge memorial. How heartbreaking for you upon the loss of this precious baby! I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. I can imagine the unconditional love you had for her during her life with you. My Teddy Bear entered the Rainbow Bridge memorial in June 2017. The angels are watching over all of our pets that have passed and we will see them again one day. My condolences to you.
From: Irene hudobenko
On: 10/9/17
i am so sorry for your loss
From: Gina
On: 1/22/17
Sweetheart waits for you at the rainbow bridge. She is beautiful and healthy. She has become friends with my Oakley meister, little Llasa wolf doggie., God bless Gina
From: Alvaro Quesada
On: 10/15/15
RIP Sweetheart. Say hi to my little doggie (Jackie Chen) gone 8/30/15.
From: R0BERT
On: 8/28/12
On: 9/2/11
From: Mom
On: 12/4/10
Sweetheart, Your Dad and I miss you so much. You gave us so much love and were grateful that you had a home again. You are so loved. Ellie loves us but it is not the same. She could have learned so much from you. Another winter is here. I keep your grave cleaned as best as I can. I talk to you often and I know you are listening. You know my Mom always wanted to pet you and now she can. No one has allergies in Heaven. Love you bunches. Mom
From: dad
On: 12/4/10
Merry Christmas Sweetheart. I hope my mom and dad are petting you.
From: robert
On: 7/18/10
so sorry about sweetheart big girl is she not.
From: Robert
On: 5/31/10
Sweetheart, Time flies, but my heart is still with you. Ellie is a good kitty, but she does not have your street smarts. You lived in the alleys for who knows how long. Then you ended up in our back yard and stole our hearts. I wish you and Ellie could have met. You could have taught her a thing or two. I don't know how long this guestbook will be kept open. I will try to keep it up til I see you at the Bridge. I love you as much now as I ever did.(So does Mom). Love and scratches under your chin, DAD.
From: dad
On: 2/4/10
My little Sweetheart, winter is here and your grave is covered with snow. In my heart, I know that we will see each other on the Bridge. Ellie the cat is great, but not like you. I miss you and love you. Maybe my Mom and Dad have found you. Cuddle up to them like you use to do to Christine. Till we see each other on the Bridge, I will forever hold you close in my mind and heart.
From: Lynda, Shammah's Mom
On: 2/2/10
Hello precious girl! You are so very beautiful and you have so much love in your eyes. I know it is for your mommy and daddy even now. I just came to tell you that my beautiful little Belle is there to be your special friend and Shammah's little boy Shakky is also. He is the sweetheart for you! Go and find them to play with and they will give you lots of kisses and love. You will see them with their Snow Queen Princess Shammah who loves babies just like you! She will let you snuggle all the time in her soft white coat. Send mommy sweet dreams....I am glad you were loved so much. xo xo
From: DAD
On: 8/25/09
Sweetheart, Grandpa passed away a couple weeks ago. You are probably getting petted by him now. I miss him and you.
From: beth
On: 6/27/09
My deepest sympathy on the loss of your beloved Sweetheart. I came to RainbowsBridge to visit a friends dog (ALEXI004)and then continued to read about this site. I had never been here before. I was surprised to see a listing for Norwegian Forest Cats and three sites listed so I visited the first one and it was your Sweetheart's. She captivated me with her eyes and her beauty. I also have a Norwegian Forest Cat (Snuggles-2 and one half years old) who is the light of my life. He also sleeps on or with me and nuzzles, nibbles and kisses. I have had cats all my life but there is something special about Snuggles that I know I will never find again. Know that our love for our furbabys transcends space and time and just as they always know we love them, their love remains in our hearts forever. My heart goes out to you for your loss. Time will never heal this wound but I hope the pain will gradually fade. Thank you for sharing your baby's life with others. beth
From: Paula--Pfeifles' babies(kitties) & Rottie gang
On: 12/28/08
Happy Holidays Sweetheart...how are you today? How was your Christmas? I hear all of the kitties some the best catnip around in their stockings. I can only imagine how beautiful it is at the bridge during the holiday season. All of the lights, the trees, the stockings hung by the chimney with care...and then all of the wonderful food & treats. I bet you had a great day. Make sure you send your mommie & daddy lots of purrs so they know you are doing OK. Don't party too hard on New Year's Eve...there will be a BIG birthday party on New Year's Day for my rottie Ursa...but don't worry, she loves kitties. I hope you can make it. I know she would love to have you there. Now go play with the ribbon that's hanging from the trees. http://RainbowsBridge.com/Residents/URSA001/resident.htm
From: robert
On: 2/23/08
Sweetheart, I still love you and miss you. Although Ellie is a great cat, she is not as wise or smart as you. While time makes it easy to forget the pain, the human heart will always feel the love. You are the best kitty ever. Love and headbuts, Robert
From: Sandy
On: 11/27/07
Your baby was so beautiful! Such wise, solemn eyes that seem to look right into your soul! She will always be with you and a part of you; love endures forever, remember that...
From: Sienna
On: 7/4/07
My deepest sympathies. Sweethear is beautiful. My little one is here: http://rainbowsbridge.com/residents/TINY006/Resident.htm

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